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My Neighbor’s Boyfriend (SNIPPET)

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*TRUE STORY* A curious 13 year old boy’s first time sucking his 24 year old neighbor’s hairy adult cock. Read full story: “My Neighbor’s Boyfriend”

I have never seen someone’s penis before in person and I’ve always imagined in my head what it would look like but I never thought it’d be like this. My eyes followed his happy trail down into his dark matte black bush around his cock, his balls were big and hung low. I feel my own dick twitch in my shorts and I scoot closer to him. I still don’t look at his face and reach for his crotch. My small fingers run through his pubes until they reach his cock. I slowly grab it trying to fit it in my hand, my fingers can barely reach around. He lets out a soft moan and I start to rub it gently. It felt really warm and big in my hands and I didn’t think it would feel like this, I liked it. I stroke it ever so slightly at my own pace and he whimpers a bit. His cock begins to grow as I stroke and play with it, my fingers could no longer reach entirely around it as for his full grown adult cock was completely hard in my hand. I grab it with both of my hands but still can’t hold it all and I move them up and down along his shaft. He thrusts along with my hand movement and gasps. I take the noises that I am making him feel good so I continue. His cock was throbbing in my hands, and I thought about that porn video that I saw the boys watching in my class. I wanted to copy what the girl did and see how it goes. I sit myself up straight, and lean my head down and lick his head while still stroking his shaft with one hand.

His moans and grunts grow louder, as I swirl my tongue around his head pretending like I’m licking a lollipop. I reach my free hand down to cup his giant hairy balls. One of my hands holds his cock up and strokes it, my other hand massages his balls that don’t fit in my hand. I take his head into my mouth but cover my teeth so they don’t graze him. His head is so big in my mouth and I begin to suck it slowly. He moans and grunts as I do so. I tried to take it deeper but It was really big. I slowly inch my way down gagging a bit along his shaft. I lift my head up to come up for air and my saliva drools from my mouth to his head. I quickly go back down and take his hard cock into my mouth. I want to reach all of it but I don’t think it’s possible, I continue to suck and slurp it and he thrusts up and down opposing my force. He starts to go faster and I gag trying to keep up with his movements. I can taste his pre-cum coming from his cock. He starts to pant and whimper. He then slows down and I come up for air again and wipe my mouth. I lay back down onto my side out of exhaustion.

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    My neighbors would keep an eye on me sometimes when my mom worked weekends it was comfortable at their house and the husband would be working long hours so the wife would enjoy my company once In a while her husband would be out of town on business and my mom would be working late so she would just let me stay over and come by the next morning she would let me stay on the couch for the night but one night she said she was going to lay down and if I wanted to I could just sleep in the bed after she turned the tv off I went to use the bathroom and then got in the bed next to her when I noticed she was not wearing her robe and I could see her nightgown was on the chair I could see her in the mirror on the other side of the room and when she saw me looking at her in the mirror she turned on her side and pulled her blanket down enough for me to see her ass I was trying not to look at her in the mirror but I was just too excited my 12 year old penis started to move around and when I looked in the mirror she told me that it was ok if I wanted to look at her and she asked me if she could take down my underwear and she would feel better she took off my underwear and then moved next to me and put my hand between her legs she asked me how it felt because she was clean down there no hair at all I told her I didn’t have any hair either and she asked me if she could feel for herself and then she put her hands between my legs and said that I had a nice size penis which made me feel better she asked me if I ever got horny looking at her so when I told her that I had she asked me if she could try something special with me and I told her yes and before I could even move she had put her mouth down and started to suck on my little balls she said they were so nice and asked me to spread my legs open so she could suck on them in my mind I was just trying to make it hard and she said it was ok if I wanted to play with it while she sucked my balls after a couple of minutes my penis got har