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My Neice Loves to take care of me

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My niece was very co operative when it came to seducing her into sex.

Have you ever noticed how your perception of reality is subject to your own personal internal environment? I mean, there’s a physical world out there, and things in it send signals to you: photons, chemicals, sound waves, touch. These signals impinge on your sense organs, which do a pretty good job of translating them into an accurate pattern which get sent to your brain. But that’s where things get wonky. You perceive the signals, ok, but you color them differently depending on your own status. Think about how ice cream might taste on a hot summer’s day versus a bitter cold winter day. Or what a hamburger smells like when you’re hungry or just after you’ve eaten. Where am I going with all this? Try to be patient, I hope it’ll become clear after a few paragraphs.

My niece Madeleine (Maddy) is my older brother’s daughter. I’m not much for kids, and Maddy didn’t help. She was pretty spoiled, an only child, and rather bookish. Pretty conceited, too. Most of the time we ignored each other, even though I got along pretty well with my brother and his wife.

At the time I’m telling you about, I was in the depths of a really nasty divorce. My soon-to-be ex-wife and I were fighting all the time, about pretty much everything. She was having an affair with some turkey at work. The crazy thing was that I still loved her, but the feeling clearly went only one way. In fact, I had thought our marriage was ok, if not great. Then out of the blue one morning she told me that she wanted out, and that she had found a someone she preferred to me and was sleeping with him. I didn’t know what to say. I guess I was pretty well devastated. I kept trying to hold our marriage together, but she kept pushing me away. We were still living together, but she would announce that on such-and-such a night she was seeing this other guy and would spend the night with him. I was feeling pretty emasculated, I tell you.

My brother was very sympathetic when I told him about the breakup, though I was just too embarrassed to tell him about her “date nights”. I’m pretty sure that his wife wasn’t wholly convinced that it wasn’t my fault. I felt the reserve in her voice. She’d never been a fan of mine, and the feeling was mutual. Nonetheless she and my brother had me over for dinner fairly often. Usually, they kept Maddy out of the room so we could talk. One night, though, after a particularly rough session with my wife in which she stormed out, announcing just where she was going and what she was going to do when she got there, my brother, his wife and I were having after-dinner cocktails when Maddy came down from her room on the pretext of having some question or other about homework.

“Oh, hi Uncle Bob,” she said. “I thought I heard you here.” She gave me a surprisingly intent look. “Sorry to interrupt. I’ll only be a second.”

Maddy was just eighteen at the time. She was dressed in a short skirt and a clingy sweater She was the same Maddy I had known for years. My eyes conveyed the image, but somewhere between them and my brain something took over. How long had Maddy had those breasts? I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It was as if I were seeing her, really seeing her, for the very first time. Long dark hair, narrow waist, lovely long legs. Her sweater molded itself to the gentle curves of her bosom. It had a V-neck that went down just far enough to see the beginning of her cleavage and the symmetrical swellings of her firm young breasts. She bent over to say something to her mother and her skirt rose up to unveil beautifully formed thighs.

Luckily both her parents were paying attention to Maddy and missed me gaping at their daughter. I took a stiff drink of my scotch, narrowly avoiding choking on it.

Her question answered, Maddy turned to leave. She looked at me for a long second. I swear I saw a new light in her eyes. She smiled a kind of knowing smile. She came over to bid me good night. She bent over in front of me to kiss my forehead. Was it me or was her kiss a lot less chaste that I might have expected? It certainly lingered longer than usual for a casual kiss. I felt wetness after her soft lips left me. And did she have to stand so tall in front of me and bend over so far to kiss me that my nose was almost in her ample cleavage?

As she moved to stand up, her lips came close to my ear and she said, in a very low voice, “Please don’t be so sad, Uncle Bob. Things will get better for you. I promise.”

I was thunderstruck. Just how much did Maddy know? What was she was promising? It took a very conscious effort on my part not to track her sweet ass with my eyes as she turned and went the stairs, trying not to embarrass myself and get me thrown out of the house. I think I pulled it off because conversation went back to normal after Maddy left. I could have sworn, though, that my sister-in-law looked rather pensive and gave me peculiar looks from time to time as the evening progressed.

A couple of days later I was working in my shed, pretty much puttering around to keep my mind off my marital problems. I had a lawnmower engine apart on the bench, and the place smelled of gasoline. It was a hot August day, so I was dressed in cut-offs and an old shirt. I must have looked pretty disreputable, certainly in no shape to welcome visitors. I heard a noise behind me and turned to find Maddy standing in the doorway. I did a double take. She was wearing white short shorts and a lavender blouse that clung to her ample bosom and was unbuttoned a good way down the front, revealing that swelling cleavage that I remembered so well from our previous encounter.

I gulped to regain my composure. “Oh, hi, Maddy. What brings you around? You on your way home from school?” I bit my tongue. Dumb remark. Good God, if she went to school looking like that I can’t imagine what would happen to her!

“Hi, Uncle Bob. No, no school today. Conference day. I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by to chat with my favorite uncle. Gee, Uncle Bob, you look kind of hot.” Was that an intentional double-entendre? I was flustered. I was having trouble concentrating on what Maddy was saying and at the same time trying not to ogle her cleavage and the way her magnificent breasts filled that blouse.

“Whatcha working on? It looks awfully complicated. Dad says I ought to learn more about machinery. He says girls shouldn’t be afraid of stuff like that or just leave it to guys. Me, I don’t know. I have enough trouble learning how to be a girl without trying to do boy stuff at the same time. Y’know?”

“Maddy, I think you’re doing just fine on the girl stuff,” I said. Oh Lord, did I just say that?

“Thanks, Uncle Bob. That’s nice to hear. I had a feeling that you had noticed. But to make Dad happy, let me see what you’re doing.”

She walked into the shop and over to the workbench. Her walk was a pure symphony of youthful female. Her hips swayed delightfully, her long tanned legs moved smoothly, and the moving shadows emphasized her cleavage with each step. I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. Before I knew it, she was very close. In spite of the gasoline, I could smell her fragrance.

Trying desperately for control I turned to the workbench. “Oh, it’s just an old lawnmower. I’ve been taking it apart to clean out the cylinder. It was all carboned up.”

She leaned over me. I felt her soft breasts on my back. Her hair grazed the nape of my neck. Her face was very close to mine.

“Uncle Bob, you’re all hot and sweaty. Here, take off that shirt so I can give you a proper hug without getting filthy.”

I turned and looked at her, face to face, only inches apart from her lovely eyes. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned my shirt. I seemed powerless to resist her.

“Maddy,” I said, “I don’t know exactly what you’re doing. But you have to stop. It’s not right.”

“Yes, Uncle Bob,” she said, “it is right. I saw the way you looked at my breasts the other night.”

“Maddy, about that..” I started to say.

“No, Uncle Bob. You don’t have to explain. I liked it. It made me feel good. You finally realized that I’m not your little niece anymore. I’m a woman, now. I know you want me, and that’s good. I want to be wanted. I want you to want me. I want you to make grown-up love to me. Here and now.”

By now she had backed me up against the workbench. She pushed my shirt open and began to massage my chest, running her long fingers through my chest hair. The vision of that lovely face inches from my own, those soft lips pouting as she spoke, her clean young smell, and her soft breasts on my naked chest were driving me crazy. She leaned in and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my reluctant mouth. I tried to push her away, but it seemed that my arms had no strength.

Suddenly I felt her hands fumbling with my belt. I wanted to protest, but her lips were locked on mine and I could only mumble ineffectively. Then my pants were open and Maddy’s soft fingers were caressing my cock, coaxing it into stiffness.

“Ooh, Uncle Bob. You feel so nice and hard. I know what you want. And I want to give it to you.”

She knelt down, her wet lips tracing a path over my chest and into my groin. Helplessly I said “Maddy, no. I can’t. I can’t!”

From down below I heard her soft voice. “Yes, you can, Uncle Bob. Just relax and let me do all the work.”

I tried to push her away, but then I felt her soft warm lips on my aroused cock, and I was completely helpless. I gasped and leaned back. My hands, that had tried to push her away, now embraced her head, holding it closer to me as my cock slid into her welcoming mouth. Oh my God, it felt so good. Maddy’s head began to slowly move back and forth and she sucked on my cock, making soft moans while she did.

“Maddy, Maddy,” I pleaded, “Please. I’m going to cum. I can’t help it.”

She released me for a moment. “It’s okay, Uncle Bob. Let it come, don’t fight it. I can taste you already. Cum in my mouth. I want your sperm in me. You want it too, don’t you?” Oh yes, I wanted to shout. Oh God yes! But I kept silent, struggling futilely for control.

With that she enveloped my cock again with her full soft lips. I was barely into her when I groaned and released myself and came, flooding her sweet young mouth with my semen. She hung on, taking it all in, holding my hips, drawing me in deeper. She moaned and her tongue massaged my throbbing cock even as it spurted again and again.

After an eternity, I stopped. Slowly Maddy withdrew from my tingling cock. She took it in her hand and squeezed a last drop out of me, which she picked up with her tongue. Still holding my cock, she looked up at me, smiled, and swallowed my load.

Slowly sanity returned to me. Oh my God, what had I done. This was Maddy, child of my older brother! And I had just shot my seed into her mouth! How could I ever face my brother again? How could I ever face Maddy again?

Maddy gracefully rose to her feet in front of me. She smiled indulgently. “You’re embarrassed, Uncle Bob, aren’t you. You don’t know what to say, do you. But you need to know that I loved it. I wanted you. Now kiss me and taste yourself in my mouth.”

She kissed me, and God help me, I kissed her back. Unreservedly. I put my arms around her and pulled her close. My still-stiff cock pressed against her, feeling her warmth.

“Uncle Bob,” she said, “You know you’re still hard? I can feel you against me. Your mind may be full of guilt, but your body wants me again, doesn’t it. Don’t you think that tells you something?”

How could this kid be so mature? How could she read my thoughts?

“I’m glad,” she said, “because I still want you. I want you to take me the way a man takes a woman. I want you inside me.”

She slid off her shorts. She had no panties underneath. She pressed against me, tighter than ever. All thoughts of guilt evaporated in a haze of desire, and I lifted her up. In my passion she was ethereally light. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips. I turned us so her back was to the bench, then rested her butt on it. I grasped her firm buttocks with both hands, pulled her pelvis toward me and penetrated her. Her sweet mouth formed a little O of surprise, her head lolled back, her eyes closed.

At least now, my first desire slaked, I could exercise some measure of self-control, so I used every technique at my disposal to slowly raise Maddy to the highest pitch I could. Slow and gentle, stroking her clit, kissing and sucking on her breasts, I proceeded to try my best to repay her for the pleasure she had given me. She was gasping and moaning. I held her back until I felt she was really ready and then made her cum. She cried out when she orgasmed and squirted her warm juice all over me. Then I was cumming again, now deep inside her, our fluids mingling and dripping on the floor. My cumming prolonged and reverberated with her own orgasm until she was quivering and gasping for air.

Finally, it was over. Both of us were covered with sweat and panting with exertion. I withdrew from her and gently lifted her and set her down on the floor. Wordlessly we looked at each other.

“Maddy,” I said, “That was beautiful. You are beautiful. But dear heart, what do we do now? And keep in mind that I think your mom suspects something might be going on between us.”

Maddy just gave a delightful teen-age giggle. “Oh, don’t worry about Mom. I can handle her. Uncle Bob, this was great, and you’re a wonderful lover, at least when you let yourself go. I love you. You’re very sweet. But I’m only eighteen, and I’ve got a world ahead of me. I want to be your mistress for a little while, until I get tired of you, that’s all. Okay?”

My heart was swelling. For the first time in a very long time, I was feeling good about myself. I was wanted. “Maddy”, I said, smiling, “where do you get this stuff? ‘Mistress’? God, you’ve grown up so much. Oh Maddy, dear, sweet, beautiful Maddy, yes, love, you can be my mistress for as long as you like. We’ll make love whenever you want, until you get tired of me or what’s more likely fall in love with someone your own age. And then we’ll just be Maddy and Uncle Bob again, and I’ll proudly watch you grow into a beautiful woman, with children of your own. But I’ll always remember our special secret relationship with pride and fondness.”

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  • Reply Bob ID:1ck7wr3yccz0

    Uncle was a lucky man she wanted to take care of his needs and she did

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    I agree, a really well written story

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    The story link is broken to me

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    Loved it this could easily have more to it more story lines and experiences

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    I loved your story. It was so well written and my gosh, you can spell.
    Some of the comments made in these stories makes me wonder, if the world is full of such idiots we’re in big trouble. They can’t spell, write or make a complete sentence.
    I’ve had experiences with my uncles too except they were the aggressors. I loved it just the same.

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    Really hot story, More More More…..
    What happens next….?

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    I don’t know how that happened. I was trying to give you a 5.
    It would be higher but it only goes to 5.
    Love to see where this goes.

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    Awesome story