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2 morman girls raped

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Okay let’s it’s Nov. And Harry sitting around being board. There’s a knock on the door. Harry goes and answer the door and it’s 2 morman girls Harry thinking to himself boardim over. Harry asked may I help you. 1 of them says we’re looking for a girl named Sonja? Harry said, ok Harry said. Come in she’s in her room. They come in take them to the living room. Harry look at both of them,he thinks not bad. 1 is long red hair, skinny, apple tits,, nice legs. 2 BBW dark long black hair, big tits both are dressed in morman clothes. Harry said, if you 2 will excuse me I will go get Sonja for you. Harry knowing Sonja is not home. Harry, go into the living room aims the gun at the girls and says I’m so sorry, but Sonia is not here. The girls look scared Harry asked them what are your names the skinning one said, Jennifer the BBW said Christine. Harry said what is your ages, both said 18. Harry cocks the 32 and both were crying.both said, what do you want, Harry said take of each other clothes now. Both crying and pleading please We are Virgins. Harry again take of each others clothes now! Christine untied Jeffers tie then she unbuttoned Jeffers shirt all the way down and open.and off. Then Christine has Jennifer stand up with her back to Christine, Christine unhooked and unzips Jennifer long dark blue skirt it fall to the floor. Harry said Jennifer take your dark shoes off. Jennifer does. Harry tell s Christine to finish Jennifer up. Christine tell Jennifer to stand up. Christine grabs hold of Jennifer nilons.pulls them down and off.next Christine unhooked Jennifer white s cup bra once off Jennifer tryed to cover them up with her hands. Harry said, put your hands down and let me see them. Jennifer puts her hands down and uncover her a cup tits. Next Christine pulls Jennifer white panties down and off. Jennifer is now totally naked and crying. Harry tells Christine now it your turn. Jennifer crying unties Christine’s tie. Then Jennifer unbuttoned Christine white shirt down and.open and of, it’s at this time Christine started to cry again. Jennifer tell Christine to stand with her back to her. Harry said, Christine take of your dark blue shoes. Crying Christine does as she’s told, Christine slide her dark blue shoes off. Next as Christine stands there with her back to Jennifer, Jennifer unhooked and unzips Christine dark blue skirt it fall down and off.as.jennfer unhooked Christine white bra, Christine is crying bad.as Harry sees how big Christine tits really are, Harry thinks to himself Dam! Christine try hard to covet them up crying. Harry tell Christine put your hands down. Christine, crying puts her hands down. Harry not thinking yells out DAMM! Next Jennifer pulls down Christines nilons off.next as Christine continue to cry Jennifer pulls down Christy’s white panties down and off. Now Christine is totally naked and crying Bad. Harry said.jenffer lay flat on your back okay now Christine get between Jennifer legs and eat and finger her pussy. Christine fighting through the tears said we have never been with a woman before. Harry tell her just do your best, Christine get between Jennifer legs and starts to eat her pussy out adding a finger. Jennifer crying starts to moan out load OMG that feels so good mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jennifes body starts to shake and Jennifer said, I got to pee. Harry said no you don’t have to pee you have to orgasm, orgasm into Christine mouth. Jennifer crying keeps shaking and she finally let’s go with a orgasm all over Christine face and in her mouth
Harry asked Christine how it taste, Christine says sweet so sweet. Harry tell Christine to switch places with Jennifer they do as a very crying Christine makes the switch with Jennifer. Jennifer starts to eat Christine pussy out and finger Christine, Christine started to moan OMFG mmmmmmmmm feel so good. A few mins later Christine said I got to pee. Harry said you are having an orgasm remember just let it go. Christine crying her body shaking Christine let’s go of her orgasm,it goes all over Christine face and in her mouth,. Harry tell Jennifer to switch places with Christine and try jennifer.to lay.flat on her back and to hold her legs up in the air. Jennifer now iskjhl the one crying bad as her and Christy changed places Jennifer lays flat on her back with her legs in the air. Harry is thinking to himself looking at Jennifer, she really is a true red head. Harry takes out his 6 inch hard cock. Harry tell Christine to line his cock with Jennifer pussy hole and push it into Jennifers pussy when she ready. Both Jennifer and Christine are crying bad, as Christine does what she is told to, Christine take Harry hard cock in her hand and lines Harry hard cock with Jennifer pussy hole. Christine crying tells Jennifer to hold still, Christine crying, pushed Harry hard cock into Jennifers red hair pussy. Jennifer crying and balling and screaming out OMFG! THAT HURTS! As Harry rapes Jennifer hard. Jennifer crying out OMFG oh oh OUCH! OMFG I’m bleeding. As Jennifer crying feels Harry pop her cherry. There will be a part 2 soon.

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  • Reply Whiteboi ID:1emn7aou6q4j

    This is great 👍

  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:5wwo800lfia

    God that was awful, needs spell check, and it’s obviously a 12 year olds fantasy who has never had sex in his life.

  • Reply Stevemoney ID:dj4z4jdqi

    So fake and not even well written.

  • Reply Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    No one asked you bitches to read it Fu

    • Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

      Normally your stuff is good but this was so badly written with so many mistakes

  • Reply R Kelly ID:1ctgwql4fpz7

    Use less paragraphs yes and more Mormans

    • Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Thank you I will try,

  • Reply Woody ID:1dpspyqma3tm

    Englidh is his second language. Clearly he speaks fluent Moron.

    • ..... ID:bk9r91bzj

      you can’t talk either you spelled English wrong

    • Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Go play with your woody

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    This was horrific to read. Clearly tell English is not your first language.
    Boredom* is just the first constant mistake.

    Atleast you used there’s correctly.

  • Reply Adude ID:1dax6q6y3byd

    That’s hot Mormons are like that

    • Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Just remember if they are true to they have to stay virgin until they get married