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My Cousin-First Time

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My 1st time with my younger cousin. Teaching her the ways of pleasure….

When I was 16 I had a 11 year old cousin named Angie. She was damn cute and wore an assortment of cute clothes. I had mistakenly seen her naked in the shower once and that served as my object if fantasy for quite some time.

One day, my aunt had an emergency and wanted someone to look after Angie. She called my mom who agreed that I’d look after.

“Great, so we will be gone the whole weekend” she said
“Oh and don’t forget to make sure she has a bath before she goes to bed!” she said calling out the door

I got super excited at those very words. To actually be able to witness sher taking a bath and perhaps wash her little clit, the very thought made me pretty horny.

Time passed; I made dinner for Angie, sat down and watched TV with her. All this while, I could only think of the bath. I also knew she hadn’t had the birds and bees chat with her parents and that served as the perfect opportunity.

“Angie” I said, “I should get you into the bathtub now.”

“Okay!” she squealed happily, and went off to the bathroom.

I could hear the water running. Outside, I was pacing up and down. I took a deep breath, thought hard about my plan. I tried to calm myself as I knocked on the door.

“Angie, your mom asked me to help you bathe ” I said.

“Ok” she said “come in now”

I opened the door and saw her beautiful naked form in the tub. She was playing with a few Barbies and had water dripping off her nubile chest.

I took some soap/gel ,lathered it with a loofah and proceeded to rub it all over her. She was pretty soapy. I made her stand and asked her to spread her legs, to enable me to wash her privates.

To my surprise, Angie widened her stance and let me run all over her body. I for some more gel and purposely dropped the loofah into the water. As she bent to pick it up, I lathered her thighs with soap. My hands slowly moved upwards.

I circled her pussy lips and rubbed a bit vigorously.

“Ouch” she exclaimed.

“Oh I’m sorry Angie, did I hurt you?” I asked.

“No you didn’t, it feels ticklish there, it feels funny” she remarked.

In all my excitement, I forgot completely on my starting boner, and when I finally realize it, I really hoped she hadn’t of seen it, I was wrong. All of a sudden she looks down and starts to stare at it.

“What’s that?” she asks.

“Oh this?” I point at it, “this is my private part, it’s called a penis or cock if you prefer” I said.

At this point she started to look disappointed.

“Why don’t I have one” she asks

“You don’t have one of these, because this is a boy part, you have a girl part” I told her.

“Could I-I t-touch it” she asks nervously “just to see what it feels like?”

“Go ahead” I said, “but only if I can play with yours”

“K” she says

I was terribly excited at this juncture. I dropped my clothes and stood naked in front of her. My hardness staring her in the face.

“Whoa” she says” why is it so hard?”

“oh that’s what happens when I see a beautiful girl like yourself”. This made her blush.

“You really think I’m pretty?” she asks

“I really do” I exclaimed

She starts fondling with my cock, knowing that she doesn’t have a good angle, I explain

“Angie, since you don’t have a good angle on my “cock” and I don’t have a good angle on your private part, let’s does something else, how about you lay on my stomach facing my cock and put your bum in my face” I explained to her

She does as she is told, and she now has a better angle on my cock, and I can now lick her pussy.

“Angie, I am going to lick your private area now, if it starts to hurt tell me ok?”


So I start to lick her pussy, and she start making with low pitch sequel, I’m pretty sure she likes it, so I start to insert my finger into her pussy, while I am licking it. While I am doing that I accidently hit her unbroken hymen with my finger.

“OUCH!” she jumps, and starts crying.

“I’m so sorry angie, did that hurt?”

“y-yes” she says in-between sobs.

“I am really sorry, the only reason it hurts is because your still a virgin” I explained

She stops crying after a while and asks, “what’s a virgin?”

“Somebody who hasn’t had sex before” I said

“What’s sex” she asks

“Sex? Oh sex is something very magical, and it makes you feel real good”

“ it feels good? Could we do sex?” she asks

Jackpot” I thought to myself.

“ I guess angie, but you cant tell mom or your mom or dad about this ok?”

“Why?” she asks

“ Because this thing we are going to do is very good but your mom and dad don’t think it is, so you will get grounded if you tell”

“Ok, I won’t tell, I promise”

With that I lifted her out of the bathtub still both of us naked, and I carry her in my arms, to the bedroom and laid her down.

“Can I teach you to kiss, angie”? I ask

“Sure! I want to learn”

So I lay down beside her, held her body close to mine and kissed her, a long deep kiss, I didn’t want to teach her to make out though. After we were done kissing I told her to spread her legs so I could teach her about sex.

“So angie, I am going to insert my cock into your private area, it might hurt since you aren’t a virgin, but after its done hurting, it will feel really good, ok?” I told her

“O-ok I think I’m ready”.

So I spread her legs and tease her lips with my cock, I see her shudder but she is smiling so I suppose she likes it, so I insert it very roughly, breaking her hymen on the way

“AHHHHH! ARGHH AHHHHHHH AHHHH” she cried in pain, and started to cry really hard

We lay there for about 10 minutes and soon enough she stops crying, so I continue. I thrust my cock deep into her, thrusting in and out slowly to rhythm.

“Oh AHHH AHHH AH UGGH!!!!” she says in-between moans

“You like it?” I ask her

“UMMM AHH UGHHH ,YESSS!, it feels reallyy goodd!!! “she screams

So I start thrusting in and out faster and faster, being close to Cumming and before I am about to cum, she cries out

“OHHH MY GOOOD! something feels like its building up”.

“OH YESS baby your going to get your first cum”

“whats cum?” she asks

“You will see baby” I promised

About another 30 seconds and we both came, with me spraying her little cunt with my baby juice. At the same time, I was really surprised to see her cum, since she is only 11

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  • Reply Kitty ID:1e1rqjsrnl1p

    I want someone to treat my 15 yr old pussy like this

  • Reply Old buck ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Very good.bit I cought 1 type o mistake you said you aren’t.a virgin
    Other than that.grrst

    • moonshine ID:mx1v12tzj

      Guess too much excitement

    • Moonshine ID:37gdvrl2v9a

      Tell me all about it

      [email protected]

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Breed her

    • Donald Nickellh ID:3zxjmhgw20d

      Yes I love to breed all young girls and young ladies that I fuck.

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    Hmmm hot story…

    I was 17yrs old…when I had cousin’s stating 3 girls aged 7,9,12yrs old with my aunt….sara the 12yr old walked in on me masturbating in the shower…and asked if she could join me…yes girl….so I licked,fingers and fucked her in both holes pussy and anal…she rang 7wks later saying she was pregnant

    • moonshine ID:37gdvrl2t0k

      Mmm, hot. Send me a detailed description,could turn it into a story

      [email protected]

    • Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20d

      Great job. What is she going to have a boy or girl?!

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    Nice story