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Stalked while shopping

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I go shopping by myself all the time. I’m only 13 so my mom drops me off at the mall and picks me up a few hours later. Sometimes I’ll be with a group of friends, other times I’ll be alone. I asked her to take me to Walmart so I could find some stuff for a school project. She dropped me off and told me she’d be back in two hours. I took my time, even looked around in the clothing section. After about 20 minutes, I noticed a man started to follow me. I tired to ignore it, but he followed me everywhere. I bent over to look at some fabric on a lower shelf, and when I stood back up he was right behind me. I went to the next aisle over and be followed me there too. A worker asked him if he needed help and he just told them “No, we’re okay. My daughter knows what she’s looking for.” I didn’t say anything, I thought it would be better not to. I bent over again to look for something else, but this time, he rubbed my pussy through my pants. I stood up and faced him. “What the hell? What’s the matter with you?” I asked. He didn’t say anything. He grabbed my hand and pressed it against his dick. I immediately pulled my hand away. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go try on a swimsuit.” He smiled. “I want a show.” I was about to say something but be slapped me. “Now.” I didn’t speak, only nodded. He followed me as I picked out a swimsuit. I choose a random one piece and he grabbed a couple bikinis. He followed me into a dressing room and locked the door, standing in front of it. He started to rub his dick while I stripped. He watched my try on the one piece and two of the bikinis. I started to take off the bikini bottoms, bending over to drop them on the floor but he put his hand on my back, preventing me from standing back up. He rubbed his dick over my pussy slowly. I couldn’t breathe. My body was reacting differently than my head. My pussy was wet and excited for its first dick and my heart was pounding. He slid into me and slowly fucked me, like he was savoring it. After like 15 Minutes of him barely moving, he started to really fuck me. And it felt so good. He was very experienced and his dick was so huge. I soon found myself wanting more as he kept fucking me. He came inside of me after awhile and just stood in the dressing room with me.

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    man I wish I was you:’)

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    Do you have discord i would love to chat with you

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Hope he bred you

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    Hell yes, I would love to do that. Any girls need fucked?

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      My sis is 14 I would be down for a 3 some if your down to fuck my sis

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      Mr.C I will be down for that

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    More please !! Need more.

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      Added <3

  • Reply Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

    Very hot, lucky guy.

    • Alex ID:2xbv0yw949i

      Who spends 2 hours in Walmart

  • Reply Anon ID:2pmvv2ygury

    Fuck you’ve sc? Love to hear more

  • Reply Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

    Man what a lucky guy he was, comment a way to contact you I wanna know more about you