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No time for pimps

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One day Harry ways at his friends house Brian and Victor were brothers. Victor was the oldest. Harry crushed there older sister Lynn. Lynn was in her early 20s small petite apple breasts nice ass. Lynn knew Harry crushed hey, Lynn also knew that Harry would do anything in the world for her, in fact she knew that Harry was the only one who had her back. One day Harry got a call from his BFFL and blood cousin Author. Hello yeah cuz, whats up? I thought you need to know Lynn is at the mote. Keep an eye on her don’t let anything happen her, I’m on my way.Harry hangs and calls Lynn brothers up. Brian. Lynn is at the motel, I’m on my way to get her out. Harry grab his keys and jump into the Dodge and drive to the city. Harry thinks to himself oh the city such a beautiful place, even when the dam pimps are out and about it’s still a beautiful city. The drive is about a 15 min drive to the hotel. Harry pulled up outside the motel and parked.. Harry open the glove compartment and pull out his black steel beauty 45. Author is standing outside side of the motel. Harry asked where Lynn at? Author take Harry around the side of the motel Author point up, you see that open window on the second floor? Yeah
That where she room 237. Harry said, ok thanks. Harry said, do me a favor cuz? Author said, what? You see that dumpster over there? Author said, yeah, wait you not going. Just move that dumpster against the wall and under that window. Harry goes into his motel. Bodys laying everywhere Harry thinking to himself this place as the order of drugs and chip sex. Harry gets to the second floor and room 237. Harry pulled Black Beth out of his shoulder holster cocks her, gets ready to kick the door in but decided to try the door knob, Harry thinks to himself what that noice. Harry puts his ear to the door he hears light moaning, and a man.voice that he knows really well s Blackman pimp by name of Jelly. Harry thinks to himself Jelly’s got that dam 32 on him, I have to get the.drop on hio before he gets the drop on me. Harry turns the knob.and before Jelly could think Harry got the.drop on Jelly. Harry aim black Beth right.at Jelly. But Harry was not prepared for what he saw next. Lynn laying in bed naked with a old 50 year old naked man

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  • Reply Phuk Yoo ID:1dunnp8j7tpu

    I wish there was a “BLOCK” button so I could rid myself of these illiterate ducks. If you have nearly zero grasp of English grammar please don’t write stories. I don’t speak Spanish so I don’t try to write stories in Spanish… get it?

    • Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      It so happens I do PUTA!

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    No time to read either

    • Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Next story I am going.to write is No Time For Little bitches!