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Step-Sister part3

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did I ever step into a world of fun ,debauchery, and wonderful wet sex

I got up and looked at my alarm clock it was 1/4 past 1 when i heard the sound of lust coming from my sisters room. I assumed Sheryl was probably masturbating herself as she was over her period now. I heard faint whispers though and I decided to see what the fuck was happening , I cracked the door open slightly to see my sister on top of Terri in the haze created by their night light, She was between her legs which were spread wide and drooped off the side of the mattress. Sheryl was hunched over and moved her right arm to and fro, it was plain to see that she was finger fucking Terri. She moved her arm in unison to Terri’s ass lifts ,each time Sheryl’s fingers drove into Terri’s pussy. Terri’s ass would come up off the bed to allow them to drive deep into herself. Terri was panting and Sheryl was dipping her head and in the soft light I saw her suck up Terri’s nipple, Christ they both looked so hot! I watch the frolic for about 10 minutes and then Terri was near orgasm, she spasmed as Sheryl continued to ram her fingers into Terri’s opening. Soon Terri’s ass lifted of the bed and froze mid air she had climaxed and my sisters 3 fingers were deep inside Terri’s cunt. My sister then lowered herself down to accept Terri’s kiss on the lips, it was really an erotic sight. Terri’s ass finally returned to the mattress and i watched as my sister slowly slid her fingers from her. The fingers glistened in the low light with Terri’s spunk juices on them all the way up. They continued to kiss as Terri hugged Sheryl. I slowly closed the door and returned to my room. Wow, my sister was quite the little whore now ,I knew that her and Gail were an item, horsing around with each other but I never thought Terri would be involved with another girl like this. I had trouble falling asleep after the show I had just watch and slowly jerked myself off.

The following morning at breakfast the two of them were “normal”, space was given and no eye glances led anyone to know what each girl had done in the wee hours of this morning. Breakfast finished and the two of them decided to take a dip in the pool , they retreated to their room and changed, I wondered how long it would take them seeing each other nude might trigger another lustful attempt, but within minutes both were on the deck and sunning in their suits. I went to the garage got out the mower and started to mow the backyard, from there I could see the deck and the pool. After about 10 minutes Sheryl was in the pool swimming, her olive skin darkened nicely in the sun, her perky tits and nipples pressed her blue bikini top and filled it. Terri finally joined her and both frolicked for a while in the pool I noticed that they both would grab one another from time to time, nothing serious mostly playful. I finally finished the lawn and went up and changed into my suit and figured I’d join them. When I returned both girls were back on the deck chairs sunning again. I made a point of checking Terri out as I walked to get into the water. Her tits were about a cup or so larger than my sisters and Sheryl’s were wonderful to suck on, so I dreamt for a second what fun my sister had sucking them last night. Terri’s legs were long thin and nicely proportioned . I reached the water and dove in. After 5 or so minutes the girls left into the house. Naomi and my father had left and went to our local grocery store for some food so we were pretty much alone. I finished my swim ,dried myself off and headed to my parents room to shower off, assuming the girls would have the bath upstairs tied up for hours. After I showered I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to my room to change. As I passed by the bathroom I noticed the door was open and i could hear voices. The two youngest kids went with our folks to the store and the other boy was busy with his friend outside. I peeked into the bath to see Sheryl and Terri both in the shower together rubbing each others bodies. Sheryl was massaging Terri’s ass with a wash cloth , i have to admit my cock sprang to life. Terri had an ass as wonderful as her mothers. I darted towards my room and went in, my dick was hard and stuck up the towel like a flag pole.

Half an hour later I heard the girls go to there room. And about 10 minutes later the family was home. I dressed and help Naomi bring in the groceries from the car. As we retrieved the bags from the car Naomi told me that early next week my father would be gone for a couple of days on a business trip. This usually signaled me that my service for her would be desired. I just nodded ok to her and said nothing. With the groceries done I retreated to my room. I was lying on my bed when Sheryl came in and plopped down next to me. “Hi Dave, how’s it going?” she asked . I shrugged and said ok. Sheryl was up to something, I could see it in her eyes something she wanted to ask but seemed afraid to. She said “it’s been a while since you and I have hooked up and I was wondering?” “Would you like to do something tonight?” It was weeks since I reamed a pussy, my hand jobs were ok ,but having a cunt swirling around my cock made me even happier. Sure, I told her what time are you going to pay me visit? She hesitated, “well, I wondered if you’d pay me a visit instead?” “What about Terri won’t she be there and we can never let another know were fucking each other!!” She sheepishly said ,”it’ll be ok I’ve taken care of that just come by at 1 am.” She rose turned and paraded out of my room.

WTF just happened, Sheryl knows that everything we do together is wrong and we can’t expose ourselves. Then it hit me, Naomi knew that I was playing with both my sister and cousin, but playing and fucking are two different things! And anyway I was fucking Naomi too, so I’m sure her lips were as mum as they could be! I decided to at least go to see her and find out what she meant by “ive taken care of it”.

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