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Thinks go more wild

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As I write at the end of the previous story after he cum in my face, I beg them to clean me and let me free but instead, they left me with my hands still tied and cum still in my face, and both of them laying down on each of me. Ι try, I beg them again but instead, he digs my underpants inside my mouth you will return to your house but only when we will want he said and he lay down again at my right side while her wife was at my left side and their hands above my chest.
I was scared doesn’t know what waiting for me next. I finally fell asleep until I woke up because of the feeling of tongues in my face licking me and I could open again my eyes. I hear the woman say welcome back sweetheart and another voice saying wow she is very beautiful thanks for the gift mom, these last words surprise me, and turning my head I am seeing one young girl with long black hair and glasses smiling at me.

However her glasses I recognize her it was the girl in the photos their daughter as I understand but in these was without them probably she was wearing contact lenses what she was doing here? I hear her ask her mom if she can play with me, I am sure she won’t have a problem right she asks me. Well, I would do anything to return house I say or trying but I still had my panties inside my mouth, wait I will help you with this she finally took out the panties from my mouth doing me cough, and when I found them again the strength I answer yes but I haven’t an idea what they mean for playing because I fell above one abnormal family.
The woman introduced to me her daughter with the name Korina and today she has her 10th birthday so I was her gift, what do you mean I ask her. like i and my husband have a love for girls we learned in Korina the amazing world of sex with girls like her, she is very clever since the age of 6yearsold is sexually active, which left me with my mouth open. Korina tells me now I am her new girlfriend and we will have a lot of fun together.

While I was laying down I don’t have noticed her but only when Korina come and sit almost in my face she was nude and wow she had one nice puffy pussy with big lips. first of all, I am not lesbian until then at least, very simple her pussy was so fat, so majestic, even better than her mom’s pussy I could say, Korina say here come the fun and she lower her pussy to my face, her mom tells me to take care good her lone daughter.
like with her mom when her pussy comes to my face, I smell Korinas fresh puffy pussy and I start with my tongue licking her and yes it was super tasty. Almost immediately I hear Korina moans and tell wwwww she is good mom, ohhhhhhhh, I must say that she had her back looking at me. At the same time, her mother has her phone and taking photos of us. I was enjoying all this only bad was my still tied hands which were killing me in pain but it was impossible to talk.
Korina start to moan loudly and her pussy become wet but then I feel her lower her body until laying down her body above me, my legs were still open so I feel fingers playing with my pussy and Korina said nice pussy after fingers comes to her tongue doing my eyes open full now both of us were licking each other’s pussy in a 69pose I learn the name of pose later. Soon I start moaning loudly her mother going around us taking photos and videos of me and her daughter licking each other’s pussies, she stopped in front of us telling her daughter to give one big smile and one good sight of my pussy and hearing her these photos and videos will sell well in the black market.

Soon Korinas pussy become wetter and I start to feel one intense feeling which doing me want to scream but her pussy cover it and soon like her mother liquids ran down my face and mouth then we stop to take some breaths. One minute later Korina lay up from me if it was good her mom ask Korina she answer yes, great now time for the big finale she say, Korina come near to me and lower her head her mouth was wet same as mine and to my surprise, she starts kissing me with her mother tell us to look at the camera so we do.
They finally left my hands free, I couldn’t believe it they use handcuffs, Korina was still nude but she run for tv its time for the beloving cartoon she say, Mother, get me my clothes I am waiting for you outside to pay you of course. Well, I take my time thinking about what I live today if you want the truth yes I take pleasure from all this. Outside she give me 100euro I had an action with three of them but her daughter is a minor so she doesn’t pay I don’t know if it was right but I take them.
I ask her what happen with my lover, she says she sudden problem with one of the apartments he had to leave but then i couldn’t have so much fun with their daughter. I learn that on the eve of Christmas, they also travel like my family and we close a new date for tomorrow after school.

Last day of school before Christmas we finish early doing only one big celebration with songs. our parents even and this day working, my sister says with her friends, I say with my friends and we decide to meet at our house and exactly like the previous time the car was there but with one big surprise instead of lover was his wife and suddenly from the backseats, Korina bobbed and telling me hello girlfriend how are you.
One new incredible adventure for me is starting but at the next part.

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