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Sister and her bestie-2

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I couldn’t believe my sister and her friend had sucked me off…

Sam and Holly has just been tricked by me. I simply couldn’t believe my luck here. I was very much looking forth to the weekend and the thought of going forth with these beauties crossed my mind multiple times.

A little later both girls casually asked me whether they could have more of the sticky gooey stuff. My sister was even more vociferous as she demanded she hadn’t gotten any of it last time round. I mentioned that we could play a bit more towards bed time.

A little later, I overheard the two besties discussing the feeling and the taste. Holly was leaning more towards the salty end. I wasn’t sure how to react knowing that my cum was being dissected by two preteens.

I must admit that although I was looking forth to playing again, I was quite nervous. I ahs no idea of how to begin. The girls were eyeing me curiously and kept passing glances at each other. I kept thinking over how to proceed. The mere thought of it did give me an erection.

Sam chirped, “Are you okay? You haven’t talked in a while.”

I responded that I was quite fine and that I was thinking of showing them the gooey stuff. Holly perked up and said she wanted some of the cream as it was quite tasty. I invited the girls into my room.

I was sporting a hardon, a sthe thought of the sinful game had kept me excited. The 2 girls noticed and did ask me what the bulge in my pant was.

“Well” I said in a shaky voice, “that actually has a lot to do with the gooey stuff.”

“Oh, I get it! You’re hiding it in your pants!” Holly said giggling.

“No girls. I have to tell you something. That gooey stuff is actually called cum” I said, not believing I had just said cum in front of my little sister and her friend.

“Cum?” they both chinned

“Yes cum. And believe it or not, it came out of my body.”

“What?” both girls exclaimed, not understanding a thing I was talking about.

“Here let me show you.” And with that, I stood up and slowly unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped the zipper. I then pulled my boxers down to expose my hardon to the 2 little 11 year olds.

Both girls looked at my dick and then back to my face and then to each other with wide eyes. “This is where cum shoots out of my dick.”

“You’re joking” squealed the girls in unison.

“No, you two sucked on it and made it ready to shoot cum”

Sam timidly said, “So to get the cum out, I have to suck on it like before?”

“Yes you do Sam. Do you want to try it now? You can finally get a taste of cum.”

“What about me!” Holly pouted.

‘Well honey, since you already got to taste it earlier, I think you should let Sam get it this time, but you can still help her”

Immediately, Sam went down on her knees in front of my hardon.

Sam slowly opened her mouth and wrapped her soft, wet lips around my aching hard on. I moaned with pleasure as I once again took hold of her ponytail and guided her into a bobbing rhythm. “You’re a natural sis, just keep it up and I promise you will get your first taste of cum.”

All the while Sam was busy bobbing here head up and down. I tried to hold on as long as I could, but it was definitely not easy.I felt my balls tense up as I knew I was going to cum.

I pulled back and groaned and held my dick near Sam’s mouth. I stroked my cock and aimed it at Sam’s waiting tongue and watched as two thick ropes of cum gathered on her pink tongue.

Holly quickly knelt down next to Sam with her open mouth. I moved over and squirted the last few drops on her tongue as well.

My heart was beating faster than it had ever in my entire life when Sam innocently said to Holly, “Wow, you were right. Cum is really gooey and salty. But it is pretty sweet. I think I really love it!”

When Sam and Holly had both swallowed, they then turned to see me asked ” What next?”

I could see Holly’s spaghetti top had slid down from her left shoulder. She was also wearing a short skirt showing her milky white thighs. I admit while my sister also wore a short skirt, it was Holly who had been the object of my mental thoughts for a long time.

I sprang at her like an animal, picked her up and threw her to the bed. She gave a high-pitched scream. Instantly I was on top of her and she screamed again. Sam was shocked by this a d was frozen to her spot.

“Oh Jake, what are you doing”, Holly whimpered. She struggled underneath me. I could feel her young hard body writhe. Her writhing motion drove my cock and mind even madder. I pinned her arms back.

“Don’t make a sound! You bitch? You do exactly what I want or I’ll hurt you!”.

Holly had begun crying silently but had stopped struggling. She nodded her head. She stared at me helplessly.

I was breathing hard and my cock was erect against her skirt.

I reached my hand under her skirt and hooked my fingers under her panties. She squealed again and her legs twisted.I pulled her panties down and tried to get them off her, but she used the opportunity to try to leap up and tried to run. I grabbed her again and threw her to bed again. As I did so I
made another tug and her panties went flying off.

“No!”, she cried and she fought all the harder. I was surprised how strong this Holly was. It took all my strength to keep on to keep her below me. My manhood had never been so long and hard in my life.

I pushed her skirt up. Again she fought it, but finally I got it around her waist. I marveled at the little pink pussy in front of me.

“Jake, what are you going to do?” My sister asked from behind.

“I gonna rape this little bitch!” I thundered. I sensed my sister was now very afraid of the little games.

I pushed Holly flat to bed with my weight, and then settled on top of her. I tried to spread Holly’s legs apart but she clamped her thighs tightly. Funny how she did it as she was a virgin.

I touched her inner thighs and gently massaged them as she prised her legs open.

My dick was now at her entrance. Holly thrashed and squealed around. I tried pushing my hard head inside but she was really tight, but I kept pushing harder ….

“God no, no, no!”, she panted. Our bodies twisted and turned as she tried to get out from underneath me, while I held on and pushed again and again, harder and harder.

Her eyes stared into my mine, her little mouth worked, as she saw the animal lust in my face.

With a vicious thrust, I opened her. Holly screamed loudly. Her eyes flew open wide and she desperately tried to
heave me off. I was having none of it. I just pushed her back into thrust harder. I forced my way deeper inside her twisting
hips, pushing past her conquered gate.

“Oh Jesus, help me!” she squealed as I drove my shaft home. Inch by inch I forced it into her virgin body, gradually impaling her on my manhood. She struggled and thrashed, as I slowly forced it in. In a couple seconds my cock had completely disappeared between her cool white thighs. Shit, she was tight, but still I was able to get the whole thing in.

I began the old in-and-out. Her pretty eyes looked desperate, as she realized that now it was happening: she was getting raped. With each thrust she twisted and moaned and squealed.

I tried to take my time, but there was no way I could keep my load inside. So I increased the pace and began to bone her. After a moment, I felt the surge grow in my balls and then travel down my long cockshaft. I could tell that she
felt it too, she gasped and kicked and struggled even harder.

I exploded inside her. Like an animal in heat, I forcibly planted my seed in her.

I pulled out and marveled at the crema pie I had concocted. I turned around to look at my sister. She had one hand inside her skirt.

” You’re next, Sam”

As I got off the bed and moved, Sam screamed and ran out of the room. Presumably, shut herself in her own room.

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  • Reply skimofkr ID:bttc0j6wd2

    I’d of rather you kept up the games and they eagerly tried sex. You were doing so good at first.

  • Reply M ID:3v43mmxij


    • Thanks,glad you liked it ID:3v43mmxij


  • Reply gfy ID:1dfdunava304

    very sad and my heart goes out to the young girl, whos life and mental state forever damaged by a small person who could not attract or satisfy normal adult women,.. but luckily… we have prisons

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Good story, I too look forward to you breeding them both and marking them as your property. Hope you train them to be your personal fucktoy slaves. Put collars on them and keep them naked whenever you can

    • [email protected] ID:5vn3j3z0m9c

      All young sluts should be owned, collared and used in every way by older men .

      I am and I am lucky . I am going to be bred soon .

  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20d

    I can’t wait for you to breed then both. dnickelljr@gma

  • Reply moonshine ID:6ewrrj65m1

    Part 3, am thinking of concentrating of my sister alone. Still etching out a few ideas. Thanks for the feedback

  • Reply Kitty ID:1eijng7gmhi0

    Good story solid 8/10 should make a part 3

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    Looking forth the weekend is incorrect grammar fyi.

    Its looking forward to the weekend.

    Looking forth the weekend doesn’t exist in English language

    • moonshine ID:6ewrrj65m1

      My my, in my excitement overlooked the grammatical correctness

  • Reply Old buck ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Wow, loved it can’t wait for part 3 hopefully soon. I hope you fuck them both in the ass.