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Schools not out for summer 2

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I woke up the next morning, sore stomach and my balls hurt too, I dragged myself out of bed, I heard mom call out time to get up your leaving today for summer school, mom came to my room and walked right in, there I am standing naked, MOM do you mind, and grabbed my pillow to hid my body, she laughed and said get showered and get dressed you have a very long day ahead of you, I did as im told and was showered and dressed in no time,
I go to the kitchen and Holly is there along with dad, dad is never home at this time of day, what is wrong I think to my self, Holly looks at me and smiles, she walks over to gives me a hug and a kiss on the lips and says thanks for last night into my ear, I can feel her hard nipples press against me, I cant help it my cock starts to grow, she feels it starting to press against her leg, she pushes be back a little and smiles even more, she hugs me again and whispers into my ear, O I would love to suck your cock and eat your cum, so now my cock is rock hard.
Mom come over and tells sis to share the little time we have left before Lucas has to go, mom wraps her arms around me and pulls me into her, she has a little gasp as she feels my hard cock press against her inner thigh, she smiles at me and whispers in my ear, glad to see Holly did break that last night, she kisses my cheek and tells me dad is taking me to school today.
Dad tells me its time to go and to get into his truck, I go to grab the suitcase but mom tells me it will be picked up later, I figure ok, and we leave for school, dad tells me to be good and to do as i am told, no talking back, to always ask permission, to stand straight, keep my area neat and tidy, and to always say thank you, and above all be polite, dad said any questions, I said yes, what did he mean by always ask permission, he said you will have to ask before you do anything, if you want to stand you ask, if you want to pee, you ask, you dont do anything with out being told to do it or ask to do it, if you disobey you can and will be punished, I ask what kind of punished, he said spanking is lite punishment, I said O,
We got to school and dad put out his hand and I put out mine and we shook hands, I got out and he drove off.
I walked into class and the class was full as normal, Mr Jones said ok class we are all here, you will now walk single file out of class and school to the bus the is parked out back by the fields, so we all did, as we got to the bus a rather large man stepped off the bus, he told us three people per seat starting from the back to the front, NO talking, we all did as told, we seen Mr Jones hand the man a case and heard him say all there papers are in order and safe trip, Mr Jones left and the big man got on the bus, he addressed us again, my name is Mr Tibs, you will sit in your spots and make no noise, Donna asked what if we have to go pee, Mr Tibs walk up to her and pulled her from her seat and pulled down her pants and then her panties and spanked her right on the spot, as he said this is what happens to people that do not listen to the rules, donna was crying hard and her ass was red, you could see the hand prints on her little ass, her told her to sit back down in her seat, she started to pull up her panties when Mr Tibs grabbed her again pull her panties back done and spanked her again, all the while asking her did he give her permission to pull up her panties, after what seemed like hours Mr Tibs let Donna go and she sat in her seat kind of side saddle as her ass was black and blue from the spanking, Mr Tibs asked ANY MORE QUESTIONS, no one said a world,
Mr Tibs drove to another school field and picked up more kids, some woman gave Mr Tibs another case and said all the papers are in order, they got the say talking too, the bus was just about full, Mr Tibs drove for what must have been an hour or so, pulled into the Next small city in are state, he drove to the ruff side of town, he pulled up to the back side of a big school, we all sat there waiting, whispering to each other, wandering what was going to happen next, Donna was still crying, whispering she wanted to go home, Mr Tibs walk up to Donna and told her she will be a good girl and do as the other and there is no going home till summer school is over,
a small group of kids came out with what looked like a prison guard, she handed Mr Tibs a case, she said this was the lot and all papers are in order, Mr Tibs said good, he told them to get on the bus and shut the fuck up, Mr Tibs drove for hours, or it seemed that way, Mr Tibs drove to what looked like and air field, but not the kind you fly out of on your holidays, he drove into this massively big building, Mr stopped the bus inside, the doors of the building closed, Mr tibs got out of the bus, he looked around and then told us to get off his bus in a single file and to walk over to the wall and face the wall, we all got up and started to move off the bus as told, Mr Tibs grabbed Donna out of the line and kept her on the bus with him, as we all lined up facing the wall we heard four people come into the building and walk over to us, they told us to turn left and march out the door they walk in through,
Donna was on the bus with Mr Tibs, he told her to take off the her cloths, she was about to ask why when she bumped her sore ass and winced in pain and thought better of it, so she striped her cloth off, he said on your knee bitch, she got on her knees, she started to tear up, Mr Tibs told her I like it when they cry and beg for there mommy, he took his cloths off and stood they with the biggest cock she had ever seen, but then again the only cock she had seen before this was the one on the family dog, he told her to open her mouth and suck his cock, she opened wide and try as she mite she could not even get the head of his cock into her mouth, try as she may, Mr Tibs put his hand on the back of her head and with a hard shove pushed his cock into her mouth, she cough and gaged, Mr Tibs just kept on pushing into her mouth, he was maybe 2 inch into her mouth but to her it felt like he was fucking the back side of her brain, her mind was swimming in and out of reality, Mr Tibs, started to pumping in and out of her mouth soon her had almost 4 inches in her little mouth, her lips where stretched to the max limit, after what seemed like a life time he pulled his cock from her mouth, her told he to get on all four and the seat, she did as told, he put his hand on her hairless pussy, it was so smooth, it was wet as well, he pushed her face onto the seat and told her to stay, with ass in the air Mr Tibs pushed his face into he pussy and started to lick and suck and bite her pussy lips and drove his tongue into her pussy, she was moaning as she never felt anything like this before, he licked and sucked for a couple of minutes, then stands up behind her, puts his big cock to her pussy and starts to push, she cries out it hurt, its to big it will not fit, Mr Tibs growls at her it will fit and grabs her sore ass and shoves into her, she screams, he pushes harder, with a popping sound he breaks her pussy open, Donna is trying to get away from the extreme pain in her pussy caused by the biggest cock she has even seen, Mr Tibs pullers her back onto his cock, she has not chance of getting away from the pain as he pushes in deeper, he starts to pump her pussy, ramming into her, pulling almost all the way out and then ramming in deeper, he is fucking her and she cant do anything but take it, the more he moves the more pain at first, them some thing in her changes, it still hurts but the pain is turning to pleasure, she lets out a small moan on the next deep thrust, and the moaning get louder as he pounds her deeper, she cant help it, she cries out harder please, and he drives his cock into her as deep as it will go into her, he cock is not balls deep yet and he pounds her into another reality, she has no idea what is happening to her, her body has taken control and she needs more of his cock deep into her pussy, she wants it all, see looks over her shoulder and says, daddy please, daddy fuck my tight little cunt, make me take all your cock deep into me, Mr Tibs love to her her beg for it and he shoves every last inch of his cock into her little cunt, she starts to shack from head to toe and screams and she feels Mr Tibs fill her pussy with his massive load of cum, he grunts and groans and keeps pounding her little pussy deep, rope after rope of cum filling her, he stands there and enjoys the feeling of Donna pussy milking his cock for all its worth, Mr Tibs pulls out of Donnas pussy and once out tells her to clean his cock
Donna drops to her knees still light headed form the orgasm she had, she opens her mouth and begins to suck the head and takes so shaft into her mouth, she then pulls it out and licks and sucks all the cum the can find on his cock, she likes the flavor of his cum and her cum all mix together, she cleans all of it off of him,
He tells her get back on the seat again, she get back into the same position on all fours, he start’s to lick her asshole, pushing his fingers in one then two then three, he spits on his cock and spits on her asshole, he starts to push the head of his cock into her asshole, she cries out and tries to get away, he grabs her hair and pulls her back twice as had as he shove forward with his cock, she screams, as her ass is being tore apart, he is in and deep into her bowels, he does not waist anytime and fucks her hard and deep into her ass he is opened and may never close again, she feels his speed as he is fucking her faster up the ass then he did her cunt, she is pleading for him to stop, he fucks her faster, pounding into her, she feels his balls slapping her pussy lips, he is latterly bouncing off her ass with each thrust, she is in pain like she has never felt before, as he pounds her ass she again has her body over ride her mind, the pain and now pleasure mixing again, she feels another orgasm heading her way, it building fast as that cock keeps hitting those magical spots, she is so close to the O, she hears Mr tibs breathing getting heavier, he is grunting, he is about to cum when a woman walk onto the bus to tells Mr Tibs to pull out we have to go, Donna scream’s NO, DADDY HAS FINISH FUCKING ME IN MY ASS, the woman goes well if he is going to unload in your ass you had better hurry up and get your ass to suck his dry, she walked over to us and started to rub her pussy as Mr Tibs started fucking her again, this time harder and deeper, she was right there right on the edge of cumming when Mr Tibs let loose his second load of cum into her, as she was feeling this she felt the woman shove four of her finger into Donnas pussy, Donna screamed and sprayed her cum all over the bus seats in her area, she could not stop cumming and shacking, she begged Mr Tibs to stop fucking her and for the woman to please stop, the woman pulled her fingers out of Donnas pussy and licked them clean herself, she told Donna she tasted good, Mr Tibs pulled out of Donnas ass, she was wide open her asshole did not close, the woman look at Donnas ass and said she will be shoving her fist in there once we are all on are way, Mr tibs stood there and Donna got onto her knees and sucked and licks his cock clean, she even kissed his cock and said thank you. Donna was told get dressed and was ushered out of the bus and out the door of the building and into a freighter jet, she was told to keep quiet and stay in the jet cargo hold till told other wise, she looked around all she could see was wooden boxes no people, the woman who fingered her came up to her and lead her to a crate and told her get in, there was a mattress in the bottom of it, the woman told her take off your cloths, she did, the woman took off her cloths and told Donna to lick her pussy, another first for her as she never thought about girls, at least not like that, the woman laid down and spread her legs, Donna laid down between her lags and started to lick that pussy, it tasted good, salty but sweet, the more she licked the more she licked licking her, she was moaning softly and she kept licking, the woman told her to shove a finger into her asshole, to move that finger in and out, the woman was starting to breath heavier, she moaned and demanded for Donna to push two finger into her asshole, she told her to move them faster more fingers, faster, more fingers, FASTER, MORE FINGERS, FASTER, to the point Donnas hand was now in her asshole and she was still licking pussy as fast as she could, the woman was screaming and moaning and groaning she was telling Donna to shove that fist in deeper and deeper, she screamed suck my clit you little slut, and Donna did just that, this sent the woman over the edge she came with such force she sprayed all over Donnas face, Donna never stopped suck her clit all the way through the womans orgasm, once the woman had collapsed, Donna stopped sucking her clit and pulled her hand out of the womans ass, the woman told her to lay down with her and get some sleep, your going to need it.

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  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Beim lesen war ich die ganze Zeit am wachsen bitte schreibe mehr ich habe mir vorgestellt wie ich meinen hartennSchwanz in die kleine Donna geschoben habe und ihre fotze und ihren arsch hart gefickt habe es wäre geil wenn er sie bis zum kotzen in den Hals gefickt hätte und Uhr dann sein ganzes sperma in den Hals und in ihr Gesicht gespritzt hätte

  • Reply Mr Johnson ID:19eux46xyuur

    Good story. Fix the spelling errors