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Lexi’s Hot Walk

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Young teen Lexi left alone one evening takes a daring adventure to walk Max her dog in the subdivision naked.

Before the good stuff a few disclaimers, 1 this is all a fantasy swirling in my head. I have found writing gets the ideas off my mind to focus on other things. 2 I am a guy, yes I wrote First person as I tend to imagine myself being the character and writing so it’s how it came out sometimes the ideas are in third person too. 3 I apologize for grammer and spelling mistakes, I’m no professional and try my best writing with google docs. After lurking here for a short time I have decided to contribute so let me know what you think and if you want more content like this.

It happened at least once a month, I would get the house all to myself and as a result would indulge some desires. Such as being able to strut around the house completely naked, watching porn on the big tv, and in general satisfying my urges. With my perky breasts unencumbered by any form of clothing, tight bottom bouncing gently I go about enjoying my night around the house. I know I’m not the hottest girl around, my breasts barely B cups, height peaking at 5’4″, red hair just past my shoulders. Some boys at school have found me cute but no one has said gorgeous or smoking hot.

Tonight I had my hair up in a ponytail, so nothing was hiding my petite frame. By the time I had handled some chores around the house, ate dinner and fed Max it was dark outside. Smiling, I settled in on the couch not thinking or caring that the bay window still had the curtains wide open. It faced the front yard and road but in our quiet area it would surprise me if anyone would even drive past let alone walk by and spy on me. My face was glowing from the light of my phone, the room awash in the blue light of the TV waiting for me to cast something to it. I was taking my time really scrolling for something that would catch my interest. While I may have been in the mood for porn during a fun night of slowly teasing my clit before letting myself cum hard later, finding the video to spark the night was difficult. My mood wasn’t locked into a desire for something specific which meant scrolling till I found my pussy’s desire.

During this time of blank faced scrolling focused on my own desires I hadn’t noticed Max first sitting by the door. Waiting with tail thumping into the floor as he tried to communicate a need to go on a walk. A new addition to his nightly routine as the warm summer air at night made my mother happy. When sitting there waiting failed he came around nudging the phone in my hands to get my full attention. His wet Australian shepherd muzzle bullied its way against me then with my focus upon him he looked from me to the leash at the front door and back.

“Uh fuck Max…. Do I really have to walk you? Can’t you lay down tonight?” Grumbling, I was naked and had no want to get dressed and walk up and down the subdivision. With a sneeze and wiggle of his back side he let his joy of the word walk be known. “No Max… not tonight dude.” But those words were falling on deaf ears as he danced from the door to me. No was not an option he would provide and I knew this annoyance would only continue till he had what he wanted. His black butt danced as his entire backside wiggle with joy when i stood up. “Fine… but we are making it a quick walk!” I huffed at him as I moved towards the stairs thinking about what to even throw on. Then my mind drifted to some porn I watched the other day. The girl in it had been strutting around a street during the day naked. Blushing as I looked out the window my arousal building as the thought hit me. That could be me tonight, just silently walking about naked in the dark no one any the wiser.

I was locked in thought for the better part of 30 seconds as I wrestled with the idea of doing the naughtiest and riskiest thing I had ever done. Max, as if telling me to hurry up, booped my hand again as I was frozen there looking at the door. With my mind made up I slipped on a pair of sandals so as not to be walking on cold pavement barefoot. Max was all too eager to have his harness slipped on and was dragging me out the door as soon as it was opened. A couple tugs got him to slow his excitement to walk my pace and instantly as the cool night air hit my breasts I felt my pussy getting excited. My heart racing, nipples hard from the chill and thrill of strutting my young teen body outside like this was an experience I never expected to love. It was very dark out as the only street lamp in our area was at the entrance where the stop sign to our dead end subdivision was. The Moon was hardly a sliver in the sky leading me to feel confident as I walked away from the driveway and out onto the street. Max took to sniffing each bush along the road as we walked along the circle. While it was dark outside it wasn’t exactly all that late yet. Several houses still had lights on, making me feel even dirtier about the fact someone could look out their windows and see my cute body in all its glory go by.

I felt myself reflexively biting at my bottom lip as the desire to touch my pussy grew stronger. Each step was a small ripple of pleasure through my body. Soon we were several house from home when i saw the front yard of the neighbors place lit up. Their own bay window was wide open and as i peaked inside with it coming into view the family there were watching a movie. I let out a held breath as they had their backs to the road and I hurried Max along. Taking glances back at their house I couldn’t stop grinning my adrenaline rushing from the idea that someone may have just been able to see me, as much as I didn’t want the trouble, the pure excitement from the risk was joyous.

Within the span of a dozen steps my hand drifted between my legs. Feeling my tight wet slit was like having a fire flare through my veins. The smooth skin below my waist had slight goose bumps across it. The cool air helped to keep my body from feeling too hot but even with it enveloped around my petite form my face felt flush. A few more steps and a middle finger was swirling against my clit. Index and ring finger each spread the bare lips of my sensitive spot open. A blink and a jerk on the leash as Max pulled me along closer toward a bush along the road. My free hand drifted upward groping my breast as my eyes darted around realizing I had stopped paying some level of attention to my surroundings. Walking deeper into the last turn around the soft sounds of music drifted out from behind one of the homes. The large circular road lined with a handful of homes was packed with cars parked along the street.

My heart was racing as i worried about being spotted. “Max come on back toward home.” I whispered tugging his leash wanting to turn him around. He refused digging his paws into the road, he had a route planned that he always did. There was a bush or something mom mentioned he peed on every time they walked back here. I struggled for another moment before giving up and planned to move quickly past the party house. “Just be fast max…” with a sigh each stride brought us closer and closer. My body felt like it was on fire, my heart in my throat, and yet my pussy was only more turned on. Drawing nearer to the noise it was clear the party wasn’t just beginning but sounded as if it wasn’t about to end too. I was reflexively biting my bottom lip as we reached the packed driveway. No one was in the front yard and the home had its curtains drawn. The darkness should be concealing, or so i hoped. My eyes were planted around the house looking for movement to possibly duck and hide among the cars. I hadn’t noticed Max himself turn left between two cars parked in front of the mailbox.

The compact had its trunk open but none of the lights were on. “Oh look… a dog.” The drunken slur of a man talking came from around the open trunk. My focus instantly snapped toward it as I peered around the edge of the small vehicle keeping the rest of my frame just out of sight. In the dark I could make out a guy probably mid to late twenties at the oldest. A cigarette at his mouth as he sat there on the ground head resting against the bumper eyes currently closed. Max was sitting next to him peering into the open car. Before I could stop him Max leapt into the car thinking we could now go for a ride too.

“No Max out!” The words came out as a quiet hiss as I leaned against the side of the car trying to pull him out. On of the back seats were down and Max was using the upright one to brace himself. I knew to get him out I would either have to climb into the trunk around the man or open the side door. “Oh Hi…. You can climb in and get him.” The smoking man looked over toward me his eyes studying my face as I leaned around the car. He seemed to have a hard time staying focused and in the end went back to leaning against the bumper, eyes closed smoking. In an attempt to avoid exposing myself I tried the passenger door letting go of the leash so I could pull it out through with Max. The doors were locked and in my attempt Max lept to the front his panting face appeared to be pleased with himself.

I glared at him before looking down at the man, “um… do you have the keys so i can get my dog?” Whispering to the man i still kept my body hidden as best I could. He didn’t even bother opening his eyes as he shook his head. “Not my car. I just dropped my lighter under it and decided sitting here may help stop the spinning.” I sighed knowing I would need to crawl into the trunk over this guy. The small trunk was stuffed full with stuff on the opposite side of him. Biting my lip nervously I took a step around the car. Thankfully this guy seemed pretty drunk, each time he spoke some words were slurred so maybe he wouldn’t notice me naked. With his eyes still closed I crept up next to him and started to climb inside the trunk.

Crawling through the hatchback I managed to get a grip on Max’s harness. He resisted being taken from the car and denied a fun ride as I got him pulled into the back. After several minutes of hushed scolding Max I was crawling backwards out of the trunk. Looking back the guy was still sitting there head resting on the cool car. Max was trying to keep himself rooted in place as I got him lined up with the down seat. He weighed too much for me to pick him up and back out of the trunk. Another glance back I didn’t want to ask this drunk to move as it may just gain me more of his attention. My only thoughts of how to get out was to straddle this guy and pull max out once I had my footing. My knees were at the edge of the trunk and I now had Max on a short leash follow along. My legs were spread, putting each foot hanging out the back over the man’s shoulders. Peering down between my legs I saw the guy tilt his head back further and open his eyes. Blinking several times he silently just started up at me, the cigarette in hand drawing it away. The wheels appeared to be turning as he was looking up at my petite ass. A sliver of moonlight shined against my slit, slightly glistening from how wet my naughty escapade made me.

“You’re naked!?” His voice was bolder and definitely a level or two louder than I wanted. Before he could say more I hopped out the trunk standing over him, feet straddling his hips, my hand over his mouth. Standing this close as he spoke I could smell both the smoke and heavy alcohol scent roll off his tongue. “Shhh I don’t want the entire neighborhood to know!” Even as the words left me I felt his tongue lap against my palm. Reflexively I pulled my hand away wiping the spit on my hip. “Fucking hell gorgeous, the guys wont believe this…” he chuckled loudly, while patting his pockets drunkenly looking for something. “Yo! Tommy!” As soon as he started to hollar for someone trying to get attention from the party I panicked. I tried pulling Max harder, he inched forward but was still refusing to get out.

“Please! Stay quiet!” I pleaded eyes toward the house but if anyone heard him they weren’t signs from here. He was grinning wide looking up at me head tilted back against the bumper “Come…” his shout was cut off, Max tugged on the leash making me lose my balance. My knees buckled landing under the man’s shoulders, pussy landing on his lips. Muffling whatever he was about to say, I wasn’t complaining about him going silent. Just like my hand he started to lick, my pussy was already wet from how turned I was and his spit was now adding to hit. His beard scratched against my thighs as he opened his mouth wider flicking his tongue out further. I tried to step back, his hand was now on my ass gripping it tight as he tasted my young body. I couldn’t do anything but moan as quietly as possible, the feeling of this tongue flicking against my clit was too much too fast. I was already on edge this entire walk, each lick was an earthquake of pleasure as the orgasm instantly rocked my body. My free hand was covering my own mouth as I did my best to not make too much noise.

It felt like several minutes passed in the span of seconds. His grip loosened on my waist, he now had both hands on my body and effortlessly lifted me up and into the trunk. I was on my hands and knees as I felt his mouth dive back into my pussy from behind. Even as drunk as he was it felt amazing, not that anyone had licked my pussy before this. Going from clit to asshole and back down. I had my face buried in the nook of an arm muffling my groans as he toyed with my body teasing out each little pleasure. I didn’t hear the zipper come undone, my mind was focused on the pleasure and staying quiet enough to avoid notice. This stranger was deeply enjoying my virgin teen pussy even if he was almost double my age. It made me feel so hot and I couldn’t explain why. Several more minutes passed, he moved from licking my pussy to ass. Fingers in my pussy getting soaked then they probed at my tight ass. All the while I kept myself muffled, one hand gripping the leash tight keeping Max from scurrying to the front of the car. The other was playing with my nipples making each hit of pleasure that much more enjoyable. I didn’t once look back as this man stroked himself slowly, eating me out, getting my body to quiver as his thick two fingers hit deep inside. I could feel wetness running down my legs now as he manage to stretch my ass with two wet fingers. I groaned against the pain, I never put anything in there and here he was shoving two sharpie sized appendages in at once.

There was a smile on his face as he felt how tight I was, “fuck you’re ass must be a virgin… should we change that…” I groaned again as he pushed his hand knuckle deep a thumb rubbed and teased my pussy as his fingers wiggle in my ass. I was about to answer when we both heard a call come from the driveway.

“Yo dude you alright been out here a minute?” Both of us were startled by the sudden voice of another man. “All good just having a smoke since the girls hate the smell.” He answered back, sounding a bit less drunk but still clearly sloshed. “Well man you gotta hurry back… you won’t believe the hot shit Amanda was just saying she like to do. Given how drunk she is you probably have a good chance at hitting it tonight.” The second guy had stopped approaching the car. I could spy him through the windows standing in the driveway. The guy that had been toying with my body just laughed pulling away from me. Released from the mind numbing pleasure I sank against the trunk as if it would hide me from the world.

The second guy left a moment later after the two exchanged some words, “see you around my little night nymph…” the guy muttered as he zipped up his pants walking back towards the party. I took my chance to leave Max realizing there would be no ride and my firm scolding of him got us back to walking. I was practically jogging as Max walked at a fast pace putting distance between me and the party. My hands were shaking, heart pounding, I couldn’t believe what I had done but the orgasm I just experienced was earth shattering. I couldn’t recall a single time I had cum so hard when toying with myself. This would certainly be a night I wouldn’t forget. It wasn’t long before the two of us returned to my dark house. In all we were gone for an hour or so with our little interruption. I went up the stairs and took a shower almost immediately when we got in. My thighs had gotten soaked and then dried when walking. I smelled like alcohol, smoke, and my own sex juices. I got myself to cum a second time as I relived the moment using my shower head and off to bed I went sexually satisfied and now heavily exhausted.

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