Making wife Happy

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It’s better wife is happy. even if it means she has to be fuck other guys

Dian Watson is a self proclaimed flirt. She’s never considered herself a saint and has had her share of sexual partners, especially when she was younger, but she wouldn’t consider herself a slut either. She does occasionally fantasize about hooking up with random guys she flirts with. It turns her on to think about sneaking off somewhere and dropping her pants or hiking her skirt and letting the guy screw her brains out. She never acts on those fantasies though, she tries to live her life to a high moral standard and she loves her husband too much to do that to him.

She has been married now for five years to her amazing husband and while they do have a spat from time to time they have a great relationship. But trouble started a few months ago. The two of them had gone out to a club with some friends and a few had come back to their place to hang out for a while. Dian had of course been flirting with guys at the club. Her husband didn’t mind, in fact he liked to flirt with other women too. It always led to them screwing each other’s brains out later.

But trouble started one night after they went out to party. The two of them had gone out to a club with some friends and a few had come back to their place to hang out for a while. Dian had of course been flirting with guys at the club as usual and was extremely horny and ready for Brian to give her a good fucking.

This time though, her husband Brian had been up early that day and was drunk and exhausted so he went to bed soon after returning home around 2 am, leaving Dian downstairs with a few of their friends that were there. They hung out for a while and slowly they left, except for Eric, one of Brian’s buddies from work. That’s when things got out of control.

Dian had always gotten along with him pretty well and thought he was pretty handsome but never really thought of him in a sexual way, he had more of a cocky attitude than she liked.

Eric said, “I don’t think I’m in any shape to drive home yet. Do you mind if I stay a little longer?”

“Of course” Dian replied, “You can crash on the couch if you want” “Just ignore the noise when I go wake up Brian”

“How does a guy like Brian get lucky enough to catch a gorgeous girl like you?” Eric asked.

“He has a quick tongue” she said, “And he can talk” she added with a wink

“Is that all it takes to get in your good graces?” Eric asked with a mischievous grin.

“It definitely helps” She replied “A girl can’t survive on good manners alone.”

Dian wouldn’t have been surprised to know that Eric was aware of her pension for flirting, that was common knowledge, but what she didn’t know was her husband like to talk about their sexual escapades to some of his buddies. Namely, he had told Eric before how turned on she got from flirting. Eric, being the slime ball that he was, decided to make a play and see if he could get into her pants.

“I don’t have the best manners but I do have a talented tongue” he said, moving closer to her and lightly wrapping his hand around her upper arm.

Dian suddenly felt hot and didn’t know what to say for a moment and his eyes pierced into hers. His other hand slid to her side and he pulled her to him, pressing her to him as he kissed her.

For Dian, it was as if a flood gate had opened and she desperately needed to be fucked. She responded for a moment, returning the kiss while his hands squeezed her ass.

She snapped back to reality for a moment and pushed him away, saying, “We shouldn’t be doing this, I’m married” And she walked out of the room. She could hardly believe what just happened but she also could hardly believe the affect on her.

She went to see if she could get Brian awake enough to fuck. She needed it. Unfortunately, Brian was too far out of it to be any use.

Fuck, I guess I’ll just have to fuck myself tonight. She muttered in frustration. But she decided that first she should tell Eric that he should still stay there on the couch. She still didn’t’ want him to leave and risk getting a DUI or having an accident. She had already told him where they stand she reasoned, and she would only be in there for a moment. No problem.

When she walked into the living room he was nowhere to be seen. He had actually went to the bathroom to piss before he left. He walked in behind her and she turned around. That’s when things got out of control again.

Something else Brian had told Eric was how Dian liked to be “taken” sometimes and how much it turned her on when he would randomly grab her, bend her over what ever what nearby and screw her from behind.

When Eric walked in, he figured maybe she really wants it and is waiting on him to dominate her. That’s when he grabbed her and kissed her again. This time, when she tried to push him away he held tight and even forced her against the wall. He shoved one knee between her legs and used on hand to grab her tits and the other to squeeze her ass. Then he pushed her down on the couch and forced himself between her legs. She was still wearing her dress from the club and he began to grope her pussy through her panties. He could feel that she was soaking wet and thought to himself “Yeah, this is what she wanted”

“Stop” she said, “I told you, we shouldn’t do this”
“I know we shouldn’t” replied Eric, “but we are”

As he slipped his hand inside her panties and began working a couple fingers into her pussy.

Dian moaned and was caught in a battle between what her horny, animal instincts wanted, and what she knew was right.

“No, seriously, we can’t do this. I love Brian” She panted as his hand tormented her mind with it’s stimulation.

“If you don’t want this, then why did you come back in here?” He breathed in her ear, “And why aren’t you screaming? I know you want this as bad as I do.”

She was at a loss for words. Partially because of the jolts running through her body, and the totally erotic nature of what was happening, and partially because she wondered if he was right. “God” she thought, “I don’t remember the last time I was this horny” “Maybe I really did want this” She was fighting a battle in her own mind, and losing.

“It’s ok” He said, “You can pretend you don’t want to. Just tell yourself that I forced you so it’s not your fault.”

And with that he grabbed her panties and ripped them off, throwing them across the room. Before she could register what was happening, he was shoving his cock in her pussy. She hadn’t even noticed him pulling his pants down. She moaned as he forced it inside. As wet as she was, it really didn’t take much. She was lost at that point, to far gone to try to turn back so she rationalized the she might as well enjoy it.

Eric gave her a good rough fuck, and it was amazing. He fucked her hard and deep, sometimes he could feel the tip of his dick brush against what he assumed was her cervix, and to her, it felt like he was rearranging her insides. He rubbed her clit at the same time, and she quickly was hit by the longest, most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she lost all concept of where she was and what was happening. Eric had to grab a pillow to muffle her moans after she got too loud. She came for what seemed like an eternity until she felt she couldn’t stand it any more and tried to beg him to stop, but she was cumming too hard to be able to form any intelligible words.

Eric loved it, he was in total control of her body and it made him feel like a god. He could tell she was trying to ask him to stop but her feeble attempts to beg just spurred him on even more.

He even began to taunt her, saying “You like my cock slut?” “Are you saying you want more?” “What’s that? Harder?”

Meanwhile she couldn’t do anything except twitch and try to stutter out words.

Eventually he began to get tired from the exertion and he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“I’m about to cum inside you slut. Are you ready?” He panted.

She tried to tell him that she wasn’t on birth control but “uun ooo, b b ungl’ was all she mangaged to get out.

Hearing that was the last little bit that sent him over the edge. He slammed into her on last time and unloaded. She could feel every spurt of cum filling her up. It felt so dirty and depraved but at the same time, maybe because of that, it also felt amazing.

Afterwards he sat up and caught his breath while he watched his cum oozing out of her pussy.

He stood up and pulled up his pants. “Thanks for the great fuck Dian” He said, “I’m already looking forward to next time” And with that he left.

Dian laid there, recovering, her mind was still in overload from the orgasm and she couldn’t really think straight. She was in a state of shock. She had just had the most intense orgasm of her life while she was essentially raped.

But was he right she thought. Maybe I did want it.

No she told herself, you told him you didn’t want to.

Her mind returned with, No, you said we shouldn’t do this.

That shouldn’t matter she thought. But does it matter?

She felt used, but in a satisfying way. She felt the same way she does after Brian has his way with her.

But he’s my husband she thought.

But he doesn’t always ask does he? And sometimes you tell him no at first then give in. And you enjoy it. You like being used. Her brain told her.

She had enjoyed it, and she began to feel guilty about that. She felt like a terrible wife.

Then her brain said, It’s not your fault, he forced you? Besides, if Brian hadn’t left you alone it wouldn’t have happened.

“I’m so confused” She said out loud, and she realized that she was still laying on the couch, her skirt pulled up and legs spread.

She shakily got up and made her way to the bedroom. Brian was still asleep. She felt a pang of anger at him for leaving her with that animal then instantly regretted it. She took a shower and cleaned herself good. She thought about his cum inside her. She hoped she wouldn’t get pregnant. She had just had her period the week before so she felt like she was pretty safe but decided she should get the morning after pill tomorrow just to be safe. She then wished that they hadn’t been trying to have a baby and that she was on birth control.

Then her thoughts returned to him cumming inside her. It had felt amazing, she loved feeling a man’s junk fill her up. It made her feel nasty and slutty. Before she realized what she was doing she was rubbing her pussy and getting close to cumming. She almost forced herself to stop but then thought, why not. After, she felt guilty again, he may have forced her, but she just willingly masturbated thinking about him cumming inside her.

She finally laid down and instantly fell asleep. It wasn’t very restful sleep though. It was filled with dreams about submitting herself to Eric.

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    Great Story.
    I like men who love to see their Wife fucked by other men (espcially me). It makes me horny if the husband watches or licks the pussy while I’m fucking her