My fantasies that almost came true pt1

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Last week I saw a really beautiful girl and wanted to talk to her but a group of guys was around her and I immediately knew not to even walk close to her. She turned to look at me and she smiled. I blushed from her and she blew a kiss at me and it made me get a boner. When I did get home i did think of her while jerking. I felt terrible considering I didn’t even know her and how disgusting for me to do that but she was really beautiful and had a lot of good features about her. I fantasized about her giving me a blow job and me banging her rough and hard while she moans my name. The more I thought about it the more my breath became heavy. I came and thought about her Licking it off my dick. I got hard again and came once again. The next day once I was finally home alone I grabbed my pillow and humped it imagining it was the girl. Since I’m still a virgin I was sort of terrible at it but continued. After a couple of minutes of me humping my pillow I started getting rough with it. I grabbed it and was slapping it pretending I was grabbing the girl by her hair and slapping her ass. I jerked and came. After it I got cleaned up and thought to myself how perverted, disgusting and sick I was being. I did forgot about hormones but at the time I was feeling terrible. The post nut clarity hitted me hard and I felt like such a freak. I worked out until my body was aching and to the point if I even moved a finger it would hurt. I forced myself to move around still to let myself know the reason why I’m doing it so I don’t become a perverted man when I’m older. On Wednesday I worked out again until my fist were almost bleeding. My whole body hurt I couldn’t even pick up something without accidentally dropping it. Fast forward to Saturday I went to walk my dog since my parents wanted me to get my dogs pulling under control. We went to the dog park and some other people were there. My dog played with the other ones and someone walked towards me. It was one of the guys who was with the girl. “Hey you must be that boy my sister was talking about” I was confused and he explained to me they live near my neighborhood. He got close to me and grabbed onto my shoulder tightly and wouldn’t let go. “Respect me and my sister if you do anything to her I swear ill break your fucking arm and torture you everyday” I met people who threatened me before like tht I assumed he was bluffing he wasnt for the arm part. I heard footsteps come from behind me. But for now it will have to end pt 2 will be tomorrow

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    Thank you for the tip

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Well, the start was okay, but 500 words wasn’t enough. Tell us more abiut you. You’re working out every day. Are you buff? Was her brother older than you? What did she look like. To make the story fun to read, we have to be able to create a mental image of what is happening.

    • Dude ID:1eusaskfk833

      In short, allows the reader to clearly see, touch, taste, smell, and hear what is happening. That’s called imagery.