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My cousins daughter part 2

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So here is the second part, read the first part to get caught up.

So, I knew that she was very very tight in both her ass, and her pussy, so I wanted to make it as pleasurable for her for this first experience. I went to the adult toy store and bought some dildos of a few different sizes, and a couple of butt plugs of different sizes too.
Well, the next weekend after this, we had a family reunion thing, I knew that they would be there, and there would be a lot of people, it was at my aunt’s house, it was a big place. We talked a lot on the phone prior to this, she told me she would bring me a couple pairs of her panties to. I told her to wear a skirt, and pantyhose. She said she would.
Well, I didn’t tell her what I bought, I didn’t want to scare her, so I just brought the butt plugs, and a little lube.
The day of the party couldn’t get there fast enough, I was busy so I didn’t get to go over to their house before the party, but that was fine.
So when I got to the party I saw she was wearing a nice short skirt and pantyhose, as the party went on, more and more people kept coming, so I found the opportunity to get her in the upstairs bathroom. She wanted to play with my dick, and said she was practicing on sucking on lollipops for practice. She opend her purse, and took out 2 pairs of her panties and gave them to me. She sucked me until I came, didn’t take too long, but she was right about the practice, it paid off, and she was getting good at swallowing too. So then it was my turn to have some fun, I showed her the butt plug, and explained what it was for and what I wanted to try.
At first she was not liking the idea, but I told her to at least give it a try. Finally she gave in, I had her bend over pulled her panties and pantyhose down, sucked her pussy, and fingered her asshole, send had an orgasm so I knew she was ready once she caught her breath.
I lubed up the small plug, and slowly worked it into her ass, taking time to let her adjust to it.
Once it was all the way in, I told her to pull up her panties and pantyhose, and she would wear it the rest of the day.
At first she had a hard time walking normal, but soon got used to it. It was the sitting that was a little bit uncomfortable for her, I made her sit a lot. We were back at the party, no one knew we were gone, so that was a plus.
She told me at least 3 times that she was very wet in her panties, and was liking how the plug felt. After a couple of hours, I wanted to put the bigger one in, so we made our way back to the bathroom, and I slowly slide the small one out, but the bigger one was more painful for her to have me put in, so I just pushed it in fast and hard. She yelped a little, and had an even harder time walking normal, but I told her she had to prove to me that she could take the plug if she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. So she agreed and we left it in for the rest of the party. She really was struggling to walk , and sitting was almost to much for her. Oh well, she liked it though.
When it came time to leave, I told her to wear it home, and call me later with it in.
Later when she called, she was masturbating with the plug still in, and she was in ecstacy, I was so hard thinking about the fun we would have next time we were alone.
So, I was over to their house, several times after that, and couple of times, she was wearing the plug, and always flashing her panties to me, or if she was wearing shorts, no panties at times, so I could see how wet her pussy would be.
Finally, they asked me to babysit again. I was so happy for that. The night of my babysitting came, I brought all the toys I bought, and she had just got out of the shower when I was there, as soon as my cousin and husband left, she pulled up the footstool and bent over so I could see the plug in her butt, my God, I was so hard, I could have cum right there. So it slide that one out, and put the biggest one I bought in, she really had a hard time taking it in, but again, I pushed it in hard and fast, caught her off guard, and she yelped loudly and begged me to take it out, but it told her that she needed to get used it. I then took out a small dildo and had her lay on her back and spread her legs, I moved it all over the outside of her pussy, on her tiny clit, then finally pushed it in her, and with the big plug in her it was double penetration, she was really having a hard time being filled in both holes, but she just exploded in a major orgasm, I didn’t think she could being young.
So finally she was ready to lose her anal virginity to my dick, I pulled both toys out, had her on her hands and knees, lubed up my dick, and started pushing it in her, I was still bigger than the last plug so it was a challenge. She was starting to whimper and cry a little, I said I would stop if she wanted me to, but she said to keep going, so I went all the way in, I’m 7 inches so it was pretty deep for her tiny body. I let her catch her breath, and then started to slowly move in and out, it was so warm, and tight, it felt so good, I didn’t want it to end. I was asking her how it felt, she said a bit uncomfortable, but she would try to keep,taking it.
That’s when it told her to take the medium size dildo, and put it in her pussy at the same time, she really was struggling to get it in without a lot of pain, but I told her to keep it in and she would enjoy it so much.
Finally I couldn’t take it anymore longer, and I had to cum, so I really rammed my dick in to her ass and just let the cum gush out. I slowly pulled out, and watched my cum leak out from her ass, she still had the dildo in her and was having another orgasm, she was wore out after all this so I had her lick my dick clean, the we went to the shower, and I washed her clean, she put her clothes back on and she fell asleep on the couch.
When she called me later that night, she said her butt was really sore, but she really liked how it felt after she got used to it. She wanted me to buy her a plug the same size as my dick. So I did.
I tell you about taking her virginity in the next part, that is if you want me to .

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    Definitely need part 3 and hell the rest of the story in its entirety lol