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Raped the First Time Pt. 2

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So what I woke up I had the ball gag in my mouth tears streaming down my face. And the sudden jolt of pain that I have yet to experience a second time

So as I woke up I remember the ball gag being in my mouth and I am trying to scream because I have no idea what is about to happen to me. Then having seen the big black Giant dildo covered in oil coming closer and closer to my little tiny 11 year old pussy. I try to get Loose by yanking my arms and legs but that just cause more pain. I wasn’t going anywhere once again I was trying to scream for somebody to help me but nobody was coming nobody Could Hear My Cries as my voice was muffled by the ball gag.

He did not care that I was so tiny. He had to have known that it wouldn’t fit easily and I think that’s what turned him on the most. As he had told me he wanted to see how much he could stretch me I just didn’t put it to stretching my little tiny pussy. He put the dildo at my entrance then he started pushing the more it hurt me the harder his cock got. Why he started with the biggest toy I have no idea but he did he went straight for the biggest one he had.

He was relentless he kept pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing until finally it popped in. He left it there just for a second to get used to not waiting too long he enjoyed seeing me in pain. He then started shoving deeper and deeper and deeper into my 11-year-old tiny baby pussy. All I could do was dream tears on my face and went to the pain. He fucked me so relentlessly I bled. And he kept doing it and putting more Lube on until he felt I was stretched open enough to add a second dildo into my 11-year-old pussy.

Yet that’s right he wanted to double penetrate my pussy remember this is a true story. So you could only imagine how badly this must have hurt and he fucks me and he fucks me and he fucked me until he decided he needed more pleasure. He decided it was time for his dick to get some action. So that’s when you put the oil on his throbbing cock and started to probe my asshole.

He didn’t wait too long he just shoved it in at this point I’m bleeding out of my ass in my pussy from the rough Relentless fucking he gave me. He never let up on my pussy while I fucked my ass he’s got fucking me and fucking me and fucking me calling me his dirty cum slut. His favorite whore, come dumpster, and told me he was going to fuck me every single day and there was nothing anybody would do to stop him cuz nobody cared. My mother had 11 other kids to tend to so they really didn’t or wouldn’t have noticed anyway.

He fucked me for 5 hours that day raping me every time. He never untied me in that 5 hours not once he did however go get his ice cream like you said we were going to. However he just put the ice cream on my little tiny body and licked and ate and sucked get off of me. When you finally brought me home my parents didn’t notice we didn’t have birthday cake it’s like I didn’t exist.

A couple weeks later he got his chance again. And we ended up in another hotel room. This time he wanted to see all the things that he could put up my pussy. I’m not sure what his fetish was or his obsession was with stretching my little tiny girl pussy but he was obsessed shoving objects inside me. And abusing my body he like to whip me bite me and tell me how much of a whore I was how much of a little slut I was and how I was a bad girl. Then shortly after he like to do the same thing to my ass my little girl Rosebud. He would double penetrate both my holes and fuck me hard.

And lo and behold soon there would be more to join us as my step family was full of pedophiles and only to make things worse they all had a session with stuffing me as full as they could possibly get me after being tied up smacked and beaten.

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  • Reply ARYA ID:8ejnfaps2sl

    yes, that’s a tiny daughter who got raped by someone who cares. Shanuki is still at the age of 11. now she deserved to rape. somehow I’ll rape her soon. and will keep it in my custody.

    • Frisco Kid ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Did you

  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    That was better than I expected. He fucked your ass at the same time he was dp’ing your cunt.
    Hell yeah! Bet you felt so fucking tight.
    Next, he should be fisting you. His whole hand deep in your cunt, his cock balls deep up your ass, a hand and cock dp, and then he starts moving his hand inside your cunt and feeling his cock through your cunt walls. And you will feel it too, whore. You will feel him jerking off his cock in your ass with his hand in your cunt through your cunt walls. You will feel all your insides moving and stretching and you will hurt and you will squeal in pain. And then that’s when we can’t hold our pleasure any longer and we will cum hard deep up your fucking ass.

    • Frisco Kid ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Great name

    • Wet ID:1cr7hkgd7tjl

      My ex boyfriend fisted my pussy while he fucked my ass with his big cock I love having both my holes stuffed and stretched out like that

    • andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      Wet do you have any socials? 😋

  • Reply Jim ID:71ou0taghl

    Sounds like you took it really good and your pussy is magical

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Und hast du kleine Fotze dich dafdas er so liebevoll zu dir war dich bedankt oder bist du eine Undankbar Schlampe ich hätte gerne zu deiner familie gehört ich hätte dich von einem schönen großen Hengst besteigen lassen

  • Reply Mike ID:1dpiy48nxq92

    He should of fist Ur holes to

  • Reply Rabid shooter ID:4mxhhxwd2

    If this is as true as you say then they all need to die

  • Reply Danny ID:y0tz5ieoq3d

    I would love to join your family

    • [email protected] ID:5u1d7c3k0a

      I agree with you Danny text me

    • TvT ID:1e8h5l21mhe1

      same here