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Step-Sister part4 the dam bursts

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Sex with my sister was both ,hot naughty, haughty, forbidden but more ensued…

I lied on my bed watching tv around 9 pm, the girls were downstairs all 3 of them. The youngest girl Terri’s sister was 11 5 years younger than Terri. The youngest brother was 9 and the oldest boy 13. They all were sprawled on the carpet in the living room watching the color console and munching popcorn Naomi had made for them. Hours had passed and soon the two youngest retired to their room down the hallway. And an hour later I heard the oldest boy clamber up the stairs to his attic room. That left the two oldest girls still watching tv at 11pm. I had the news on and was watching it as I heard the two of them ascend the stairs. Then a knock at my door and Sheryl polked her head in “don’t forget me know big brother” I told her I wouldn’t and she ducked out and shut the door. I went downstairs to grab a soda and to see what was happening there. Naomi was cleaning the pot she’d used for the corn and my dad was already in bed asleep. “Next week I want you to come “visit” me for the night.” Naomi said, “I want to see how many times we can do it together” I just shrugged and said ok and continued back up the stairs and to my room. It was feast or famine, too little pussy or too much (no such thing).

I’d finished my coke and sat at the edge of my bed watching the clock as it neared 1 am. I was both excited that Sheryl wanted to go at it ,yet pensive that Terri would be just feet away from us. I loved making love to Sheryl she always wanted to try new things, one night she told me she heard that men fucked women in their ass and asked me if I do it to her there ,I declined telling her that I’d never did a girl or women there and wasn’t sure about it. She always seemed so sexual, wanton, horney little thing. Then I remembered her and Terri getting it on, how Sheryl seemed to be controlling the action and how Terri finally arched and climaxed. It was erotic and got me so fucking horney that night. Soon I would be making love to my sister the beautiful nymph who enjoyed being ravaged by her older brother!

1 am came, the house seemed quiet and I made my way next door to the girls room, I slowly open the door and crept towards my sisters bed. The night light was off and I had to be on my toes not to make any noises or run into anything. I finally reached Sheryl’s bed and she flung the covers of herself I slowly sat on the edge of the bed and reached down to feel how she was situated on the bed. My hand had landed on her stomach and she grabbed it and placed it on her right tit. My hand cupped it but her boob seemed odd tonight, I lowered myself to flick her wonderful dark nipple. As I fondled it between my teeth and tongue it got extremely elongated almost a quarter inch in length and fairly hard. Then it hit me ,this wasn’t Sheryl, it was Terri. The two bitches had swapped beds knowing I was coming for a visit. By now Terri held my head between her hands and was guiding it over her breasts letting me alternate between her nipples, they seemed to grow larger each time my tongue washed over them soon they seemed a 1/2 inch long and Terri was squirming. I felt a hand grab my cock thru my boxers, not sure I raised up and down they came, Sheryl was on her knees and took my member into the warm folds of her mouth. As I licked sucked and nurtured Terri’s tits, my sister sucked my pole and held my nut sack as she had done before. I lowered a hand towards Terri’s crotch hoping she didn’t have panties on, she didn’t. Her warmth rose from her cunt like heat from a register. I could feel it before I touched her flesh. Sheryl was bobbing on my rod as I took my index finger and began tracing along the sides of Terri’s opening, her body shuddered as I reached her clit. It was already blood filled and bulbous, I could fondle it between my thumb and index fingers and she would swivel her hips each time I did. Sheryl slid my dick from her warm mouth and leaned up and said “see I told you I’d taken care of it”. She stroke it a few times ,then whispered into my ear “nite brother enjoy your fuck” and she returned to Terri’s bed. By now Terri’s cunt was almost dripping her women hood like a leaky faucet. Droplets of her spew dripped out of her and onto my sisters bed. Terri was struggling for me to slide my fingers into her opening, I kept tracing along her pussy lips to her clit and each time she’d raise up trying to get my finger inside. I kissed her stomach and began the trek to her clit ,soon her legs became spread and her leg dangled of the bed. My tongue found her cunt dranage and I was tasting her fragrant, pungent spew I was helping her generate. I lapped at her outer lips and finally my tongue was teasing her clit. By now it seemed bulbous in size as I rocked it back and forth with my tongue. The more i touched and moved it the more flow Terri gave. Soon her cunt juices drooled across my lips and down to my chin dripping off, so much and so wonderful that I couldn’t sup it up fast enough. Terri’s ass kept banging the mattress she’d rise and fall with my cunt licking. I had Naomi quite a few times by this point and to tell you the truth Terri flow was far more than her mother ever had. With my free hand guiding her ass and being slammed down I could feel the wetness on the bed and she was still drooling more of it. The flood gates seemed open! Terri purred as I licked her and from what Sheryl said Terri wanted the whole thing. So I gently rolled her so her ass was in the air and pulled her gently off the edge of the bed her stomach lying on the mattress. My prick bumped against her ass cheeks and Terri moved her legs apart, my cockhead felt a drip from her now swollen pussy lips now it was at her vaginal canal. My cock slid into her like as they say a hot knife into butter. Her turgid, wet, slippery hole had opened to accept my manhood. Soon 4 inches of my prick had been devoured by her cunt. And she pushed back and wanted more, then she had all 6 1/2 inside her warm cavern. She quivered on my dick and then began rocking her ass back and forth allowing my fuck tool to slide along the inner walls of her uterus. Her interior pussy pulsed against the onslot of my cock. I’d never felt any women’s muscles contract on my cock like hers. Each stroke they’d spasm and tighten on my manhood. Soon my began to feel a quiver of my own, my nut’s we getting ready to spray my spunk into Terri’s hole. Three more plunges and my fuck stick shot a steamy load of cum into my step sister, she cooed lowly as not to be heard. and wriggled her ass and I pumped my flow into hers. I left my cock imbedded inside of her hole for at least until I became flaccid and then pulled it out my cum drooled from my step sister and i felt her reach down and take a finger full of our juices to her mouth. I tried to find my boxers in the dark but no luck . It was already 2am and the deed had been taken care of. I snuck back to my room and never said anything to her at all. I’m sure Sheryl watched the whole thing while rubbing her sweet hole. Last part of this true story coming soon

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