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My Sister and I, Pt: II

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My sister and I had been spying on our parents having sex for years now and starting to explore our own sexuality as well.

Not long after Norma gave me my first blowjob, if you can even call it that. She licked it a few times, then put it in her mouth for about 20 seconds before I was so turned on that I trickled out what little cum I could produce at 10 years old. Our parents had gone out for dinner and hired our older sister, Theresa, to babysit us. Theresa, was 21 at the time and needed money so she reluctantly agreed to babysit us.

Mom and Dad having a date night was great for Norma and me, it meant we were essentially unsupervised since Theresa just sat in the living room watching TV. More importantly, it meant that mom and dad were almost certainly going to come home drunk ir at least a bit tipsy and definitely going to have sex.

While our parents were out and Theresa zoned out on the couch watching a movie, Norma and I snuck into our parents bedroom. We had done this a few times, even getting caught by mom once. Fortunately we had nothing incriminating in our hands when she walked in on us. We just played it off as us playing together. This time we kind of knew we wouldn’t get caught so we dug around in their dresser drawers. I in mom’s and Norma in Dad’s.

Within 10 seconds of searching mom’s underwear drawer, I found a dildo. It was just your run of the mill rubber dildo about 9” long. I pulled it out and showed it to Norma.

“Whoa, look what I found!” I said as I pulled it out and flapped it around.

“What is it?” Norma asked shocked

“It’s a wiener!” I answered

“What does mom need a fake wiener for?” She asked

“I don’t know. It’s way bigger than mine though.” I responded putting the dildo back in the drawer.

“Hey, check this out. It says ‘Dad’s tape’ on it.” Norma said showing me a tape.

This was back in the early 90’s and all we had were VHS tapes. This particular one was labeled “Dad’s Tape”. Norma had a VCR in her room and so we took the tape into her room and put it in. It hasn’t been rewound and as soon as it turned on we saw a woman with very large breasts bouncing on a hairy man’s dick. We laughed at first as we watched but we eventually stopped when we realized it was the same things we watched our parents do. By the end of the scene, the hairy man stood up and shot his cum in the woman’s mouth.

“Look, grownups do that. I was supposed to pee in your mouth.” I explained, referring to when she gave me that blowjob and I dribbled a few drops of cum in her mouth.

“But I didn’t like it.” She said back

The next scene on the tape had another large breasted woman and another hairy man. It started out with her sucking the man’s dick for a few minutes. Before long though, they had switched. The man was going down on the woman. Norma and I looked at each other a bit shocked. We watched very intently as we were trying to learn and absorb as much as we could from this tape. By the end of the scene, the man, like the previous one, shot his cum in the woman’s mouth.

“See, that’s what you’re supposed to do.” I reiterated

“We should do what they do in the next one.” Norma suggested

“Ok.” I replied with excitement

It started with yet another big breasted woman and a man on a couch. They talked a bunch and then they started kissing. Norma and I had never kissed before.

“Should we do that?” I asked

Norma, who was sitting next to me, turned and kissed me on the lips a few times. Then we turned our attention back to the TV and saw them French kissing and the man was groping her breasts. We rewound it a bit and watched it a couple times to figure out what they were doing. Then, Norma turned towards me and opened her mouth and we started French kissing.

“You gotta grab my boob too.” She said as we came up for breath.

We actually got so lost in kissing that we ignored the movie for a few minutes and missed some stuff. When we stopped, we saw them already having sex.

“We missed something. Go back a bit.” I said

Norma rewound the tape a bit and the first thing we saw was the woman pulling the man’s pants down. So Norma pulled my pants down. The woman in the movie started licking and sucking, and so did Norma. Then, much like the other scene we saw, they switched positions. The woman laid on her back and the man went down on her. I was so nervous when I was getting in between Norma’s legs and scared that my knees were shaking. As I went down, I kissed it first and then closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue. When my tongue hit her pussy, I got a little taste of it and realized it wasn’t bad. I actually liked it! So I kept one eye on the TV and one eye on Norma’s pussy and tried to imitate the man in the video the best I could.

“Oh I want to you to fuck me!” The woman in the video cried out

Both Norma and I drew our attention to the TV at that point. Norma paused the tape.

“Go back to licking it.” She said

“But they’re switching.” I protested

“Just do it.” She said

So I went back down and licked her for a few more seconds not really sure what she wanted me to do.

“Oh god I want you to fuck me!” She said just like the woman in the video.

I now knew what she was trying to do and I liked it! Norma unpaused the video and we watched the woman get on her hands and knees. The man got behind her and started to fuck her doggy style. So, Norma got on her hands and knees.

“Ok, get behind me like he is.” She told me.

I got behind her and pressed my cock against her butt. I looked up and saw the man with his hands on her hips and he was thrusting back and forth. I did the same to Norma.

As horny of kids as we were, we still didn’t have much an idea on how sex works. Even seeing it up close right before our eyes, we didn’t have any idea how to do it the way they were. So, instead of penetrating her, I just rubbed my hard little cock between her butt cheeks.

“You’re so deep!” Norma said quietly, imitating the woman in the video but keeping her voice low enough that Theresa wouldn’t hear us.

Before I knew it I was feeling that tingly feeling in the tip of my dick and seconds later a tiny little spurt of white cum shot out of my cock and between her butt cheeks. I pulled away from her and sat back on my heels biting my lower lip as it felt unbelievable.

“Why’d you stop?” Norma asked turning around

“I did that tingly pee thing again! It feels really good!” I explained

“You peed on my butt?!” Norma said reaching back and feeling a few drops of cum between her cheeks. “..gross!”

“I couldn’t help it. It felt good and then it just happened.” I explained

“Well we’re not done yet so get back there.” She demands getting back on her hands and knees.

It’s funny now that I think about that. Her telling me we weren’t done yet and I should get back there. I’ve had that happen to me a number of times with other women and truthfully, in my time cross dressing, I’ve been the woman and told a guy to finish me off after he came. Kind of weird that even at our inexperienced level she already knew to say something like that.

We re-enacted the rest of the scene despite me not really being all that into it since I had already got mine. Once again, the scene ended with the woman on her knees and the man cumming in her mouth.

“Do not pee in my mouth!” Norma demanded getting into position

“I won’t, I promise!” I said

Norma sat there with her mouth open and I pretended I was cumming in her mouth and then we stood up and got dressed. We quickly put the tape back in dad’s dresser drawer and went back to my room.

“Did you like that?” She asked

“YES!” I answered emphatically “…let’s do this more!” I continued

“I had fun too. Just stop peeing on me.” She said

“That’s what they do on the video.” I argued

“I’ve never seen dad do that to mom.” Norma battled

“She probably does. I’m sure they watch that video and pretend like we do. Besides, they’ll be home soon and we might get to watch them.” I explained

“Yeah we should go to bed so they think we’re asleep.” Norma said as she left my room.

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