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Secret Santa

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I get talked into being Santa and I get all the presents.

I’m a grandpa now with grey hair and when I let it grow a grey beard. Last November I did No Shave November. By the end of the month I had a decent silver beard. I was going to shave it off come Dec 1st, but was talking to my neighbor Becky and she said, You should keep it. You look sexy with it.
Well, at 60 I don’t get a lot of 30 yo hotties telling me I look sexy, so immediately decided I would keep it.
It looks good, she said as she rubbed my face. In fact, have you ever thought about being a Santa?
Uh no. I may have a beard, but would still have to wear a pillow to pass as Santa, plus I don’t want another job. I already have a full time consulting job.
No, not a job. Just a Santa. My friends and I have a party every year and hire a Santa for the kids. It’s at one of our houses and there are only about 12 kids.
Oh, I don’t think so.
Pleeease. She begged. Looking at this cute single mom, 5’3″ 100 lbs with nice firm tits and a shapely ass, bend over just slightly, bat her blue eyes ans say please, I was helpless to say no.

I guess, but I’ve never done anything like that before.

Don’t worry. The kids will love you. Just ask what they want. If they talk too quietly, repeat it loud enough for their parents to hear. “Oh, you want the Navy Seal Barbie? She mimicked.

We finished the details and I went inside wondering why I end up doing anything a sexy girl asks. And the problem is, in my opinion, most girls are sexy.

So the night of the party I show up at the home and walk in as planned.

Ho ho ho, are there any good kids here?

Every kids squeels that they are and comes running. They take turns telling me what they want and I make sure the parents hear it.

Then 10 yo Missy, Becky’s cute daughter Melissa, comes and sits on my lap. They live next door so I know her well enough but I don’t think she recognizes me. Missy is a cute little girl who looks like a miniature version of her mom. She’s friendly but shy. Last summer I enjoyed watching her i and around her backyard pool. Her cute little round ass only halfway covered by her two piece suit.

So, have you been a good girl this year Missy?

Oh yes, I have been very good she says.

Okay then, what do you want for Christmas?

She turns her face, and whispered in my ear, Cock.

I almost gag. I think, what did she say? I obviously misunderstood.

I’m sorry Missy, I’m old so I don’t always hear so good. What do you want?

She leaned in close again and said, Cock. I want cock for Christmas.

I could barely breathe. She definitely said what I thought she said. I looked up to her mom who I was supposed to announce what she wanted, but I obviously couldn’t say.
When I look at Becky she has a strange smile on her face and has a questioning expression on her face. Like Well?
I open my mouth dumbfounded.
She looks at me and mouths “cock?”
I mouth “yes, what the fuck?”
She laughs. Ok, Missy, I think Santa knows what we want for Christmas.
She takes Missy by the hand and leads her away. I somehow make it through the last two kids and then make my way over to Becky.
Becky, do you know what Missy asked for?
Yes, she asked for what she wants.
Her daddy promised her that, but since he isn’t around we have to go elsewhere. So, can Santa deliver what we want?
Uh, I… I am not…what exactly?
Listen Santa. I want my baby girl to learn about sex. I want you to teach her. I would be there as well to help you. Are you interested?

Well, yeah. Fuck ya!

A smile comes across my face. I look at Missy and remember her cute ass from last summer. She looks at me and smiles shyly.

When should we do this, I ask.

Tonight works great.

We finish up at the party. I go home, change, shave and shower.

I show up at the girls’ house. I look nothing like Santa. I tell Missy, My friend Santa told me what you want for Christmas. He asked me to give it to you.
She gets a huge smile on her face. Really?
She turns to mom. Mommy, Santa got us what we wanted.
Mommy smiles and says, ok, show Mr King where my bedroom is.
We run upstairs and get undressed. Missy’s flat chest is adorable. Cute little pink nipples.
Her ass is firm, smooth and round. She is slim, but not skinny. Her blonde hair hangs about halfway down her back.
Isn’t she beautiful? Asks her mom? Her body is so sexy. Do you like her titties?
Oh definitely. I love nice little girl titties, i say as I take one nipple in my mouth as I caress the other.
That feels good, she softly says.
Becky gets between her daughter’s legs and licks her bald pussy. Missy moans. I move down there as well. We both lick her, and kiss each other, then take turns licking her again. Becky moves up to her daughter’s face and starts french kissing her. They obviously have done that before. I continue licking her pussy and her asshole.
After a while Becky asks her baby if she is ready.
Yes mommy.
I finger her little pussy. It’s tight but not as tight as I would have guessed. Becky says, I’ve been stretching her for about three weeks. She shoud be ready for you daddy.
I lay on my back. Becky picks up Missy and sets her on my cock. It may be stretched, but it still takes a lot of work to get my cock inside her. But eventually, the head, then some of the shaft disappears inside her 10 year old pussy.
Becky climbs over my face and sits on my mouth. I start licking her pussy as she leans forward and kisses her daughter.
That’s it baby girl, now slide up and down on him. Let it slide in and out of you. She starts riding my cock. The tightness of her pussy and the excitement of fucking a little girl, get me ready to cum sooner than I want. It’s not long before I say, oh fuck, i am going to cum.
Yes, daddy. Fill our babywith your sperm, Becky urges.
I pump about 5 hard streams of cum into her tiny womb.
Becky pushe her back onto the bed and dives between her legs. She uses her tongue to scoop up all he sperm she can. Then, she moves back to me and kisses me with my cum stillin her mouth. I’m surprised to have all my cum back, but don’t balk. We continue making out. Then she breaks away, looks at me and says. This is great. I hope we can do this regularly.
Our night was not over and it sounded like we have some great nights ahead.

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    wow that make my pussy wet thinking santa comming to me next

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      Ho ho ho!
      Daddy has a present for you litty girl..
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    Another winner 🥇… looking forward to parts 2 – infinity…👏🏼

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    It needs to proofread buddy like state who’s saying what and what is being said other than that’s great story I was just a little confused though

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      Read my stories, my shits are detailed but they are pretty long

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    Hope mommy lets you breed the 10yr old and her

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    I absolutely need to hear more