My first fuck buddy

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My 1st experience with a fuck buddy. I was 14 and he was 18. This is a real story.

Where i live there is a house called D-Way. There you can do whatever you want. Smoke weed, drink alcohol, wag school etc. So when I got my 1st fuck buddy thats where i would always root him. We took one of the rooms and locked it. It was night time and so there was loud music all around us. I was wearing my favorite singlet and my tights. My fuckbuddies name is Turner. He looked like one of my nrl rugby crushes which is why i wanted him. But he was 18 and i was 14.

We were in the room hooking up, kissing and playing with each other. He pissed me off because he ripped my tights instead of just asking me to take them off. I was also hotny so I didn’t give a shit lol. I hadnt had as much sex so i let him do whatever he wanted. We were doing missionary with my legs on his side. His dick was so huge, it hurt but felt good at the same time.

I had already cum multiple times and i was waiting on him. He told me was going to cum and i yelled at him to not cum inside me. He said hes trying to pull out but my pussy was too tight. So i put my feet on his chest and pushed him as he tried to pull out. His dick slipped out of me and he shot his cum on me. Shot after shot there was so much. He pissed me off a second time because it was on my favorite singlet too.

I had to call my bestie over to bring some spare clothes so i wasnt walking around naked.

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  • Reply Insane asylum ID:3zm4o67lhrk

    Where are you from I liked your story just wanted to know if you want another fuck buddy

    • D-man ID:5rajved2

      Hey baby I’m form syd we should hook up