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Lexi’s park adventure

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While walking her neighbors dog in the park Lexi gets more than she bargened for laying under the old oak tree.

The next morning Lexi was still sore from having played with her ass using the thick brush handle. She woke up and slipped into a sundress too lazy to dig around for a full outfit. There was already a pile of laundry on the floor that needed to be handled as well so the chances of finding exactly what fit her mood was slim. The simple sundress was both cute and easy, even without panties of any kind on she looked modest. Her mother was working in the home office located in the basement so like usual she couldn’t be too loud on her summer break. The pandemic had put a damper on any chance of weekday fun as more days then not her mom worked from home. Her father didn’t only because he was able to close himself in his own office at work and have privacy needed as a lawyer.

Planted on the couch Lexi wasn’t sure what she would do with her day. Her mother would pop out randomly throughout the afternoon till getting off work. Max would certainly want to be let out and possibly enjoy a walk. Otherwise she had a sore butt with no idea how to spend her summer break. Like most times when bored she began scrolling through different apps, current Instagram where her friends occasionally posted pictures of themselves but there was a slew of models she followed for fashion ideas. She certainly admired tight fitting dresses on some of the girls but never wanted to wear such a fancy outfit herself. One of the models in her feed was showing a lot of skin though as they had a very short skirt and a crop top that had half their breasts hanging out below. Lustful thoughts wondered if she could look that gorgeous in a similar outfit. In her description she saw OF indicating the girl in question now had an onlyfans. No wonder she was parading around Instagram nearly half naked. It was an outfit and lifestyle Lexi’s parents would have a meltdown over. Some crop tops and skirts could be worn tastefully in the hot summer sun but that went beyond tasteful.

With a shrug she cast the thoughts of wearing such a sexy outfit aside. But the idea of clothes did make it painfully aware she had to do laundry. A trip back upstairs and she was digging about the ever growing pile of dirty garments. A handful had become a bit tight as of late as the older articles were from before her last growth spurt. Everything was tossed into a hamper to bring back down to wash. But before that she started to dig around her closet. Thinking of old clothes there were more that she had outgrown and left stacked up into a heap. Pulling the stack out she couldn’t remember what fit and what was just tossed aside because she didn’t feel like wearing it. That was when she decided to go through the pile and try stuff on. She quickly found the top had stuff that simply fell off a hanger or was tossed at the closest and forgotten. They still fit without panties on and a few shirts hugged at her chest in a way she thought looked cute. The deeper she got though the tighter and smaller they got. A pair of jeans were able to pull up on her ass but the button barely reached and they looked like capris that gripped her thighs. The last item was an old sundress. She was able to slip it on it absolutely gripped at her chest outlining their perky form. The hem of the skirt was only an inch past her ass. It barely covered it and if she spun about it flashed everything.

That gave her a new idea, if she couldn’t buy the sexy clothes she could possibly create some from these old clothes. She set the jeans aside on her bed with an old shirt. She would need to search for more inspiration to decide what to do with those. It was during this exploration that there was a knock at the door. Heading down to see who it was revealed Mrs. Finch the neighbor across the road with her small dog Baxter.

“Oh head Mrs. Finch, I think my mom is working so I’m not sure she can go on your midday walk.” Lexi squatted down to pat Baxter on the head. Max was likewise downstairs sleeping in his dog bed. “Oh no dear, I have an appointment this afternoon. I talked with your mother and she said you may have time to walk Baxter for me. ” She smiled sweetly and was always kind, one hand held out 20$ the other his leash.

“I’ll get him as soon as I get back. ” Baxter was a cute Corgi with a little fluffy butt. He was always hard to tell no especially since she paid so well just to walk and watch him. “Sure Mrs. Finch, have a safe trip.” Taking the money and leash she quickly rushed away. “Looks like I have some plans now. ” Lexi said softly looking down at the cute mutt stepping out to walk him down toward the greenway. It was a stretch of sidewalks and paths through town that were perfect for walking dogs. It was also Baxter’s favorite place to trott. Several minutes had the pair crossing out of the subdivision and on the main path. Each breeze ruffled her skirt sending a shiver up her back as she hadn’t changed out of the super short dress. One strong gust would flash everyone around, not that there were many people standing around. Most people on this stretch were joggers, bikers, and walkers as well. The park was a half mile down for people looking to play different sports or on playsets.

The park area had one of Baxter’s favorite spots to lay in the sun or fetch a ball. His little paws clacked on the path as the pair made their way through the shaded area. His tongue lolled out to one side panting softly. Lexi’s heart was starting to race as a gust blew at her dress making her put a hand on it to keep from flashing her pussy. She hadn’t heard the bicycle coming from behind till it was a few feet away. He zipped by with a subtle look back, “nice!” He muttered, still flying past. This made her entire face flush as he certainly saw more than anyone normally would. Baxter was still joyfully walking beside her as he was trained to do. Biting her lip softly she could spy the form of someone walking from the opposite direction. He too was walking a dog getting closer with each step. They were still a ways out when Lexi recognized the man as Thomas, an older gentleman that lived in her area. He was always nice as was the German shepherd rescue that lived with him for the last few months. Once they got close enough he looked Lexi up and down with his eyes trying to not be obvious about it.

“Afternoon Lexi. Mrs Finch has you walking Baxter again?” He was kneeling down scratching both pups as they calmly sniffed at each other. “Yeah she had an appointment this evening. Looks like your new buddy has you busy too. ” A soft giggle left Lexi as Thomas’ dog Red nuzzled against her hand. His head brushed under the hem of her skirt lifting it slightly. Thomas’ eyes were drawn to the movement as he still knelt down scratching behind Baxter’s ears. He was blessed with a flash of two perfectly smooth and tight lips of the young girl before him. His gaze darted away hard before Lexi had time to even notice.

“Ah well it’s good Baxter can still get his walk in then… you certainly are looking pretty today, enjoying this weather?” He tried to shift his focus into a pleasant conversation. His eyes shifting up toward her own caught notice of how the top hung low and to fit in the dress she had the shoulder straps under her armpits and the top part of her breasts exposed. Nipples were perfectly outlined by the thin material printed with yellow flowers on a white background. The sun beamed through the canopy above, turning some spots a little translucent. Lexi felt his eyes upon her but said nothing about it, if anything she enjoyed the attention.

“I’m loving it of course. I get to wear dresses more and it’s nice being out like this. ” She smirked as his eyes lingered on her chest before flitting over to see what Red was doing as he sat on the trail. “Oh yeah… ” a breeze rolled in between them and Lexi did nothing to stop the skirt from moving upward. Thomas’ openly gazed between her legs, unable to contain himself. “Of course the two of you seem to be loving things more.” She giggled catching him looking but not saying anything. He cleared his throat standing up, “For sure though I can’t walk red every day… think you may want to walk him for me this summer?” A young couple jogged past as Lexi thought about it.

“I could do that, have your phone on you and I can give you my number? This way if you need a walker just text me and see if I’m free.” She smiled playful watching as Thomas had a hard time looking at her face and not down her blouse. The two exchanged information before he slipped away needing to get back home for a work meeting online. Baxter now led the way to the sunny hill side at the edge of the shaded path. His little tail wagged as they stepped away into the grass finding shelter under an old oak tree. A ray of sun broke through the leaves giving the Corgi a warm place to lay and roll in the grass. Lexi sat against the tree trunk with her phone in hand, Thomas had texted so she had his number. The pair each enjoyed the fresh air in different ways, Baxter laying out in the sun, Lexi hunting for outfit ideas. Thinking back to how Mr Thomas kept staring at your young body gave her a thrill. The thoughts of what he may have been thinking turned her on just as much as looking so slutty out in the park. She watched as a handful of others quickly passed at the bottom of the hill each using the park their own way. No one was looking her way and while she was off the path and nestled in among the trees she wasn’t completely out of view. She was getting turned on wondering what Mr Thomas would have done had he approached her like this. The skirt barely covered her crotch sitting here with her back against the tree. One leg bent foot flat on the earth, the other was outstretched giving a slight lift to the hem line. Her sensitive pussy peaked out from below the fabric, kissed by the wind. Baxter was lounging and never ventured far so the leash laid on the ground next to her. She searched for something hot on her phone, A hand drifted toward her clit. She sat like this drifting off into sexual fantasy land, pussy exposed fingers playfully teasing out her desires. Lexi was so absorbed in her phone and toying with her pussy she hadn’t noticed Baxter stirring. He had gotten up with a stretch sniffing at the air as he did. His eyes shifted toward the source, Lexi. His stubby legs carried him between her open legs without raising any sort of alarm nose twitching as it hunted the scent. He laid down before her cunt, breath huffed out on her clit before a heavy lick lapped up the wet slit.

His touch shocked Lexi, breaking her out of the hypnotic stare she was giving her phone. A moan slipped past her lips as Baxter hesitantly licked at this smell of deliciousness. She carefully pushed him back gaining some space chest heaving as she caught her breath from the shocking pleasure. “Baxter… no you shouldn’t lick there…” she muttered looking about but no one was around. Baxter tried to push through her hands, tongue licking at his muzzle. The long rough tongue felt heavenly on her body, her pussy cried for more but her heart tried to tell her it was wrong. She shifted her position, getting the small cloth of the skirt to lay between her legs blocking sight to her precious area. Letting go of Baxter wasn’t the best idea, he immediately shuffled forward, laid down and nuzzled his way under the skirt to her promised land. To stop licking at that which he desired was not what he wanted.

“Baxter?! Uhh….” Softly her voice cried out while moaning. This four legged beast eagerly dove in licking at her swelling button. This didn’t feel like it was his first time being such a naughty pup. She tried weakling to stop him lifting him up so they looked into each other’s eyes. He licked her cheek, head dipping down as if he wanted more and not to be stopped. “Fuck your such a dirty boy today… Do you want more?” He barked once as if to say yes. The sound was startling and as Lexi set him down facing away he spun around nose quickly at finding her clit once more. Lexi watched out the walkway no longer able to resist the pleasure his rough, hard, lapping against the greedy cunt. Shift so her legs were spread further around her fuzzy lick machine her wet hole presented toward him. His nose twitched, taking in the scent of desire. The tip of his tongue quickly seeked out the deep well of lust that was her body. Moaning as she ran a hand through his fur the rough appendage wormed inside her open slit. She was shocked by how long and far it went curling as it reached out, flicking itself into a sensitive spot. Each time his tongue pushed deep inside her wet pussy it sent a shiver through her. She never once thought about having a dog bring her so much pleasure and as she bit down on her cheek to avoid moaning even loader as an orgasm exploded inside her the sound of whaling children snapped her back to where she was laid out. The waves of pleasure made her legs quiver and on the path she watched as a mother chased after her young son oblivious to what was happening up the hill. Each lick made her pussy grip at the tongue as it pulsed out with increased furvor lapping up her orasmic juices. It only made the feelings stronger, her hands each gripped into his soft fur as the final rush of her orgasm hit he stopped licking at her pussy.

Baxter was licking his chops as Lexi laid back sliding into the dirt. Her skirt pushed up her back, bare ass felt the cool grass below her. Her chest heaved as she caught her breath cumming down from the high this orgasm brought. She was glad no one noticed her tucked away under the tree having experienced another amazing orgasm but by the tongue of a dog. She was just thinking of getting up and walking Baxter back toward home as she laid there pussy out for the world to see looking up at the clouds. She hadn’t known the dirty things Mrs Finch got up to with Baxter, or that this was just the beginning for him. Lexi was leaning up on her elbows to get up when Baxter made his next move. He had been panting before her eager for the usual next command but when it hadn’t come he went ahead to make the next move himself.

His soft body hopped up, each front paw finding its place on either side of her body. She giggled softly leaning toward him to kiss his fuzzy head. His heavy panting letting a string of drool drip down on to her clothed belly. She hadn’t realized why he was acting this way as one hand scratched behind his ear. “You’re such a good, loveable boy….” She muttered, his haunches shifted forward, butt lowering as his back arched into position. Lexi was lounged back, knees raised hips tilted ever so upward still in the same pose as when Baxter ate out her young pussy. It was at this point she learned the true reason for his affectionate embrace. The hard tip of his little red rocket brushed against her wet clit. The touch sent a new shiver through her body along with a startling shock. “Oh no no no…” the mumbled phrase fell on deaf ears as Baxter simply hunched more front paws grabbing at her waist with a strength no one would expect of such a small dog. As she moved to push the lustful hound off her body the hard tip of his doghood found its cavern of desire. The tip penetrated her wet hole,”oh fuck Baxter…. No…” she groaned into his ear as he drove it deeper. His cock bigger than expected yet smaller than her hair brush. Propped up on her left arm she tried to push him back with the right. His front paws though clung hard to her sides and with his urges being denied his growled. A noise she hadn’t heard this kind pooch ever make. Harder she shoved, his chest rose up hips paused with his cock filling her wet cunt.

“Owch!” She pulled her hand back in a hurry as his teeth snapped against it as she pushed him. He wouldn’t be denied as his little hips shifted and thrust the rest of him deep inside her. His fluffy sack smacked against her body as he began to furiously mount her. Lexi wasn’t sure what to do besides let him have his fun. She didn’t want him to bite yet didn’t want to get caught out here like this either. He clearly had no desire to stop and once allowed to continue he happily panted. “Fuck… Baxter be a good boy and cum quick…” Lexi moaned shifting her hips as she laid back to better let him fuck her young wet hole. He begun to hump harder, she felt his heavy sack slapping again and again on her body. His panting filled her ears as she looked down at the path praying no one walked by and saw the two of them. As the fear was stripped away with each dirty thrust Lexi began to enjoy this more and more. Her pussy gripped around the hard tip of his cock urging it to finish. She felt a wetness dripping down her ass, she never expected to want this. A hand scratched down his greedy back as a way to praise him for so skillfully taking what he desired. She bit down on the bottom of her lip stifling a moan as his hot tip slammed inside her. His vigorous hips using her cunt made the seconds stretch into minutes.

Looking down toward the path her silent prayer seemed to be going unheard. Baxter was still having his way with her young body as she saw a few boys walking along. From here they certainly looked to be around her own age if not classmates. “Cum for me…” she whispered to Baxter sitting up on her elbows once again. Her eyes were locked upon the pair as they stopped at the edge of the tree line in view of her but she wasn’t sure if she was as easily seen up the hill among the trees. They looked back down the path as if waiting on others. Sucking in air she found it difficult to talk, short quick breaths wracked her body as she felt an orgasm building bigger and bigger. The heat inside her crotch grew filling her chest and flushing her neck. The continued thrusts slowed before she felt his cock twitch along with something swell as he grew bigger and stiffer. She felt as something bumped into her body Baxter had to regain his back footing before pushing it harder. Her pussy opened from the hard bulge that he shoved against her sensitive area. She couldn’t take it and laid back both hands over her mouth, eyes shut hard trying her hardest not to cry out in pleasure. The thick hard bulge popped into her filling her pussy with his knot and cock. The tip of him grinds against the deepest parts of her body. Her hips wiggled on their own as he released her second orgasm. Toes curled into her sandals as it wracked her petite frame. Baxter hardly moved and soon enough she felt why, his cock twitched and spurt out warm cum filling her with its heat. Like a flood gate being opened she felt it gush from him, the geyser of cum rushed over several buttons that brought about even more pleasure. “Oh fuck… fuck… good boy” moaning breathlessly she felt him continue to empty himself into her warm slit. Looking down at the path as he stood over her body she saw one of the bigger boys pointing up toward her direction. The two boys still waiting on someone who was moving slower to catch up most likely. Quivering as she felt the knot shift, Baxter was trying to pull back but still was swollen inside her cum leaking down between her cheeks now. The seconds stretched on and still he wasn’t pulling out of her used cunt. She could feel the swelling of whatever he pushed inside her reduce, but each time he tugged to pull out he stopped when it did not easily pull free. She watched the boys intently petting down his back hoping to be untangled from him soon. The tallest boy that pointed her way didn’t seem to have noticed her as the two talked there was no direct staring in her direction. Panic started to set in when two more boys joined the others. One stopped with hands on his sides as if he was sprinting the path way to catch up.

Biting her lip she felt Baxter finally pull free cum leaked endlessly out of her gaping cunt. The plug no longer keeping it inside but she had no time to worry about that here. “Ready to walk home boy?” She asked trying to stand but finding her legs weak from cumming so hard. Baxter was busy licking himself so she slowly used the tree to stand up out of sight. Grabbing his leash she shifted her skirt back into place. Running her hand through her hair to remove a leaf she did her best to straighten up but there was no getting rid of how flush this sexual act left her. Spying around the thick trunk the old oak sheltered her for a brief moment to notice the boys were in fact heading up her way. She forgot about the fact there was an old soccer field on the other side of this hill. They were probably cutting through towards it, grabbing Baxter’s leash she coaxed him into walking toward them. She needed to leave and go home anyway. Cum still streaked down her thighs leaking faster now that she stood up. Her ass and pussy were covered from the feel of it. Her heart now raced from panicking as both groups grew closer. The boys seemed to have their own conversation going as to who would be winning today. As their paths crossed she did recognize two of them as her next door neighbor, Carter was a grade above her in school and his brother Nick a year under.

“Oh hey Lex. Walking Baxter today? I saw Mrs Finch head out in a hurry. ” Carter had his eyes on her quickly and seemed surprised as they went lower. None of them ever saw her dressed like this before. Nick was quietly just staring at her chest like a deer stuck in the headlights. “Yeah… I gotta get him back. I think we have been out in the sun long enough. ” With a smile she slipped past them not wanting to linger into a drawn out conversation she felt the cum rolling along the inside of her thighs. The small trails of fun the pair shared leaving their mark as pale lines dried upon her already pale flesh. She didn’t look back as she walked Baxter back toward home but swore she felt their eyes before one said come on guys. Power walking Baxter away from there left them both huffing around the bend of the trees. By the time she got home there were several lines of cum dried upon her legs down to her knees. Baxter strutted happily along his little butt seemed to wag with some new level of joy. It wasn’t long before they made it back home and Mrs Finch pulled in behind them just arriving from her appointment.

“Ohhh my precious boy. Thanks for everything darling! I’m sure I will need you to walk him more here soon as work is talking about us returning to the offices more and more. Enjoy your evening!” She called walking the four legged friend back home who was all too eager to see her. Lexi could even spy his horny tip peeking from his sheath as the left. Lexi simply went back to her room and slumped on her bed exhausted from the entire ordeal. One hand rubbed her still damp pussy pulling away with a mix of her juices and his cum. It tasted… odd but not bad like she thought it would. As she laid in bed she thought about getting herself cleaned up and what to do about the pile of clothes on the floor.

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    I was being cheeky and sarcastic with my response acting like i didn’t create a moment between them or possibly foreshadow something may happen between them. Though i realize now that sarcasm can be difficult to convey through a comment like that.

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    Yes man. Your stories are awesome. I feel like she gonna do something with the Thomas guy lmao. Which is definitely got me on the edge of my seat lol

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      Not sure what you are talking about but I’m glad you appear to be enjoying this fantasy. 😈

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      Knoxboy4u he means he thinks Lexi will end up hooking up or something with the Thomas character because of the sexual tension. Did you forget your character or is this a copy paste?

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    Brilliant, give me more

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      I appreciate the love! There is certainly more to come.