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Uncle David Part 3

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David was working in the garage when his dad walks in. “Brought you somebody!”, his dad said. Molly comes running in.

“Oh hey! There she is! My bestest buddy!”, he said excitedly. She ran into his arms and they hugged. He picks her up squeezing her ass and running his finger between her legs and rubbing. She gave him a big kiss and hug.

They went out and tossed the ball around until his parents left. She giggled and kicked him hard. “Your a jerk”, she said and ran into the house laughing. She went and hid.

“When I find you I am going to beat your ass!”, he said. He found her hiding by the hot water tank. She tried to squeeze by him but he grabbed her leg. She was throwing punches trying to hit him to no avail. He held her upside down and took her to the bedroom. He stood her up and asked “why did you hit me?”
She smacked him in the cheek. He grabbed her and held her close as his hands went down her pants.

“Stop it!”, she said. Pushing on him trying to get away. “Don’t touch me there!” He grabbed her ass and squeezed her hard. “Ow! Please stop! I am sorry.” He shoved her on the bed. She pretended to try to get away but he held her down.

He unbuttoned his pants and took his dick out. Her eyes became wild with excitement. She was only 10 but loved his cock. She loved fighting with him during sex. It made it all the more fun.

He got his cock hard and put it to her lips. ”No!”, she mumbled with closed lips. “Nasty fuck!”, she said.

He felt her breath from her nose blowing down on his dick. He pushed a pressure point on her shoulder. Her mouth opened in pain, and he shoved his manhood in. “This is how we learn!”, he said.

She beat on his hips and legs as he controlled her head. She gagged and gurgled as he face fucked her. She was drolling heavily. She shoved her hard down hard into the bed and pulled her pants and underwear off. He stared at her beautiful baldy. He spread her legs and put his face in between. He licked her. He danced his tongue on her dot as she moaned. “Dammit Uncle Dave! You are good at this! I love you!”, she said.

“I love you too Sport!”, he said in a loving way. “Now shut the fuck up!”, he growled. She giggled.

“Oh! Oh yeah do the finger thing! You know with one finger in butt and one in my pee pee! I love that!”, she said. David just raised his head and stared at her angrily. “Oh yeah. Shut the fuck up. Got it.”, she said. Dave shook his head and smiled. He pinched her ass until she squealed.

“Quit using language like that also! I am going to shove my cock in you and never pull it out!”, he said

She laughed and said sarcastically, “Oh please no! I would hate that!”

He got up. “Uncle Dave where you going?”, she said. He went to his room and got the lube he used on her before. “We’re not done yet!”, she said. He brought the lube into the room. Her face became an expression of joy. She loved being ass fucked. “Eat me out first! Please!”, she said.

“Shut up! You get what I give you!”, he said.

He lubed up his right hand and stuck his middle finger in her ass, his index finger in her pussy and rubbed her clit with his thumb. He was rough. Showing her no mercy as he finger fucked her. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. “Oh David!”, she said, “Do it David.” He began doing it hard and rough. Her face reddened and eyes closed as her whole face tightened. She twisted to one side as he whole body tightened as she came. He juices shot out on his hand. He pulled them out and quickly lubed his hard cock up. He rolled her over and jammed himself into her. “Awwwwwww! Shit! Owww Uncle Dave! Not so rough!”, she said. He spanked her ass. Telling her to shut up. He fucked her as hard as he could. “Oh my Uncle Dave! This is amazing!”, she said. She started squealing as he fucked her with no mercy. Her head just looking forward with a blank expression on her face as his dick slid up her ass. “Uncle Dave! Aw Uncle Dave! Do it please! Do it! If feels so good!”, she said.

He felt himself about to orgasm and he grabbed her hips. He was making hard violent thrusts as he said “awwww fucking hell!” As his dick exploded it’s contents into her. He moaned and pumped into her until he was finished. He was out of breath. He pulled out and laid down and pulled her next to him. They laid together making out. Their tongues fighting together until his parents got home. Molly was disappointed. She could lay like this with him forever.

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