The New Headmaster

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The new headmaster took an opportunity with a poor school, the rich old man’s disgusting fantasies came true.

Brantore school in Brantore was at the lowest of the lows when it came to school standard. The funding that goes into the school is poor and the area it’s located is poor. The opportunity for someone to come and revive the school eventually had come along. His name was Mr Jones. He was a very rich man, had multiple businesses and saw this as an opportunity. For what, you will find out later. However, after a tour and a few meetings he now had full ownership of the school and became headmaster.

Mr Jones was in his early 60’s, grey greasy hair, overweight and smelt like he had never showered before in his life. He had accumulated his wealth through his father who was no longer alive. Mr Jones was also recently divorced. It’s hard to believe he had a wife in the first place. Although rumour has it, he divorced her after getting this money.

Mr Jones bought the school just as the final school term had finished. He got a good look at “everything/one” just before it closed. He spent money to get the place revamped to everyone in Brantore town’s delight.

The school looked in a lot better state by the time it was done. He revamped the whole place to look more modern. He even added a few of his own touches for himself, like a new office with a 65 inch tv, personal bathroom with shower (no idea why it’s not like he would use them) and a fridge.

The school year came back around and everything was in place. The students loved the new look school but wasn’t impressed by the head teacher. Not like they had a choice anyway. They found him revolting to look at and couldn’t stand the smell he was leaving.

As the year starts, Mr Jones just sat in his office with the door locked ignoring everyone. The teachers were all old women, he didn’t have the slightest bit of interest in any of them. He was praying one day a younger teacher would come along that he could perv over but it was a distant dream. Instead he would masturbate all day long to pornos.

A week later, Mr Jones was sitting in his office. He decided it was time to masturbate. But there was a knock at the door.

“Mr Jones, there is someone here for an interview” Mrs Dell, the old lady at the front desk said.

Mr Jones, immediately became frustrated. He hated being interrupted.

“Come in” he said.

Walked in was one of the most, if not the most beautiful woman ever. Miss Taylor, Emma Taylor. Big green eyes, jet black hair, tanned with freckles. She was around 5’5, her boobs pushed out (size E) through her tight blouse, she wore a black blazer. A black tight pencil skirt that showed off her peachy big ass. She was 32 years old. She had just divorced her husband, herself and her 15 year old daughter had just moved to town. Emma was looking to work at the school and for her daughter to get a place there. They didn’t have much money that’s why they moved to the area but had seen the school had been refurbished.

To Mr Jones now. His cock started to grow as soon as he saw her. He was stumbling around not knowing what to do with himself. Emma was pretty disgusted at the smell of the office, it smelt like a sweaty old man and it smelt like cum. He greeted her by shaking her hand, his hand was sweaty. They sat down and began the interview.

Within a couple of minutes he offered her the job as his personal assistant. Accepted her daughter into the school too. She was astonished. He was willing to offer her 50% more than the average pay for an assistant. It was hard to refuse.

“I will have a desk set up for you over there” he pointed towards an area in front of him. So he could always have a good look at her. “You also have access to all of my facilities, including the school gym but the locker rooms are for students only” then pointing towards the bathroom, this was part of his plan to get her to use his bathroom. “You start tomorrow”

This did please Emma, as she loved the gym. She accepted the job. But had no idea what was in store. Mr Jones got up to show her out. She noticed that his cock was rock hard but he hurried and showed her out and locked the door behind her. He rushed back to his desk and whipped out his cock. He masturbated and came everywhere. Within seconds.

As Emma stood outside the door she could hear the groans from him. She cringed and went back home to tell her daughter the good news.

The headmasters dream came true. He was so excited. Overnight be had spy cameras installed in his office and bathroom. Just in case she took a shower, he wanted the best view.

The next day, Miss Taylor and her daughter Lily came in to school. Mr Jones was astonished by how much the two looked alike. Even though he shouldn’t of, he had the dirtiest thoughts run through his mind of the pair of them as a double act. He was a sick bastard. He took Lily around the school and showed her around. Lily noticed the bulge growing through Mr Jones’s trousers as they walked around. She was disgusted as her mom had told her everything but she got on with it as she knew it was a good job for her mom.

Today Emma was wearing a red blouse, without a blazer today as it was a warm day, with tight black leather mini skirt and black heels. Admittedly she got a slight kick out of showing off to this old pervert.

He gave her jobs to do throughout the morning. One in particular had her bending over to grab papers from behind some drawers. He was drooling, literally. Thinking about what he would do to this woman. Emma found him creepy, disgusting and not even worth a penny.

It was then lunch time. Miss Taylor decided that she was going to use the gym. Mr Jones had a meeting so it was perfect for her to go to the gym then come back and use the shower in his bathroom before he would get back. So she did. After the meeting had finished Mr Jones returned to his office and used the toilet, he had noticed that the shower had been used. His cock instantly grew hard. He knew he would have the footage of this and it made him desperate to see it. He had to think of a plan and quick, although he would of liked Miss Taylor to be around. The thought of masturbating to this was at the top of his list.

“Say Miss Taylor, I would like you to run some errands for me” he said.

“Yes of course” she replied “such as what?”

“I’ll need you to go to the shops, I’ll need you to buy some stationary for the office and then I’ll need you to go to the hardware shop and buy me a reel of rope please as I have to pick something up at the weekend and need something to tie it down with” he made up some bullshit to get her out. He gave her a list of things, his credit card and even gave her his car keys to take his car.

Just as he watched her leave he noticed that she left her sports bag. His day is just getting even better. He rushed over to the door and locked it, he then opened up her bag. To his shock and delight he found used panties, it was a red laced thong. Why she would of worn a thong to the gym was not known, it can’t of been comfortable. He did not care, he inhaled the thong like it was oxygen. The smell was incredible, fresh sweat. He pulled up the video feed from her shower and mulled over what he was seeing. Miss Taylor’s perfectly big boobs, her hairless vagina, her peachy round ass. He wrapped the thong around his cock and rapidly beat it. He watched as the water fell down her body, her hands caressing her skin washing it. She washed her boobs and then he exploded. The cum came out fast and powerful, for an old man. It shot at his screen. He was careful to not get any cum on her panties.

He felt like he was out of this world. He quickly put everything back to normal and was sure to download everything. He wish he could of kept her panties but for obvious reasons he didn’t.

An hour later, Miss Taylor knocked at the door. She came in, her face was red and rifled with guilt. She look concerned.

“Mr Jones I’m so sorry” she began to weep.

“What’s happened Miss Taylor?” He looked at her with a stern face.

“I crashed your car, I tried to stop but I couldn’t. I’m so sorry” she looked on with guilt and fear. she struggled to keep eye contact.

Mr Jones didn’t say anything, he looked angry. Miss Taylor whimpered, waiting for him to say something.

Mr Jones had a very expensive Maserati. The damage she had done was worth half the cars price. Nothing Miss Taylor could afford. It was only a day into the job.

“You will have to pay for this damage Emma” he used her first name in anger. “Right away”

He was rich enough to easily pay for it but he wanted to make her feel bad.

“I can’t afford it, please. You’ve got to understand I don’t have much money and this is my first day” she begged.

“Well that’s not good enough, you’ve caused significant damage. I’m going to have call the police” he said knowing that Miss Taylor was at his will.

“Please don’t do that. I will do anything. I really can’t afford to go to jail or even pay for the damage” Emma cried out. Her head was all over the place. She was a mess.

Mr Jones went silent. He thought about her offer of anything.

“Anything you say?” He grinned perversely.

“Literally anything” Without thinking Miss Taylor feel into the trap.

“Well then, I will be at your house at 8pm sharp. You will make sure you are at your house alone. Your daughter will have to be out for the evening. You will clean up and dress like a slut for me” he demanded.

Miss Taylor was shocked, she couldn’t speak. The thoughts of disgust ran through her mind. She knew that she had no other choice. She nodded.

“Off you go then, I will see you later” Mr Jones said.

She picked up her stuff without saying another word and left.

Mr Jones’s day became even better. He went home and made up a bag. He kept the suit on from the day. He stunk of shit. He didn’t notice of course.

From 2 days ago at dreaming of a situation like this. It was now happening for real. It was 8pm. He knocked on her door. He waited for a minute and then it slowly opened.

Miss Taylor had her black hair up, she was wearing a red laced bra that was seen easily through her white buttoned shirt. She wore a tight black skirt that showed off her curves. She wore black heels that was showing her feet. She looked nervous. She was frightened at what might happen.

Mr Jones walked in. The house was quite small, it was standard sized. He demanded that she made him a drink. She gagged at the smell her brought into her home. Mr Jones walked himself upstairs. He started to snoop around, he checked out her bedroom and it had a double bed. He debated wether this is where he was going to fuck her or not. He then snooped into Lucy’s room (her daughter). He walked over to her bed and sniffed it. He was very attracted to her as well as Emma. He found some dirty laundry that he picked up and sniffed.

“Mmm, just like your mother” he thought.

He shoved them in his pocket and walked back downstairs. She had made him a glass of wine. He sat on her sofa. She stood up looking at him, waiting for whatever stupid demand he would make.

“You look nice Miss Taylor. Now, I want you to strip. So you are butt naked” he demanded.

She did as he said, although she thought him to be a revolting pervert. She started by removing her heels. Her bare feet stepped out of them. Mr Jones did have a foot fetish, especially for Miss Taylor. She then slowly removed her dress. Revealing her laced thong, her slightly toned stomach and her big boobs in her matching bra.

Mr Jones was rock hard. Miss Taylor was small compared to him. He grabbed her hand and bent her over his knee. With her ass perched up.

“Count to 10, slowly” he said. She could feel his cock hard as she laid over him.

“1…2…3” she said whimpering while getting spanked. He was pleasured watching as her ass jiggled at every stroke. As he reached 10, he kept his grotty hand on her right cheek. He yanked her thong off. It broke like a thin piece of string. Miss Taylor screeched. Revealing her bare ass. He slowly ran him finger down her crack and started rubbing his finger around her pussy.

He inserted his finger. Fingering her pussy, she moaned in a whisp voice. This sent him crazy, he sucked on his finger and got her up. He unzipped his trousers and got Emma to pull them down. Revealing his pretty big cock. It was bigger than her husbands cock. He forced her mouth onto it. Miss Taylor gagged, not only at it forcing the gag but the disgust in the taste and the man himself. He throat fucked her like she was a doll. The saliva dripping down all over her tits. It was rough.

He reached down and removed her bra. Out popped her beautiful tits, juicy with small brown nipples. He sat back down, he made her wrap her boobs around his cock and wank him off.

“Look at me you little slut” he said degrading her.

She looked up at him, her face with drool down. She was angry with herself, knowing this could of been avoided. Mr Jones, was slouched back loving what was happening.

Now it was time to fuck this slut. He grabbed her hand and brought her upstairs. He wanted to go to her daughters room but he wanted to save that…

He laid her on her back on the bed. Pushed her legs up, he slowly pushed his cock inside her cunt. She screamed when he got the full way in and let out a little cry. He then began to fuck her hard, watching as her tits bounced up and down. Every thrust was hard and fast, his fat cock ramming into the walls of her pussy.

She couldn’t look at him, she shut her eyes. This angered him. So he fucked her even harder. She took it well considering. Mr Jones decided to switch up so he flipper her into doggy. He entered her again. Fucking her as her juicy ass bounced against his balls. Mr Jones sucked his thumb and started to finger Miss Taylors virgin brown pucker. She had never been into it, she hadn’t done it before. She clenched and screamed into the pillow. He got himself into the right position. Mr Jones saw some cream on the bedside table and pulled out, lubed up and forced himself into her asshole. Miss Taylor had tears brought to her eyes. She screamed the house down as this monster of a man took her anal virginity. He ploughed her hard, her tight hole grabbed onto his cock. He couldn’t take anymore. He came inside of her. He kept himself there for a good minute, balls deep in her asshole. Miss Taylor laid there, she couldn’t move. She accepted her punishment. Although it was painful, she did enjoy it. Being someone’s bitch. She always felt that she was in control in her marriage and it didn’t excite her. That’s why she willingly gave in, no matter how disgusting he was.

This was the start of it.

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