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My little woodland friend part 4

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Read the previous parts please.

So this gorgeous 12yr sister is naked and on all fours.
Her brother has positioned himself behind her and I’m infront.
She takes my hard cock out of her mouth and looks over her shoulder to her brother. She smiled at him and nodded then returned to orally pleasure my cock.
As she resumed sucking on my mature hard cock, her brother lined himself up with his own younger sisters pussy and inched his hard juvenile cock into her wet and willing pussy. I had spent the best part of an hour fingering and licking her beautiful,young bald pussy as she sucked her brother’s and my cock.
We both cum in her mouth. 2 loads that she had greedily swallowed so I knew she was wet,open and willing..
As my hard cock was being serviced I felt the jolt as her preteen pussy was entered by her brother’s hard cock. I have sucked him many times so I knew he was not only hard,beautiful but a good spunker.
She grunted over my cock as she felt her brother sliding into her tight virgin pussy and began to fuck her, his own little sister.
She let my cock fall out of her mouth so she could concentrate on what was going on in her pussy,.Brother was getting a good rythmn going as he pumped his gorgeous hard young cock into his sister’s pussy. She heks her breathe and made a face as she felt her first cock break through her delicate hymen. The pain soon subsided and she now began to enjoy the new sensation of being fucked.

I shuffled my way around from her face to be beside him,i watched as his gorgeous hard cock thrust into and out of his sister’s pussy. I reached around him between his legs and gently held his beautiful balls as he pounded his sister and reached between her legs to feel her pussy as she was stretched by her brother’s cock.
It was amazing to feel his balls as he banged against her arse and to feel her pussy swelling as her pussy was filled with cock.

I slide underneath her so I could see her young pussy getting it’s first fucking. Laid down I had the perfect view. His beautiful hard cock sliding into her beautiful pussy I held his sack feeling his balls bouncing around and reached up so I could lick her clit and her pussy as her brother fucked her. Licking her pussy juices of his cock as he slide out.
He popped his cock out of his sister and into my open mouth. After a few sucks he returned his cock to his sister sweet pussy and resumed fucking her.
As I was underneath her and she was now comfortable with being fuck she returned her mouth to my cock giving it the attention that it so craved .

Bro started to pant and shake as his delicious cream thick spunk began it’s journey from his balls to deep inside his sister. At the same time because of the good work her mouth had performed on my cock,I to was close to cumming, bro tensed and his body went into an uncontrollable spasm as he pumped his seed into his sister’s cervix. He’s body was wracked as he continued to pump rope after rope of spunk into his beautiful sisters gorgeous body and I began to pump my creamy spunk straight down her throat.

After what seemed an age he finished filling her pussy his with spunk and I finished filling her mouth.

What a red letter day for her!

Not only her first time holding,stroking and sucking cock .
Not only her first time getting fucked but she got spit roasted and took simultaneous loads in her mouth and pussy.
Many women never experience this and it happens when she is 12.

I start to lick her sopping wet pussy as he pulls out of her,dragging lots of delicious spunk out with his cock.
He pops his still hard cock into my mouth so I can suck him clean. His delicious cock covered in a mixture of his spunk and his sister’s sweet pussy juice. When he is clean and now soft I return to eating his delicious cream pie. His sister lowered herself down onto my mouth giving me much easier access to her cum filled pussy. She ground herself hard on my mouth as I ate her out,tasting the delicious mixed juices that resulted from juvenile incestuous fucking.

He was now nice and clean.
She was now nice and clean and she had done a good job of cleaning my cock.

We dressed and we kissed. She wasn’t entirely dressed as she was because i had her panties in my pocket. These were to become my spunk rag for weeks.
I held her close and we kissed deeply and passionately,I felt her pass something into my hand.

We parted company and I watched as brother and sister walked away, hand in hand.
I looked in my hand. A small note.
I unfolded it and read. She must have written the note before cumming here today because quite simply because she didn’t write anything whilst we we fucking.
What was on the note from this 12 yr old girl?

Her phone number!

Email…[email protected]

I love to share my nudes.
I’ll chat and expand on my experiences if you hmu.

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