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Young Valerie # 7

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The two girls went to bed after draining my cock, Once Alice was asleep Valerie snuck back into my room,. she needed my cock inside her.

After both girls had cleaned up it was already after 1 am. Valerie lead Alice to my second bedroom just down the hall. The two girls talked again with Valerie reminding her little cousin of the importance of keeping this totally a secret. Then Valerie patiently waited for Alice to fall asleep. At 2 am she slipped out of bed and made her way to my room. She slipped my t-shirt off then naked crawled in next to me under the covers. I woke up from her pumping and sucking me to a very hard erection. Valerie had been so looking forward to this for weeks, now she could finally get that large cock of mine deep inside her. She had developed into quite the young slut and was very addicted to having her young pussy filled with lots of hot cream. Valerie loved the warm feeling of getting her insides filled up and I was happy to do that for her.

With my cock now fully erect , Val straddled me and guided my cocks head to her wet vagina lips. Spreading her vagina lips wide apart Val slowly sat down moaning as my flat cock stretched her tiny pussy so so wide. Yes , yes, yes, Val cries as inch by inch of my 9 inch cock enters her. Her mouth covers mine hungerly as our tongues met . Both my hands squeeze her tight young ass creeks pulling her down tight as more and more of my cock enters her. Its been many weeks of no sex ever since Val’s mother Diane had felt this need for safety in numbers when her daughter was all alone with me. Diane had told Val that she had concerns ever since my wife had left me. I was a good looking man and would have a lot of sexual needs that would need to be filled. Diane saw the desire of her daughter to help and protect me during this time , she just worried that Valerie would become to involved. So with having Val’s cousin Alice along each time made Diane feel a lot better, but Val and I had different ideas.

I flipped Valerie over on to her back scooped up both legs behind her knees with my arms . This lifted Val’s small ass off the mattress allowing me to bore straight down into that very tight well of hers. Valerie cries out as I thrust most of my length into her, I then begin fucking her hard. Her ass is bouncing up and down from my rapid motions. Valerie soon began to lose total control, I could feel her vagina beginning to contract and spasm as my flat cock pounded her. Val was soon making so much noise that I had to cover her mouth with my hand . I did not want to wake Alice, seeing this might scare her and spoil our long term plans for her. Val’s legs pushed and trembled against me, I could feel the heat inside her. Her small body began to shake and hot fluids spilled out as I continued to fuck her. Val gripped and tore wildly at the sheets with her hands, her body jerked and scooted as she lost control. I held her in place and then exploded filling that small womb of hers all up with my fertile seed. After emptying my full balls in her I collapsed down on top, There we both slept till early morning , then it was up for me while Val snuck back into the bed with Alice being the none wiser.

I was up early and started breakfast for the tired girls, after they came down to eat. We talked a lot during breakfast then both helped me clean up after. Alice of course was unsure what to say, last nights activities were still on her mind. When she looked at me her face would get red as she remembered very vividly what she had did last night. Later the two girls left for Val’s home , Valerie explained that they needed to change clothes since they had not brought any with them . They would be back later to clean more for me, I told them that they could stayed over again if they would like as their company was nice to have. Later that day the girls showed back up to clean, after I took them to the back yard where we kicked the soccer ball around . Then after supper both girls joined me in my hot tub for a soak, this time Alice wore a skimpy bikini one which Val had loaned her. She was not as self-conscious this time as it showed more of her young fertile body to me. Valerie was more interested in playing footsie , I felt her small foot making my cock very hard. After, it was showers for us all. Then the girls got into pajamas and robes while I ran about in my boxers. Alice’s eyes almost popped out of her head seeing me that way. I put movies in for us to watch , they were quite a bit more mature . A lot of nudity , sex, and the subject matter being about niece and uncle loving. Treating both as grownups made the girls feel speciaI, I made them old-fashioned drinks to enhance the mood, while parts of the movie had them squirming next to me on the couch. About 10 I started to act very tired, Val hinted to her cousin that she had spiked my drink. I excused myself and headed upstairs to my room , then I stripped, crawled into bed waiting with a huge hard on for what was to come. It was not long until Val dragged her young cousin Alice up stairs too.

Val went over next to me and shook my arm, Alice watching very nervously. Val got no reaction then slipped out of her robe and crawled up on the bed. Alice then did the same crawling next to me from the other side. Val tugged the blankets down exposing my huge hard on. Alice was first to grab it, she was amazed at its size and how it throbbed in her hand. Soon both were busy sucking and pumping its huge length. Alice did not see Val slip off her bikinis. She soon looked over to see her cousin fingering her cunt while Alice work on me. Valerie became super excited and moved Alice out of the way so that she could mount me. Alice stared at her cousin with a nervous scared look watching Valerie rub my cock up and down her wet slit. Valerie let out a howl as my cock sunk into her wet pussy. Alice kept asking what Val was thinking, she was amazed at her tiny hole was able to take that huge thing into her. Val was to excited to care what was on her cousin mind and wildly fucked up and down on my cock. Alice afraid that Valerie would wake me could not stay , she got up and stood by the door. Alice stood there with her mouth wide open watching Val humped away on me . Then she saw white cream draining out of Val’s wet cunt. Val collapsed on me and my cock slipped out of her vagina as did my creamy white sperm. Alice took this all in, she stood petrified in place so afraid that I would catch them.

After a few moments Valerie got up and ran to the bathroom. Alice saw the creamy semen running down the insides of her cousins legs. Alice asked long Val had been doing this with me , Val told her that it has not been that long. Alice asked her if she could get pregnant doing what she was doing. Val told her no, she used her moms morning after pills to make sure. Alice told her that she could not do that, her mom has always told her that she must remain a virgin until the day she married. Val look at her and asked her why, for what reason would you not want to enjoy this with lots of guys and not just one. After much back and forth discussions the two girls turn in. Alice could not sleep and tossed about for an hour. It was about 1 am that she got up and wondered about the house until crossing the entrance to my bedroom. She looked at me sleeping there before she became brave enough to crawl up next to me. Val had told her if I had begun to waken just turn away and lay very still, I would most likely fall back asleep.

Now I was awake the moment I heard Alice up wondering about the house. I pretended to be completely asleep for her. Now Alice had silky boxers and a thin strapped t-shirt on. She crawled under the sheets moving close to me, then pulled the covers down till she saw my thick cock. Her little hand shook as she touch my cock , I felt it wrap around my shaft and slowly pump it . Then her month sucked my thick head, she lick it with her tongue causing a huge growing erection. I made a loud grown and moved my legs, Alice immediately froze and turned away as Val had told her. I turned and cuddled tight against her wrapping my arm around her small waist. Alice froze not knowing what to do, this was something Val never told her that could happen. My hard wet cock pushed up against Alice’s silky covered ass. I could hear her whispering softly please go to sleep , please go to sleep , please go to sleep. That turned me on all the more, I slid my hand under her shirt up until my hand came to rest on her bare little teen breast. Her nipple became aroused and erected. Alice’s breathing became rapid as she felt my cock pressing against the thin fabric protecting her virginal cunt. I began to rub my cock back and forth crossed her crack. The crotch of her boxers became wet as fluids soak through the thin material. Alice tried to scoot away from my cocks attack of her bottom . That only made matters worse , the movement opened the leg area giving me access to her virgin cunt. My cocks head now pressed firmly between her bare ass hole and vagina. She felt me run my shaft back and forth making both area wet and sticky. No, no, no, I could hear Alice hoarsely breathe and moan. Poor Alice she did not know what to do , she figured that I was half asleep and I was thinking that I was with some other women or wife. If she woke me how could she explain this to me or anyone. I pulled her hips tighter against me, Alice felt my cocks head start to slip in between her tight wet lips. She could not pull away and felt this huge knob stretching her vagina open.

Oh the pressure, oh the fear ,all these things were racing through Alice’s mind. I scooped up her one leg lifting it up and resting against my shoulder, I step over her other leg trapping her in that spread eagle stance. My balls rested on her hot, hot, bare thigh. My cock was poised at her virginal entrance oozing my sticky fluids over the surface that it was to enter. This move caught Alice totally off guard. she was so unprepared for what was to happen. I started to push and sunk in stretching her tight hole very wide. I covered her month as she tried to scream. Panting hard she tried to get me to awaken and realize what I was doing. But it was to late , one hard push, my cock sunk past and through her hymen. I could feel her hot fluids bathing the surface around my cock. Alice’s small body was shaking and trembling as my cock began to disappear inside her. She was sobbing , my hand muffled most of her noises . I began to slowly fuck her letting my huge cock stretch her open more and more . I Could feel Alice start to grip me as I went back and forth. Soon she was moaning as my pace quickened , full length strokes pounded deep into her . With her leg pinned high on my chest Alice was stretched as open as her virginal cunt could be. I quicken my tempo, my heavy wet balls slapped hard against her ass cheeks . Then her tightness won out and I started to come and come. Alice felt my sperm spraying a forceful shot all over her insides and way up into her fertile womb. She could not stop me as I collapsed down on her trapping her in place. Alice just laid there unable to move , She tried to scoot but I had her trapped in place.

Alice laid there trying to catch her breath but I was not done with her yet. I rolled up on top of her pushing both of her skinny teen legs wide apart. My cock still hard so I opened her pants leg baring her crotch then pressed in and opened her up again. Alice was still full of my thick creamy sperm, as I steadily sunk semen squeezed out passed her opening draining down between her ass. It did not take me long before Alice’s very tight young cunt caused me to come . I filled her up again, my seed drained out of her used hole for some time. Alice quietly sobbed , I rolled off of her and to my side pretending to still be asleep. Alice took that time to make a get away sliding off my bed to her feet. She could barely stand let alone walk as she worked hard to make the bathroom. Then she made it back to the bed room that she shared with Val. I really, really, enjoyed fucking little Alice, I have lost count to the number of little girls that have lost their virginity to me. I wonder what kind of story Alice well make up to Val . Well she tell her what had happen or just some thing else. I still had two more days until Diane gets back home, then the girls cant stay over. So depending how Alice is in the morning I well need to work hard at making her my personal slut just like Valerie. Nothing is better than the thought of sharing my bed tonight with two sexy young teens..

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    Ich kann die Fortsetzung nicht erwarten wie immer eine tolle Geschichte von dir ich kann verstehen wieso du die zwei kleinen fotzen zu deinen schlampen machen musst