My gym membership pt2

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A couple of days after my first time at the gym I decided to go and work out some more after I got there and had a good work out I asked about the steam room sauna and the girl smiled andsaid its always available and many members use it and have fun there .I smiled and got ready I went in with a towel on, as I did I noticed four men who were nicely toned relaxing, as I sat down they started chatting with me fro awhile and soon I felt a hand on each thigh caressing me and then aguy kissing me , soon my towel was off andi had a guy infront of me he slidhis 8″ dick in my mouth and told me he wasgoing to face fuck me as he did I felt his dick in my throat and he keptfucking my mouth til he pushed in and then he started to cum in my mouth andi had to swollow it felt hot and thick in my stomach but I loved it. Then the other three guys joined in and fucked me in a variety of ways including fucking my pussy and ass at the same time I soon was full of sperm and I laid there with sperm leaking outof me and asmile afterwards, all of them left but one guy and he smiled as he took me into his arms and he asked me if I loved sex and I said very much so , he smiled and said there wasa very secret vip lounge on the upper floor where only few members had access to and asked if I was interested I said sure then he said that I d only be allowed to wear thigh highs there and would have to have sex with any guy there without question and do whatever they wanted sexually and I said sure so he smiled and told me he d get me in and let me know when.

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