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My friend and his step daughter go camping with me

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I was in my mid-thirties and my wife and I had been swingers for years, so I thought I’d experienced everything but on long weekend was proved wrong. My buddy Ben was supposed to go camping with me at a lake about 100 miles away but at the last minute his wife had to go out of town so it would have left his 14 yo stepdaughter at home alone. When we went on these little trips it usually meant drinking and picking up women. So he wasn’t sure if I’d be ok with Kelly joining us. But the idea of seeing her in a bikini all weekend sounded good to me so I said bring her along.

Kelly usually wore baggy sweatshirts and things like that, and came off as a little tomboyish but you could tell underneath she had a hot little body. There was a beach at the lake so I was sure Kelly would be wanting to do some sunbathing and the idea of this little 14 yo hard body in a bikini was getting my cock hard. I’d seen her growing up over the years and watched her develop into a little hottie. She was about 5-2, 100 lbs, with long jet black hair and sexy grey eyes. And she had some of the sexiest full pouty lips I’d ever seen. We got there Friday around 6-pm and set up camp, then went and got some burgers. We were staying in a pop up camper and the top part was canvas like a tent.

We sat around the fire and I was surprised when Ben handed her a beer and said to remember only two beers and she couldn’t tell her mom. It got kind of hot by the fire and she took off her bulky sweat shirt and as she pulled it over her head it had pulled the t-shirt she was wearing underneath up as well and I got a quick peek at those firm young titties of hers since she wasn’t wearing a bra. And with the sweatshirt off you could get a faint look at her dark nipples through the thin white t-shirt. I knew she’d caught me checking her out and that she obviously enjoyed it. I told her about the beach and swimming area and asked if she’d brought a swimsuit? It surprised me when with a sexy little smile she said she had and that she was sure I’d like it, then added but that was something else her mom couldn’t know about. Then said her mother would freak out if she knew she was wearing something so revealing in public.

Ben spoke up and said they’d gone bikini shopping before the trip. It was getting late and time for bed. I was going to just sleep in the shorts I had on and just took off my shirt. And I was a little surprised when Ben stripped down to his underwear. Then Kelly slipped off her baggy shorts and underneath had on a pair of skimpy panties that looked more like a g-string. When she turned facing me I could see her black muff not only through them but coming out each side. But she seemed perfectly at ease with me seeing her like that as did Ben. The camper had a double bed on each side and Ben had her get in first and patted that sexy ass as she got in, then he got in beside her. I turned out the light and got in my bed. It was pitch dark and very quiet for about 10-15 minutes, then I heard Kelly quietly giggling and could hear some moving around.

Just as my eyes were starting to adjust to the dark I saw Kelly sit up and take her top off and after she layed back down I could hear what I knew was Ben sucking on those nice tits of hers. Then after some moving around saw the outline of Kelly leaning over sucking Ben’s cock. Her tits swaying back & forth and a few minutes later could tell Ben had shot a load of cum down his hot little 14 yo stepdaughters throat. She laid back beside him and they whispered for a few minutes then went to sleep. I was the first one to wake up and the sun was coming up. When I got out of bed Kelly was laying there still topless and I got my first good look at those beautiful young tits, and saw that she’d fallen asleep with her hand deep inside her skimpy panties, obviously fingering herself.

I went to the bath house to use the restroom and when I got back Kelly was awake. She was sitting up still topless and as I came in and she knew I’d gotten a good look at her tits she reached for her shirt and put it on. The front of her panties had bunched in the front and were like a string going between her pussy lips. She stood up and right in front of me straightened her panties up then turned bending over with her firm young ass sticking up in the air reached down and got her shorts and put them on. By now Ben was awake and when he got out from under the covers was naked and quickly put his underwear back on. We fixed breakfast and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the outline of Kelly’s tits and those dark nipples peeking through. She kept looking at me with a sexy grin obviously enjoying me checking her out.

Ben went to the bathroom and as soon as he was gone Kelly came right out and told me she’d had the biggest crush on me ever since her step dad and I had become friends. Then told me it turned her on having me look at her the way I had and said she couldn’t wait to see how I liked her bikini she and Ben had picked out. Then said it turned Ben and her on to see guys checking her out, then said of course her mom didn’t know. She really surprised me when she said it was kind of how Lynn ( my wife ) and I got off on guys checking her out. How she knew that I don’t know but she was absolutely right. As Ben was coming back she quickly said she wanted us to see each other naked before we went back home and ask if I wanted that? Of course I said yes in a flash. We cleaned up and went to shower and Kelly came back wearing the bikini they had bought. It barely covered her nipples and bushy cunt and left her ass totally exposed. That white bikini was really set off by her jet black hair.

Ben went to the little store there and Kelly asked if I’d put some lotion on her back. As I did my cock got rock hard and my hands were moving further and further around and just as I was about to stop myself she told me to go ahead and put it on her all over. I put it on her legs and as I moved my hand between her thighs she spread her legs wide open and told me to get up in their good. I could see moisture coming out from under the material and I rubbed my hand as deep as I dare go. Then I put lotion on her stomach and she lifted the bottoms and said get in there too. As I slid my hand in further I could feel her hairy bush and I couldn’t resist and slid my hand in all the way. Then started working my way up and as I reached her bikini top she lifted it up and told me to put lotion on her tits. I was horny as hell fondling those firm young 32-C tits of hers. And tweaking those rock hard nipples. About then I felt her little hand rubbing my thick 9 1/2″ cock through my shorts. Surprising me again with her knowledge she said she’d heard I had a big dick.

She was rubbing her hand back & forth on my cock as I groped her tits and ample ass. I could see Ben in the distance coming back and stopped feeling her up. She looked up at me with a big grin and said she wanted to feel me inside her later. I was speechless and with Ben coming needed to hide my massive boner as I thought of how much I’d like to hide it deep in her tight little twat. As soon as Ben got back I went up to the bath house and jerked off. I got back as she was leaving for the beach and as she walked away Ben asked how I liked the bikini he’d bought her? I said I loved it and before I could say anything else he said he bet I’d like to see her without that on. I said what guy wouldn’t and had a good idea where this was going, or at least hoped so. When he came right out and asked if she stripped for us and suck both of us off would I promise not to tell anyone? And I said I promised in a flash.

We went to the beach and sat some distance away watching girls and watching guys checking out Kelly and her occasionally flashing her tits to guys making it seem accidental. When she left the beach we went back toward our camp and she’d stopped at a little shower just off the beach. I couldn’t believe it when we walked by to see her buck naked in the outdoor shower where people walking by could see in. She wrapped the big beach towel around herself and had her bikini in her hand as she walked to our camp. She stepped in the camper leaving the door wide she stood right in front of the door naked then put on a pair of skimpy shorts and another thin white top that showed off her tits & nipples. Ben was getting something from the car when she came out and I told her I liked her outfit. Then said I got the impression she liked showing off that hot body of hers. She grinned and said she did but just couldn’t do it around her mother. Then said that was something else her and Lynn had in common. I finally asked how she knew so much about Lynn and she said she had her sources. Then she came out and asked if her step dad had asked me if I wanted to fuck her?

I asked why he’d do that? She said he liked watching her suck guys off and sometimes watch them fuck her. But only certain guys and she could tell he had plans of me fucking her. Then said or maybe have a threesome like Ben and I had with Lynn. Finally telling me the way she knew so much was hearing him telling another guy about our experiences. He came over about that time and I couldn’t believe it when she came right out and told him she hoped he was going to let me fuck because she’d had fantasies of feeling my big dick inside her. This had taken him off guard but he got his bearings and said he’d hoped she’d suck us both off and see how it went from there. Saying she didn’t know just how big I was. Then she shocked him when she said yes she did, that she’d played with my hard cock earlier while I rubbed lotion on every inch of her body. He didn’t seem bothered except for that he didn’t get to watch. Then threw him under the bus when she said she’d like to do like he’d told that guy him and I’d done with Lynn with one fucking her while she sucked the other off.

He was trying to get out of why he’d told someone else but I told him not to worry about it and winked at Kelly as I told him if he let me fuck her all was forgiven. He shrugged his shoulders and said she obviously wanted me to fuck her so it was good with him. As the day went on Kelly had all kinds of questions about what all Lynn and I had done over the years. And with each new thing she was more and more turned on. When I brought up Lynn’s first experience with another girl who was older and experienced Kelly said she’d been curious about being with another girl but had never had a girl come on to her, and didn’t want to come onto another girl who wasn’t interested and be labeled a lesbo when she’d never even been with another girl. So I said would you like for Lynn, and before I could finish she said she’d fantasized about having Lynn eat her pussy and teach her how to eat pussy, and how she’d love to see Lynn naked and feel of her huge tits. So things were looking up, and Kelly it turned out was a hot little nympho.

After dinner we all showered and when Ben and I got back to the trailer Kelly was laid back on my bed naked except for a garter belt & stockings which shocked Ben having never seen the outfit. We got the mattresses off both beds and put them on the floor then Ben and I undressed and joined Kelly. We sucked her tits & ate her pussy. I licked every inch of her barely 14-yo body. Then she took turns sucking us off. And at one point Kelly looked me in the eyes and said please fuck my wet pussy right now. When I got behind her Ben said you’ll rip her ass in half, but I assured him I was going to fuck her from behind to make it easier for her to suck his cock while I fucked her. But we were both surprised when she said maybe I could fuck her in the ass another time and confessed she’d been fucked in the ass a couple of times. As I fucked her tight little cunt she was sucking her step dad’s cock. Then we swapped places, and her hot little mouth felt almost as good as her pussy and feeling her tiny little hands fondling my balls and not able to reach completly around my cock causing her to use both hands was hot as hell.

I wanted to really blow her mind so I reached back and slid one of my long thick fingers in her ass as her dad fucked her pussy and I fucked her mouth she went off like a roman candle with one orgasm after another. Then she almost out of breath told us to do her like we did Lynn and cum on her face and tits. Soon we’d coated her little face and firm young tits in hot cum. We stayed naked the rest of the night except for a couple of trips to the bathroom. And she sucked us both off again. She slept with me that night with us both naked and in the middle of the night I woke up with her sucking my cock and as soon as I opened my eyes she said she wanted me to fuck her again. I got between her legs and put her legs over my shoulders and was driving my cock in as fast and deep as possible. Her dad was watching and jerking off as I fucked his 14-yo daughter. And I’m sure she was waking people up with her moans and screaming how big my dick was then saying she wanted every bit of it. This time I emptied my load in her tight little cunt. We were going to take a shower and it was about 4am so no one was up so Kelly came in the shower with me and ended up sucking me off again and I fingered her little ass until she had an orgasm and promised to fuck her in the ass that night.

As the day went on it was getting really cloudy and they were calling for storms with high winds that night. So we packed everything up and went to a nearby town and checked into a hotel. We got a room with 2 king size beds knowing what the night had in store. She’d heard about Lynn flashing pizza guys and guys from room service and wanted to try it. So we ordered a pizza and she answered the door in a towel. She didn’t miss a beat making it look completly accidental when she let the towel fall off. And with a pizza in her hands had to sit it down before she could pick up the towel. The guy looked to be in his 50’s and obviously enjoyed the show and said you’ve got one hot little body lil miss. And said but we’ll keep this between us, as he openly moved his eyes over every inch of her body as she stood there naked in front of him just holding the towel instead of putting it back on. And the old perv even reached down and squeezed his hard cock while looking at her. Then she heard the elevator doors open and closed the door.

She was turned on as hell after exposing herself to the old guy. The 3 of us sucked & fucked all night and I finally fucked that tight little ass of hers shooting a hot load of cum inside of it. We talked about maybe a DP sometime so she can have a cock in her ass & pussy at the same time. And about 2 months later she had her first bi experience with my wife. Ben took his wife out of town for a romantic night giving an excuse for Kelly to stay with Lynn and I. Both girls loved it as did I watching, and really enjoyed the hot threesome we had that night. And Kelly only got hotter the older she got as well as wanting hotter and wilder sex Ben, Lynn, and I were happy to help out with.

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