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Me, my son and his best friend fuck my wife. Part 2

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Three days went by when my son and Ryan watched me and Sara have sex. And since then me and Sara have been talking about how to plan to let Michael and Ryan watch us have sex and then let them fuck her if they wanted to and we all have a turn with Sara and giving her our loads. We tried making several plans and ideas but none of them would work and then Sara says:

“You know what, let’s just tell them we are going to have sex and see if they want to watch “

“Really? Just like that”

“Yeah. Let’s just tell them we already know that they watched us last time and it turned us on even more and we are fine with them watching us”

“Yeah we could do that, and from now on let’s tell them we will leave the door open from now on when we have sex so they could watch us”

“Yes I agree, we will tell them tonight when they get back from the game, and since Ryan will be spending the weekend with us we can really have some fun “

“Okay, sounds like a plan”

With our new plan in motion we knew it would work. Me and Sara were so excited what we were about to do we didn’t even eat dinner we just sat in the living room watching movies until Michael and Ryan came home. Then around 10:30pm they boys came home. I could see that boys were in a good mood because our football team won at the game. The boys come in with smiles and they come over to the living room with us

Sara: So boys how was the game?

Michael: Awesome, we won 21-7.

Ryan: Yeah they totally destroyed them

Sara: Nice, are you boys hungry?

Ryan: No we ate at the game

Michael: So what have you guys been doing?

Me: Nothing much watching some movies and waiting for you boys”

Michael: Waiting for us?

Me: Yeah, we want to talk to the both of you

Ryan: Okay, are we in trouble or something

Me: Haha no nothing like that

Sara: We just want to talk to you about the other night

Michael: *nervously saying* What happened the other night

Me: We know you both watched us having sex from our bedroom window

Michael and Ryan’s face go white like they have seen a ghost.

Sara: It’s okay boys. No need to worry we are not mad at you at all

Michael: Your not?

Sara: No of course not, and honestly me and your dad thought it was hot that you boys were watching us

Ryan: You thought it was hot?

Me: We sure did, we made sure to give you both a nice show

Ryan: Well since your not mad at us, I can say it was pretty hot watching you have sex

Michael: Yeah it sure was

Ryan: And hearing you last time as well to was hot

Me: Last time?

Ryan: Yeah. Last month when I spent the night me and Michael were up late playing video games and around 1am we got hungry and we were going to get some snacks from the kitchen. When we came out of the his room we heard some feint noise coming from your room and when we got to your door we heard you having sex.

Me: Oh did you now

Michael: Yeah. And we both jacked off outside your door to

Sara: Wow. That got me horny

Me: Me too. That’s hot as well

Ryan: So your now mad about that either?

Me: No. not at all

Sara: *standing up * Well boys that’s why we wanted to you. We are going to have sex again and we want you to watch us

Michael and Ryan: What? Really?

Me: Yes.

Sara: So do you want to watch?

Michael and Ryan: Yes!

Me: *standing up* Well let’s go

The boys then stand up all happily and we all walk to our bedroom. We go in and I close the door. The boys then pull up the chairs from the desk and then put them by the end of the bed. Then me and Sara start to make out in front of them and then we take off all of our clothes. Sara then goes in her knees and starts to suck my dick.

Me: Oh fuck yeah baby just like that, yeah suck that fucking dick

I look over at the boys and I see that they are really enjoying watching us.

Me: Like what you are seeing?

Michael: Fuck yeah

Ryan: Yes sir, this is better than watching porn

I then grab Sara’s head with both of my hands and I start to throat fuck her and make her gag on my dick

Me: Fuck yeah choke on my dick, of fuck yeah

I then grab Sara and lay her down on her back at the ends of the bed and then go on my knees and I start to eat her out.

Sara: Oh yeah baby just like that

Me: Mhmm this pussy taste so good

Sara: How about you boys get undressed I want to see you both naked

I look over and Michael and Ryan are undressing very fast. Both of them are nice and fit and have nice bodies. I also see that both of them are already hard and both have about 6in dick. I then again start to eat Sara’s pussy out making her moan. It turns me on knowing we have an audience. I look over and see both boys jacking off. I look over at Sara and we give each other that look like it’s go time.

Me: *looking at the boys* okay boys, do you want to come over and suck on her nipples?

Michael and Ryan: Really?

Me: Yeah come on, one on each side

The boys then come over and each go one side and get on the bed. Sara then reaches her arm around them and pulls them in closer

Sara: Come on boys, it’s okay

Ryan without hesitation starts to suck on her right nipple and then I look at Michael and give him a wink and then he starts to suck on her left nipple. And then I go back to eating out her pussy

Sara: Oh fuck yeah this is so amazing I’m on cloud nine right now.

I look up and see Sara’s face and I can tell she is loving this and I look at the boys and they are going crazy sucking on her nipples and it’s making me even harder. I then stand up and say “okay boys who wants a turn to eat her out”

Ryan: I do

Me: alright your up

Me and Ryan switch places and Ryan quickly gets on his knees and starts to eat her pussy out and I start sucking on her nipple. I look down at Ryan and he is enjoying every moment of it and when we make eye contact I give him a wink and he winks back at me and then I look at Michael and he is still enjoying sucking on her nipple while he is watching his best friend eating out his moms pussy and making her moan

Sara: yeah just like that Ryan, eat that pussy out

Ryan: Mhmm this pussy is amazing

Me: Fuck yeah eat that pussy out nice and good

Ryan: Mhmm yes sir

Ryan continues to eat her pussy out while me and Michael suck on her nice nipples and kiss them all over them Ryan says “Hey Michael want a turn?”

Michael: Fuck yeah

Ryan and Michael get up and switch places. And then without hesitation Michael starts eating out his own moms pussy and it makes me even hornier watching him. Ryan was next to Michael watching him and he grabbed Michaels ass and said “fuck yeah bro, eat that pussy fuck yeah”

Sara: Yes baby eat mommy’s pussy out just like that oh fuck yeah

I stand by them jacking off watching Michael eat out his moms pussy and Ryan right next to him jacking off. Then I see Michael move over a bit and then Michael says “Sara, mind if I join in with Michael?”

Sara: No, go right ahead

Then Michael moves over a bit more and now Michael and Ryan are both are eating out and licking all over Sara’s pussy and making her moan out.

Sara: Oh fuck yeah boys just like that it feels so fucking good

Me: Yeah you like that baby, like having two guys eat you out

Sara: Yes baby it feels so good

As I watch the boys both eat out Sara I look down and I see both of their perfect asses. Both of them are side by side and I look how perfect they both are, as well as a perfect view of their holes. I then go on my knees by them and I put my hand on each of there asses and rub all around and play with there holes as well. I lick some fingers and put my finger in both of there asses making them moan as well and hearing all them moan makes me extremely horny.

Then after watching them for a bit I stand up and say “okay boys, now it’s time for you to watch me tear that pussy up”. Then both of them get up and Sara repositioned her self at the end of the bed still with her legs open for me. I walk up to her and place my dick on top of her pussy and rub it back and forth. Her pussy is so wet. I put the tip of my dick at the entrance of her pussy and then push it all the way in. I start fucking Sara nice and hard and fast.

Sara: Oh yeah baby fuck me

Me: Fuck yeah baby

I start fucking Sara nice and hard giving her every inch of my dick and making her moan like crazy. I then look at both of the boys and they are smiling big with enjoyment. I could tell they are really enjoying watching me fuck Sara. Knowing that they are watching us turns me on even more. As I am fucking Sara I look at her and nod my head to the boys and then I look down at her pussy and she smiles and nods her head yes. I then stop fucking Sara and say to the boys

Me: Alright boys who wants a turn

Michael: Wait! Really?

Me: Yes

The boys look at each other with a big smile.

Ryan: I’ll go first

Me: alrighty come and fuck this pussy

Ryan then walks over to the end of the bed with a big smile of excitement. Ryan puts his dick on top of Sara’s pussy and starts to rub it up and down

Ryan: Ready for my dick

Sara: Yes honey please fuck me

Ryan then slides his dick in her pussy and starts fucking her pussy nice and good.

Sara: Oh fuck yeah just like that

Ryan: Fuck yeah your pussy feels so fucking amazing

Sara: Yeah honey your dick feels good in my pussy

I watch as Ryan is enjoying fucking Sara and when I look at Michael I can tell he is really enjoying watching Ryan fuck his mom. I see he is jacking off with a big smile watching them. And then Ryan yells out

Ryan: Oh fuck I’m going to cum of fuck

Me: Fuck yeah cum in that pussy

Ryan: Are you sure

Sara: Yes honey cum in my pussy

Ryan starts to fuck her faster and faster and he says “oh fuck here I cum oh fuck oh fuck”. I see Ryan push his dick all the way and cum deep in Sara’s pussy.

Sara: Oh fuck yeah

Ryan slowly pulls his dick out and I see his cum start to drip out of Sara’s pussy.

Me: Fuck yeah look at that cum drop out

Ryan: Fuck that was pussy was amazing. Alright Michael your turn

I see Michael walk over to Sara with a smile. He puts his dick on top of her pussy and starts to run it back and forth.

Michael: Ready for my dick mom

Sara: Yes baby fuck me

Michael then slowly pushes his dick in her pussy

Michael: Fuck yeah. This pussy feels so good it’s nice and wet

Michael then starts to fuck his mom nice and hard.

Sara: Oh fuck yeah just like that

I stand there watching Michael fuck his own mom and it’s so amazing. I look over at Ryan and he had a big smile watching Michael fuck his mom. I look down and I see he is jacking off as well. Then Michael yells out

Michael: Oh fuck I’m going to cum oh fuck

Ryan: Yeah cum in your moms pussy

Me: Yeah cum deep

Michael: oh fuck here I cum oh fuck of fuck yeah

I see Michael push his dick all the way in and he cums deep in his moms pussy. I watch him them pull out his dick and see his cum drip out as well just like Ryans.

Me: *wraps my arms around Michael* that’s my boy,

Ryan: Fuck yeah good job bro

Me: alright boys now it’s my turn

I go over and place my dick on top of Sara’s pussy and I slide it up and down. I then put my dick in Sara and push it in slowly. It feels so amazing. Her pussy is nice and wet from Michaels and Ryan’s cum. The fact that we let them both cum deep in Sara’s pussy is amazing. I then look at the boys and they have the biggest smile and it makes me fuck Sara even faster and harder.

Me: Fuck yeah your push feels so good baby

Sara: Oh baby, yes your dick feel amazing in my pussy

Me: Fuck yeah take my dick baby take my dick in your pussy

Sara: Yes baby I love your dick oh baby fuck me

Me: Fuck yeah baby this is my pussy

Sara: Yes baby this is your pussy

I start fucking Sara even harder and faster

Me: Oh fuck yeah I’m going to cum oh fuck

Sara: Yes baby please cum in my pussy

Me: Yeah you want my cum

Sara: Yes baby please I want your cum

Me: Oh fuck here I cum oh fuck oh fuck

I push my dick all the way in her nice pussy and cum deep.

Sara: Oh fuck yeah baby that was amazing

Me: Yes it was

I then climb on top of Sara and we start making out. Then after a bit of making out we stop and I ask the boys

Me: So boys what did you think

Michael: What do I think? That was fucking amazing

Ryan: Yeah it was fucking amazing

Sara: Remember boys, not to tell anyone

Michael: We won’t I promise

Me: Good

Michael: So does this mean every time you have sex we can watch?

Me: *laughing* Yes. We will leave the door open for you to watch us

Ryan: Nice

Michael: Yeah. Well I am beat we should go back to my room and call it a night

Ryan: Yeah I’m beat to

Michael: Well mom and dad thank you for this amazing night.

Me: You are welcome

Sara: Goodnight boys

Michael and Ryan: Goodnight

I watch as the boys leave the room naked and head to Michaels room. I may next to Sara and see she has a big smile. We lay there and talk for a bit about our night and what we just did. We both had an amazing time with the boys and we were planning on next time giving them a better show. Sara gets dressed and lays in bed and after a few minutes she is passed out asleep. I get up to check on the boys and to see what they are doing and if they are asleep yet. I open the door to find boys laying on Michaels bed passed out cuddling each other. I then walk back to my room and get back in bed and go to sleep.

Pt. 3- Coming soon

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