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Phoebe darksite

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Mom just left us alone and said enjoy your time together with a naughty smile and said why don’t you both play truth or dare or something. That will give you both something to do, she smiled will you lock the door when I go over I will ring you before I cum back,
I said ok, she walked out Phoebe locked the door. I was already recording as soon as the door shut.
I put pics vids of me and Phoebe on the dark web
Hence why I’m recording
I recorded me pulling my 11inch cock out.while I sat on the sofa. Cum on baby,, I think mom knows,
Phoebe, if she knows and she’s letting us that means she’s hear us, and it turned her on,, so she’s letting us,, Phoebe looked at the camera then grabbed my cock and said I don’t care,, bend down while taking a hold of my cock licking from the balls, up the shaft and right up then gobbled the head of my fat cock.
Recording her bob her tiny head faster and deeper,,
She was gagging my meat when I got a txt from her dad on Kik saying I’ve seen them pics on Phoebe’s site on darkweb… I said pop it baby she sucked hard then popped the head I stop the recording save it
Then I go on his message he sent the pics I put of of her years ago one of Phoebe’s body covered in cum and one of her pussy with my finger’s deep in her cunny
I message him saying she’s here right now ,
He messaged saying can I see her,, I rang him on vidso call and left the phone on the sofa.
I said suck it Phoebe. She said ok . Down up down down down She started gagging I said can you hear her. She pulls off and says I don’t love you fock you to her dad on the phone..this is my daddy.
I hung up on him,, I kept recording.
I told Phoebe I’m sending this to him,,,. Ok she said
She jumped on the sofa and spread her legs her short shorts had a wet patch on her mould I zoomed in and said look she’s soaking .
I tell her to take them off she pulls them off and says this is what you could of done I cut the videos then to Phoebe getting fucked legs spread wide with my cock over half way inside her cunny cut to clip of her on all fours. Face buried in the sofa I cut it to the back vue of her ass bouncing on my massive cock scheming daddy daddy daddy ohhhh myyy goodddd you fuck me so gooood cut to me holding her above the camera slap slap slapping the shit out of her. She’s screaming fuck me so loud the neighborhood could probably hear her.
Suddenly she squirts all over me the floor covering my phone camera lens in her juice cut then to me about to cum we when the door knocks. I came so much. Oh my god baby let me see it drip. Cut to Phoebe dressed and me recording Chloe walking thru creamhis is my daddy cock. I pull her shorts aside and say the front door. Phoebe said sorry mom she said it’s ok . Walking in over to me and say. Did you enjoy you your time together. We both look at each other and then her and smile and say Yeah. Chloe then says I hope so with a cheeky grin. I know you love time alone and says why is it soaked on the floor. And sofa
I say we had a water fight. Again she said. Yeah Phoebe loves it. I hope she does came up to me and said.
It’s ok I don’t mind with a massive grin. I said to Chloe Phoebe got soaked with my gun. Chloe said I gathered that I bet she splashed you though. I said backsplash yeah. Chloe said did you get him in the end baby yep I got daddy all the way. Chloe walked into the kitchen. I look at the camera and say yeah I think her mom knows. And say do you know what Chloe. She said yeah I know what I look deepinto the camera and smile . End cut and sent to her ex dad and uploaded it to the website explaining what happened n how her dad was on the phone while I was fucking her …. N explaining how I sent it him😂🤣🤣😂😆

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    I stopped reading after you said 11 inch cock PLEASE! You likely have a 5 inch clit you dumb bastard

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    Y’all just make me wanna go fuck my daddy hard

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      You should. Daughters should always experience daddy dick.

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    I want a daddy

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      Snapchat or anything?

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    Where can I find the website

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    Ich würde so gerne mei en hatten Schwanz in die kleine Fotze von Phoebe schieben jbd die mit meinem Sperma füllen

  • Reply Grace Okon ID:rz5vjd99

    Wow! I love dis

    • Daddy 💋 ID:1dzrp9gpxqkw

      Thank you 😊 I hope you came over my stories… I cum over you Chloe grace….lol