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Two years in a teen mental hospital

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The abuse I experienced in a mental hospital from age 13 to 15. Warning this is a true story and very graphic.

My name is Addison and the story I’m about to tell you is true. I am going to describe two years of my life that forever changed who I am and how I now interact with society. My story begins in April almost five years ago. I was 13 at the time and in the seventh grade. I was a hyper girl around 5’1” tall and weighed 110 pounds. I had long brown hair and blue eyes, I was an average looking girl I guess but very insecure and shy. My parents were always in and out of jail mostly for drugs and theft. Most of the teachers at my school either didn’t like me or tried sexually abusing me.

Everything started one day when Lexi one of the popular rich girls told our teacher that I had nude pics of her boyfriend on my phone and that I threatened her before school. I did have nudes of Ryan but he had sent them to me and one of my friends but I never threatened her in fact I never talked to her that morning. I was sent to the office to speak with the assistant principal, when I got there Lexi’s parents and a juvenile officer along with the assistant principal were waiting for me to arrive. I had been in the office many times usually to receive a paddling from the AP but this time I knew it was going to be different.

I was told to take a seat and the AP introduced me to Lexi’s parents and the juvenile officer. The officer didn’t waste any time and told me that it had been decided by Lexi’s mom and the probation department that I was going to spend 72 hours in the mental hospital for an evaluation. This brought a large grin on the face of the younger looking ginger haired woman who was Lexi’s mom. The juvenile officer stood up and asked me if I would walk out on my own or if he needed to handcuff me. I stood up and walked with him out of the office as the AP made a call to my parents to inform them that I would not be coming home from school today.

Part 2 coming soon….

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  • Reply Satanist Atheist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    We don’t…..it’s made up BS

    • Addison ID:30shf7gb0c

      Google child sex abuse in mental hospitals or go to Tik Tok and search mental hospitals and you will see it’s very common.

    • want More ID:pvkqosi43

      Good start, need more to ser what you have to offer

  • Reply Renee ID:7ylren4oic

    I can see why you were in the nut house, writing this goofy made up bull shit.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zb0i

    Oh yes, come on Addison, let’s get to that abuse soon!!

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    I hope you got pregnant

  • Reply Adude ID:1dax6q6y3byd

    Yes plz continue

    • Addison ID:30shf7gb0c

      Thank you I’m glad you liked it the next parts get much more traumatic and detail the real abuse that happens in teen mental hospitals.

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    Need part 2

    • Addison ID:30shf7gb0c

      I will work on it tomorrow night there will probably be over 25 parts to this story if you all want to hear all the details

    • A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

      Lengthen your story’s to about 1000 words. Then you won’t so many parts