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Sister gave me a BJ

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This is the story of my sister and how her and I began fooling around together.

Growing up I had two older sisters. One was 10 years older than me, the other was 11 months. This story is about her, my sister Norma.

My mom’s oldest child is my half sister. Norma, and I, have the same parents. My mother got pregnant had Norma, then almost immediately after, got knocked up again with me. Norma and I just missed being in the same grade. Even though we didn’t see each other at school, we played together all the time at home.

One night when I was 7 and she was 8, we crept into the hallway towards our parents room and watched them have sex. We listened and peeked thru the cracked door for almost an hour as apparently our father was performing well that night. Afterwards, we went into my room and pretended we were mom and dad but we kept our clothes on.

Eventually we got the courage to take our clothes off. We’d rub against each other but since we had no clue what we were doing, there’s was never anything remotely close to penetration. This secretly watching our parents and re enacting what we saw later went on for a few years.

One night when I was 10 and Norma, 11, we were naked together and the rubbing produced my first cum. I left a tiny little puddle on Norma’s stomach. I immediately jumped up, not understanding why my dick was all tingly and sensitive, thought I had to pee.

“Oh, god, I gotta pee!” I yelped in ecstasy as I jumped up towards the bathroom

“You already did a little! Gross!” Norma yelled looking down at the small dribbles of cum on her tummy.

About a week later we heard our parents having sex in the living room. It was after midnight and they were intoxicated. When we snuck out into the hall, we could see them, well, Norma could at least. We were about 15 feet away from them but my line of sight was blocked by a wall, so Norma quietly whispered what she saw to me. When they were done, we bounced up and made a dash into my room.

“What did you see?!” I whispered in excitement

“I’ll show you. Take your pajama bottoms off.” She whispered back. “Now sit on the bed.” She added

I had taken my pants off but that wasn’t a shock, we did this all the time. What shocked me was what happened next.

“I saw mom with dad’s wiener in her mouth like this.” She explained

She then proceeded to put my hard little wiener in her mouth for just a second before spitting it out.

“Oh! That’s kind of weird!” She said pulling her head back and looking up at me like was going to puke.

Certainly not the reaction you want to give a girl the first time she puts your dick in her mouth but they can all be wins.

“Do it again.” I said with blind hope

“Why?! Does it actually feel good?!” She asked surprised

“I don’t know, you didn’t do it long enough. Do it again.” I urged

Norma reached out and touched it a few times and eventually held it. You see, this was big! Despite us pretending to have sex like our parents, we never got there in time to see much foreplay between them. By the time moms moaning woke one of us up and we’d retrieved the other one, Dad was already balls deep in moms pussy. So for her to actually be touching it with her hand and holding, it was big change for us.

“Squeeze it a little.” I pleaded

When she did eventually squeeze it, it felt awesome! And so I urged her to put it in her mouth again so I can see what it felt like. She inevitably caved to my begging and did put the tip in her mouth.

“Mmm..” I quietly moaned “…is that what mom was doing?” I asked

“Yeah she was licking it and putting it in her mouth.” Norma explained. “..then they stood up and dad pulled his pants up.”

“Well, then do what mom was doing.” I demanded

Norma finally agreed to do it again. She grabbed it with two fingers and put the tip of my dick back in her mouth.

“Lick on it like mom did.” I asked

Surprisingly she did it. She licked it a few times and put it back in her mouth. When she did, I started to feel like I was going to pee. Or what I thought was having to pee. This time I didn’t jump up and run to the bathroom. I sat there hunched over in pleasure as I slowly dribbled a bit of cum into her mouth.

“EWEEE! You peed in my mouth!” She whispered as loud as she could without alerting out parents.

“I couldn’t help it! It felt really good!” I answered.

Norma punched me in the arm and went back to her room. I thought I was going to be in trouble the next morning for peeing in my sisters mouth but Norma did tell on me. She and I had a much more interesting relationship after that day.

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