The innocent church girl – part 2

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If you havent already please be sure to read part 1 first. Search “the innocent church girl”

I woke up around 8am and noticed my little girl wasnt next to me, I turned onto my back when I hear a little giggle coming from under the covers, without warning I feel a warm wet mouth cover the head of my dick.

“Mmmmm” was all I could say as I put my head back and close my eyes. My pretty little girl had woken up before me and had some naughty thoughts and she found my dick. I move the covers off and I see that pretty face, she looks up at me and takes my dick out of her mouth.

“Hi” she said in the cutest voice ever with a little giggle. I smile at her and grab her by her hair and push her head towards my dick, she must of loved me doing that because she let out a sexy moan and opened her mouth ready to take all of me down her throat, she pops the tip in her mouth and swirls her tongue around which felt so fucking good, I push her head down more and she gags a little but it slides nicely into her throat. I hold her head still with both my hands on her head and thrust my hips up and down, forcing my hard cock down her throat.

“Ugh ugh ugh ugh” that was the sexiest sound ever as I fuck her little mouth, she quickly pulls her head back gasping for air, three breaths was all I allowed her to have before I shoved my cock even further down her throat. She was now balls deep, her chin pressing against my balls.

“Stick your tongue out sweetheart” she looks up at me with those beautiful eyes, she sticks her tongue out and licks my balls as she gets her throat fucked hard. I couldnt hold it any longer, I stop thrusting into her throat and just hold her head still and I start emptying my balls into her mouth. She gags and pulls away quickly.

I hold her mouth closed, “swallow” I tell her, she listens and swallows so all the cum goes down.

“That’s my good girl” I say as I pull her up to me, her pussy rubbing against my hard cock. I put both my arms around her and hug her tight while I make out with her, she sticks her tongue out and our tongues start sliding over each other as our lips are locked together. Still with our lips locked she reaches down and guides my hard cock to her very tight little entrance. Once its lined up she pushes her ass down and it slides in, she slowly pulls her ass up and down, her pussy walls feeling super tight against my rock hard dick, it felt like someone was squeezing it. She starts moaning into my mouth as my dick hits her cervix. Her pussy now starting to get really wet and creamy I hold her tight to my chest and start pounding deep inside her little hole.

She stops kissing me and looks into my eyes with our noses nearly touching. “Please fuck me harder sir, fill me up” I’d never thought I’d hear a innocent little girl talk so dirty, I looked deep into her eyes and started pounding even harder into her, the tip of my cock slamming into her cervix with ever thrust.

“YESSSS FUCK ME DADDY” she screams.

“Yeah baby, tell me who owns that little pussy” I say while pounding her brains out.

“Youuu… you-you-do-daddy” she says between each loud moan.

“That’s right, it’s mine you little slut” I said looking deep into her soul, i could feel my balls twitching ready to drain into her waiting womb. Three final hard thrusts and I hold her down onto me and shoot my loud into her. Her whole body tenses up and she starts shaking uncontrollably from her orgasm, moaning so loud.


She collapses onto my chest panting and out of breath, her hard little nipples pressed against my skin, I dont pull out, I just hug her tight, I can feel my cum oozing out down the side of my dick. I give her one final thrust into her and she jumps

“UGHH, heyyy dont do that my pussy is so sensitive” I just laugh and pull out, my dick flops down onto my stomach and makes a little splash with all her pussy juices and my cum.

“Go down and clean me up if you’re daddys good girl” I say smiling at her.

She jumps up in excitement “yes daddy yes daddy”

She licks from my balls all the way up to my tip and back down again making sure she cleans me up nice and good. She pops the tip into her mouth licking up the little bit of cum that’s still dripping out of me with her tongue.

“Such a good girl” I say as I pick her up, she wraps her legs around me with her arms around my neck, my cum still dripping out of her hole running down my leg and dropping onto the floor. I carry her to the bath tub and make sure she gets all cleaned up, she just stares at me with those adorable little puppy dog eyes as I scoop all my cum out of her pussy hole with my fingers.

I take my fingers out of her hole and and she says “Nooooo, put them back” I listen and put my fingers back inside her and I start fingering her tight hole “Harder please” I speed up, ramming my fingers into her as hard as I could while I rub my pretty little clit with my other hand.

Shes moaning so loud “AHHHHH YESSS” I make her have another orgasm while shes thrusting her body back and forth on my fingers splashing water everywhere.

“Get out and dry off baby girl” I say in a stern voice standing up

“Yes sir” she replies.

“And dont bother getting dressed” I say as I’m walking through the door. I go and sit on the couch still butt naked and i turn on the tv. About 5 minutes later I look to the stairs and I see her sexy naked little body walking down. Man she is so fucking sexy is all I could think, she comes and sits on the couch next to me, putting her head on my shoulder.


“Yes sweetheart?”

“I love you.” She says in a very soft voice.

“What was that?” I ask

“I said I.. umm… I love you” she says looking up at me.

“Awwww I love you too cutie” I say pulling her close to me and giving her a hug.

This little girl I had just met the day before had fallen in love with me, and I fell in love with her. She was so perfect.

“I dont want you to leave, can you move in?” She said in a pouting voice.

“Aww baby I dont want to leave either, and no unfortunately I cant move in” I reply

“But whyyyyyyy”

“Because I’m only supposed to be baby sitting you for the night and today until your parents get home”

“UGH fine..” she says looking down

“Hey do you have a phone?” I ask

“Yeah.. why?”

“So we can talk silly”

“Oh yayyy, let me go get it” she jumps up and takes off running, I just stare at her perfect little ass jiggle freely as she runs, what an amazing sight, she returns 30 seconds later running towards me.

“Woah slow down there you’re gonna hurt yourself” I say in a demanding voice

“Here” she says handing me her phone, I take it and put my phone number in and hand it back to her. She then turns and runs back up stairs, I was confused on where she was going but didnt bother to ask. About 3 minutes later i get a notification on my phone, it’s from her, I open it and I’m surprised to see what it is, a picture of her pretty little slit,. I just stare at it, another one pops up, it’s the same angle but this time her fingers are inside. I jump up and run up to her room to find her on her bed with her legs spread open above her head.

“Come here you sexy slut” I pick her up off the bed and carry her downstairs, the whole time shes giggling and trying to get down, I throw her on the couch and she spreads her legs open, I knew exactly what she wanted, I lay down on the couch and put my face up to her pussy, I lick her clit and she immediately starts moaning, she takes her hand and presses my face into her cunt so I cant pull away, I lick faster, making sure to lick her whole pussy and stick my tongue inside her. She screams and cums on my tongue, her tasty juices flowing out of her little hole. I eat it all and get up and start kissing her so she can see how good she tastes. I pick her up and sit down, shes straddling my lap and we makeout, we sit on the couch all day making out.

At around 4pm were making out on the couch naked when i hear a car door, i quickly pull away from her and look out the window, I see her mom walking towards the front door.

“Oh fuck, they are home early” I put her down and tell her to run upstairs as fast as she can, the front door opens just as we make it to the top of the stairs and turn the corner, we both run into her room as her mom calls out her name, stumbling over my feet I rush to my clothes on the floor next to the bed and slip my underwear and shorts on together as they were on the floor still together from when I took them off.

“Grab me a pair of panties from that drawer right there” she says pointing across the room and I run over and grab the first pair I see and throw them across the room to her as shes putting her shirt on without a bra, she slips her panties on and gets under the covers, I hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Wheres my shirt, fuck! Wheres my shirt” I say frantically looking for it.

“I dont know!!” She says while grabbing a book off her night stand.

“Oh there it is” I say running to the front of the bed, the footsteps are getting louder coming down the hall, I slip it on as fast as I can while running over to the side of her bed.

“Gimme that, hurry” I say reaching for her book. The door opens just as I turn to a random page.

“Oh hey sweetheart, what are you two doing” her mom says walking towards us.

“Oh hey you’re you’re home early” I said pretending like I didnt already know she was home.

“I’m just reading a book to her”

“Aww that’s cute” her mom says smiling at us. “Was she good?”

“Yeah she has been a really good girl” I say with a little smile. I get up and put the book down on her night stand. Her mom turns and walks out of the room.

“Now’s your chance get your shorts on, fast” I walk out and head down stairs, her mom is on the couch waiting for me, she thank me and hans me a fifty dollar bill. The best $50 I’ve ever made in my life. I see my baby come down the stairs and she gives me a big hug.

“Wow she must really like you” her mom says getting off the couch and walking towards us.

“Yeah I guess so” I say with a little nervous laugh.

“Bye kiddo” I said patting her little head.

I head home and sit on my couch opening my phone to her text messages and I just stare at those two pictures of her pussy thinking what a wonderful time I had with such a little girl. I’ve never had any thoughts about such a young girl in my life. I put my hand in my shorts stroking myself as I look at her perfect little pussy when i get a new text.

“Hey daddy, i miss you already”

“Awwww I miss you too”

another picture pops up, it’s her titties.

“You’re so sexy baby”

“Thank uuuu”

Over the next week we’ve been texting each other all day. We’ve traded so many naughty pictures and videos, too many to count. Videos of her fingering her little pussy and moaning for me, videos of her fucking herself with her hair brush, videos of everything you can imagine. Her mom has even asked me if I can start picking her up from school and she will give me gas money. Of course I accepted without hesitation so I can see my beautiful girl again.

She gives me head while driving every single day and it’s the best thing ever. Sometimes I pull the car into a parking lot and make her straddle me and I fuck her brains out. We fuck so much in the car. We tell her parents theres a lot of traffic so she doesnt become suspicious.

Her mom said shes going on a vacation in a month for 3 weeks and I will have her the whole time, I cant wait for all the fun were gonna have fucking all day and night like rabbits.


I hope you enjoyed! 😉

I try to give as much detail as possible so you can paint a picture in your head and get a sexy visual of the story.

I will probably continue the story but I will skip ahead 4 years when shes 14 and I’ll breed her and maybe get her parents involved 😉 I have some VERY good ideas for that.

Again this is my very first story so if some stuff doesnt make sense or the writing is bad I’m sorry.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Daddy. Ass ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Church kids are not that innocent, nether are the wife’s. I know 2 First Baptist preachers kids having sex and smoking pot. The funny part is one day there dad was preaching on drugs being a sin, I looked over at the youth group if you only knew lol over 80 percent was doing drugs lol. I said wife’s are not that innocent yes, preacher wife yes what you are all thinking. [email protected]

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    Ja erzähl uns mehr darüber auch ihre Eltern mit Ron zu herziehen klingt Zoll vielleicht das du und Dandy euch um ihre Ficklöcher kümmert und man von ihr die fotzd grleckt bekommt

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    Great stories. Well written.

  • Reply Jake ID:1ck68025ptx0

    Love your stories. So well written

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    Please don’t go to 14 yet and get her mom involved…not her dad.

  • Reply Drenched ID:xbk7wmm2

    Great stories man, but save the time jump for a little while longer yet. Having to much fun in this timeline. Also don’t get the parents involved, it’s hotter when it is just the two of them and their dirty little secret 😉

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    I like the idea of getting the parents involved . You and her real.daddy fucking her ass and pussy at the same time and mum cleaning her up

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      Yeah this one

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    Hot asf

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    Great to hear, maybe if she is so committed to him he can collar her before breeding her

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