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What would you do if you were in weird sexual situations.

This isn’t exactly a story , but there are many people who would like to know about how people would handle different types of sexual situations .
I will mention some situations below and you guys can comment on how you would act on that .

1) what would you do if you are sexually attracted to your barely legal daughter/son .

2) what would you do if you found out that your daughter/son wants to have sex with you .

3) what would you do if your teenage daughter is nymphomaniac.

4) what would you do if you and your sister were sharing the bed , and you find your self spooning her with your hard dick pressing against her ass.

5) what would you do if you’re 30 years old and you find a 14 years old girl who wants to have sex with you .

6) what would you do if your teenage nephew/niece are at your house alone with you and they are sleeping at your house .

7) What would you do if you find your husband/wife fucking your siblings.

8) What would you do if you find your husband/wife fucking your mom/dad.

9) what would you do if your partner is attracted to barely legal .

10) what would you do if you find nudes of your mom or sister or brother or dad.

11)what would you do if your daughter/son is in shower and you are alone with them would you join them .

12) what would you do if you are a teacher and you catches your student masturbating in class.

13) would you rather let your wife fuck your 18 year old son or would you fuck your 15 year old daughter.

14) would you rather let your husband fuck your 18 year old daughter or would you fuck your 15 years old son .

15) what would you do if you find out that your mom/dad used to sexually ab*se you when you were barely legal .

Comment your answers with the numbers of the question and suggest some situations for next series.

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  • Reply Kendall ID:1lisj5aoij

    1)if I had a daughter or son I’d sexualy touch them I’d always would want to know what it feels like having a little dick in my mouth
    2)if I had a son or daughter I’d bring them to my room and have a three way
    3)I’d support it
    4)I’d pull down her pants and fuck her
    5)I’d take her to a discrete area and fuck her hard
    6)I’d take them to my room strip them naked and have sex with them when they sleep I love boys and girls
    7)I’d join in the fun
    8)I’d join in the fun it would help me fulfill a sexual fantasies I really wish I could have sex with my mom and stepfather at the same time
    9)I’d say let’s go find someone for a three way fun
    10)I’d take them an jack off to my mom dad sister and brother
    11)yes I’d join them
    12)I’d tell all of them to get naked and do I in the open and then find a partner sex for two minutes including with me the teacher when the timer goes off switch partners and then have sex with them for two minutes and keep doing that until it’s time to go home And don’t forget about the teacher
    13)I’d fuck my 15 year old daughter
    14) I’d fuck my 15 year old son
    15) I’d tell them thank you

  • Reply Kendall ID:1lisj5aoij

    Yes on all

  • Reply Slammmy ID:5rhvi98hrd

    Unfortunately I don’t have a sister , I am an only kid , but luckily I have a hot mother , who doesn’t know about me having these thoughts but I am happy jerking off while sniffing her panties

  • Reply Slammmy ID:5rhvi98hrd

    And for brother’s and sisters I don’t know why don’t you guys fuck already

  • Reply Slammmy ID:5rhvi98hrd

    I think incest shouldn’t be illegal , every dude’s who’s 11 should have his first fuck with his mom and his last fuck should be with his daughter or granddaughter. And there are already so many mom’s who fuck their son and many dad who fuck their daughter .

  • Reply Slammmy ID:5rhvi98hrd

    I mean c’mon every dad has a fantasy of fucking her daughter in her early teenage

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y20k

    No.12 – I did teach for a few years and was always excited by the idea of catching a 13 or 14 yr old boy with his cock out in class, masturbating. It never happened unfortunately, but maybe I just never caught him!
    No. 15 – Another great fantasy, but I do have distinct memories of my grandad stroking my bare bum and playing with my willy! Just thought it was normal.

  • Reply Dadsecrets ID:3hw8t8glhrk

    1) I would do my best to find ways to feel their private parts,
    2) finding out that my daughter would like to have sex with me, it would be a dream come true, so I fuck her right away,
    3) if my daughter was a nymphomaniac, I would invite friends to my house, so that they could satisfy my daughter’s cravings,
    4) on the bed with my sister, I would try to make her notice my hard cock, while I caress her buttocks, thighs and boobs,
    5) I would make sure that nobody notices, and I would take her to a safe place, away from her prying eyes of hers, and I would fuck her while I can
    6) I would try to touch her in my sleep, explore her whole body while I masturbate near her face
    7) if I found my wife being fucked by my brother, at that moment I would get a little angry, because I have always proposed to her that I want to see her being fucked by another, however, then I would accept that my brother fucks my wife, as long as I can watch,
    8) the same answer I wrote to question n(7)
    9) I would be happy to help you by trying to do everything possible until you can satisfy the barely legal wish.
    10) I could use these photos to blackmail
    11) I try to spy so that it can be easily discovered, and then I ask if I can join,
    12) catching a student masturbating would be a good excuse to talk about sex and maybe propose to have sex,
    13) I would gladly let my son fuck his mother, and also his sister with me,
    14) same answer as (13)
    15) if you find out that you have been abused by my parents, this would confirm that I have received from them, a perverse fantasy, handed down from generation to generation

  • Reply Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

    Do about rapes next in family

  • Reply Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

    2 I would let my daughter fuck me