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Young Valerie #6

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After my wife Kathy left me, young Valerie was more than happy to fill the void.

After my wife Kathy left me little Valerie was more than happy to replace her. She had told her mother Diane that I needed more help now the Kath left me. Diane was unsure because of her friendship with Kath she did not want to do anything that would jeopardize that relationship. After much begging and promises from Val, Diane finally gave in to daughter. Valerie spent most of her free time at my house We made love almost daily and when Diane had to go out of town for days Valerie would stay over nights with me . She had become quite the little sex slave doing anything that I wanted, anything at all just to please me . I got a hot tub put in out on the 3 season room. The two of us would soak naked ,then start to make out which lead to fucking all her tight holes on the day bed out there. Valerie had just turned 14 when I took her out for dinner and dancing. I got her drunk on champagne and then brought her back to my house and fucked her all night . Val could barely walk the next morning.

But this all came to a end a few months later. Diane had noticed that Valerie was at my house more than at home. She was also concerned with her daughters infatuations with me, I was all she talked about. So since Kent’s wife is no longer around it was inappropriate for a girl of her age to be hanging around alone . Diane told Val that she would have to stay at her aunts or have her cousin stay home with her when Diane was gone on the road. Also if she still did house cleaning for Kent she should have her cousin alone with her to . Valerie was upset and very mad at her mom, she took off for her room where she cried for awhile a nd refused to come out. Finally she did, Diane was only concerned for her daughter. Kent was a very attractive man, he has adult needs that would not be very appropriate for a girl her age. It could be so easy for him to take advantage of you being all alone all that time . So Valerie disappointed had to agree or not see Kent any more.

A few days later she took her cousin Alice to meet Kent for the first time. I of course was surprised that Val brought someone with. I was looking forward that having my pipe cleaned, it had been a few days since Val and I had fucked and I was looking forward to just that. Alice was just 13, she was a smallish girl at 4ft. 6 in. and 85 lbs. She was very cute and had a long blond pony tail that ran all the way down to her butt. After Val had interduce her to me, she sent her up the stairs to gather up bedding for wash. Once she was out of hearing Val upset explained what her mom had said and done. Val wrapped her arms around me and kissed meet very passionately. She wanted to be alone with me and now that all changed. Having her cousin with her each time would not allow her and me to fuck like we had grown accustom to. I was disappointed but told her that it might take a little time but we might be able to work out something that would work for all of us. I had her tell me a little about her cousin Alice . Her likes her wants and her interest in boys. If she got interested in sex too would you being welling to share my love. Valerie looked at me and shook her head not wanting to share ,then finally agreed with my plan too lure her young cousin in. We must get her interested in sex , wake her sexual awareness and once caught in that web she well happily join us too. I have enough to share, Val.

The girls were working hard at the cleaning the upstairs. I decided to soak in the hot tub naked, when the girls came down they saw that I was in the tub. I told them they could both join me, Val then said that they didn’t have their suits alone. That was ok they could get in with just their bra and panties. Alice had a frighten look on her face shaking her head no. Val said that no they should keep at it and maybe the next time they will remember their suits. Val winked at me then she left Alice to pick up the room. Poor Alice she would look over at me in the tub from time to time. Then I asked her if she could get a large towel for me from the bath room . She obediently did and brought one back for me . I told her to turn around as I got out. She did but because of the mirror she could see me stand up. Her eyes got real open and wide, she probably has never seen a naked cock especially one my size. I wrapped to towel around me and stepped out . Alice could not look at me , her face was bright red. After I left the room Val went in and I heard Alice tell her what had happened. Valerie told her that yea she has walked in on me several times, Isn’t that cock of his huge? Val asked Alice, she nodded her head yes. During the next few days I let Alice catch me naked out of the shower and hot tub.

Valerie had been working on her when home. She had explained what had happened to my wife in leaving me. What her mother did with concerns about being alone with Kent. Val then told her cousin but made her promise never to repeat this to anyone. Alice was chomping at the bit to hear what. Val told her that on several occasions he has been drinking to much and has found him passed out on the couch. Since she has her own key she has been able to just let her self in. The one day there in the living room laying on the couch in just his boxers I found him. I shook his arm and got no response, so I shook him hard enough that his big thick cock slid partway out his leg opening. I looked at it, I couldn’t resist so I ran my fingers over its silky shaft. Kent did not move so I continued, I unbuttoned his boxers and fished his soft big snake up through the opening. I wrapped both hands around it and started rubbing up and down. It started to pulsed and grow extremely hard . I remember catching my mom with a boyfriend , she had his cock in her mouth going up and down . Alice was glued to every word that she was being told. Val continue with the story, she had sucked and pumped until Kent came . She had all this creamy white goo running down her hands and his cock . Val took a taste and was surprised that she liked it. Alice shook her head at the thought. I started coming later in the evening then found him upstairs in his bed. When I pulled the covers away he was completely naked with this huge red hard on. God Alice it was about the size of my arm. I cant imagine how any thing of that size would fit in my pussy. This time I was able to make him come in my mouth. It was yummy Alice , real yummy. Since then I have had these dreams about him and what it would feel like if he was to love me. Val, I cant believe what your saying, he is the age of your dad. Alice you can go with me tomorrow then, you will see. Mom well be on the road for work so she well be gone the next 4 days. How do you know if he is going to be passed out Val ? Because I well put a couple of his sleeping pills in his beer, he well be nighty night real quick.

The next day the two girls showed up to clean and this time they brought their suits to soak in my hot tub. Valerie had filled me in on the story she had fed to her cousin and how I should play along with her. The two girls busied themselves with work though Valerie was to excited at how she planned this night to go. Later as I was soaking in the hot tub the girls had got into there suits . Valerie had this small bikini on, Alice was more shy and had a one piece. They crawled and enjoyed the relaxing water. Alice sat there trying not to expose her small breasts with her arms crossed most of the time. Val was playing footsie with me as well as not letting Alice see what she was doing. As it got later Val got me a beer. I drank it and then started to get sleepy. I excused myself and headed up stairs , after a shower quick got into my bed naked and waited patiently for my two little girls. After about 30 minutes the two came up the stairs to my room, Valerie cautioned Alice to be very quiet ,then she took off her wet bikini suit and crawled up on the bed. Alice looked shocked at Val now naked, What are doing she gasped. Val looked at her, your suit is wet take it off, he is asleep and wont see your flat tits. Alice gave a mad look at Val then got out of her wet suit too. Alice attention was soon drawn to Kent as Val pulled the sheets down. Valerie scooped up my soft thick cock with both hands and brought it up to her mouth. Alice stared in awe as her cousin sucked its huge head into her mouth. Alice slipped up on the other side of me watching her cousin suck my cock . Then she handed me off to Alice, her hands shook as they wrapped around my thick member. Val coaxed her to suck and lick its fat head until she got into a rhythm. I soon became super hard from the girls sharing my cock, I could hear Alice tell Val about how it was bigger that her arm. Val bent over sucking my nipples, her hand rolled my heavy balls about while Alice sucked and pumped away on my cock Then they switch back and forth until I could not take anymore, I exploded a stream of my semen on Alice’s face. She was shock at the amount of cream that covered her then also that Val was starting to lick it of her face and swallowed it down. Alice tasted my sperm and decided that it had a ok taste.

The two girls slipped off the bed and went down stairs to get drinks and a snack they decided that a break was needed before they played again. Alice was freeing more free as she made her way naked to my kitchen. Val told her that they could suck and play for a few more hours then they should grab some sleep . How does he not wake up Val ?Alice asked . Strong sleeping pill, Imagine her cousin said. The two went back up and alternated between sucking, pumping my cock to working my balls and kissing me. Val showed Alice how to almost get me to come then clamp tight around the base of my cock so I could not come. His drove me nuts and it became hard for me not to shake and scream. When they finally let me come I shot a 2 foot high stream of boiling sperm up into the air splattering both naked chests. The two girl took turns sucking and drained every last drop of semen from my cock then licked it off their small breasts. The two both gave me a kiss then slipped off my bed to the bathroom to clean up. Val had got the two of then a t-shirt from my drawer , It was very large and hung to their knees. Val told Alice that they should sleep here for the night, overwise if anyone saw them walking home this late They would question why. Alice agreed but was concerned at what Kent would say being here in the morning. Val said he would not say a word because it has happened before. What do you mean Val ? her cousin asked. Why do you think mom has me bring you along. Since Kent’s wife has left I have been here helping him any way I can. Mom did not like that and thinks he well take a sex advantage of me. Val giggled saying or me of him. Before the two fell asleep, Val made Alice promise not to tell a single person of what happens here. What is your mom going to think if she fines out that your sucking this guys cock while he is passed out in bed. Alice concerned of what her cousin just said replied ,you wouldn’t do that would yo? Every thing is fine as long as no one fines out ok. Good night cousin, remember we have 3 more days that we can be as bad as we want too ,goodnight.

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    Love to fuck those 2 young girls ,young pussy so good as you empty your load