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Letting my sons friend fuck my wife. Pt. 3

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James finds out what happened.

Two weeks pass since I let Justin fuck Caroline again and also since I sent him the video and pictures. I thought everything was going well until last week when I noticed James was acting different. I thought it was just stress from work since he has been doing a lot of doubles and working 6 days in a row. Well one night Caroline was at her sisters and James was in his room playing video games. I go to his room and knock on his door.

“*knocking at James’s door* Hey bud”

“Yeah come in” James yells out

I go in and see him sitting at his gaming desk playing some video games

“Is there something wrong?” I say

“*hitting pause and turning to me* what do you mean”

“Well I feel like these last few days you have been acting odd and seems like something is bothering you”

“No I’m fine”

“Are you sure you know you can talk to me or your mom right”

“Yeah I do know but like I said I’m fine”

“Okay making sure”

I get up and walk to my room. I lay on my bed to try and take a nap when James walks in the door.

“Hey bud what’s wrong?”


“Me? What did I do?

“What did you do? You let Justin fuck mom twice”

I sit there frozen like a deer in headlights and I feel my heart drop to my stomach

“That didn’t happen” I say


“He told you“

“Yeah only because he was drunk”

“What do you mean”

“When we went to that party last week and I was the safe driver I took him home last because that’s when I spent the night that weekend we were in his room talking and we spoke about families and our moms and that’s when he said “yeah your moms pussy is nice” and I said what do you mean and that’s when he told me everything dad”

“He did”

“Yes, he even pulled out his phone and showed me the pictures and video you sent him”

“He showed them to you”

“Yes and I have them now too”

“You do”

“Yes dad, when I had his phone I sent them to myself”

“James, I don’t know what to say”

“So is everything he said true”

“What did he tell you “

“He told me the first you let him when you caught him eating moms pussy out and you let him fuck her and then after he sucked your dick and then you filmed yourself having sex with mom and sent it to him and then the next time you have her take sleeping pills and he came over and fucked her while I was at work”

“Yes it’s all true, I’m sorry James don’t be mad”

“It’s okay. I’m not mad at you guys and honestly I’m jealous of him”

“What you are?”

“Yes. Do you know how many I jacked off to the video and pictures?”


“A lot dad “


“Yes, all those times I stood at your door at night jacking off listening to you fuck her and me imagining fucking her pussy and giving mom my load”

“Really, you did that”

“Yes, so many times”

“I didn’t know, you were into that”

“Can you do the same for me, and let me fuck mom”



“Yes, I will let you fuck your mom”

“Fuck yeah, when”

“Hmmm how about tonight since you are off “

“Okay deal”

“Okay I will get the pills ready”

“Thank you dad”

“You are welcome “

“Does this mean I’m sucking your dick”

“Only if you want too”

“Yes I do”

I stand up and go downstairs to get the pills and tea ready. As I am crushing up the pills James comes down to the kitchen and sees me getting them ready. He comes and hugs me from behind and says

“I can’t believe this is happening”

“Yeah, and obviously don’t tell your mom and even Justin”

“I won’t tell I promise”

“Okay good, also does Justin know he told you and have the videos”

“No, he didn’t remember anything”

“Okay, good”

Justin then slaps my ass and goes back upstairs. I smile at him as he leaves the kitchen. Then around 6:30 again Caroline comes home looking beat. And I knew this plan would work even faster. And then I say

“Hey babe how was work?”

“Tiring and exhausting”

“I can tell you look like you haven’t slept in days”

“Very funny“

“Well me and James were thinking about ordering out do you want something to eat?”

“No, I’m just going to take a nice hot shower and call it a night”

“Okay. Do you want me to make you some tea to help you sleep”

“Yes please”

“Okay I’ll start making you some”

She then heads upstairs to take a shower. I go upstairs and I hear the water running. I walk over to James’s room and say

“Your mom is in the shower and I will put the powder in her tea. Do you still want to do this?”

“Yes I do. I want to fuck moms pussy so bad and give her my load that she deserves “

“Okay and after I will eat the cum out and have you suck daddy’s dick just like Justin did”

“Sounds like a plan”

45 minutes later Caroline is out of the shower and I put the pills in the drink and give it a good stir until the powder dissolves. I then go upstairs and give her the tea. She starts to drink it right away. I give it some time for the pills to settle in. I wait another 30 minutes and I go in and check on her. I go in and she is passed out asleep. I go over and I shake her and call her name out and I get no response. I wait another 5 minutes and I do it all again. And then at that point I realize it’s go time. I take off all her clothes and out her in the middle of the bed with legs open. I get so hard thinking about James fucking his own moms pussy. I get my chair ready and take off all of my clothes as well and then I then walk over to his room and I go in and say

“Okay all set”

He sees me all naked and he takes off all of his clothes in his room. I see he had a nice fit body as well with a nice size dick. We walk to our room and when we get in I see he has a big smile looking at his naked mom. I slap his ass and say

“Go get it”

I go over and sit on the chair and he climbs on the bed. He goes right to her boobs and he starts sucking on her nipples. He goes back and forth between both of them. And then he kisses all the way down her body all the way to her pussy. He positions himself like Justin and has his nice ass up in the air as he gets ready to eat her out. Before he starts he looks at me first and I give him the go ahead look and he smiles. He then starts eating out his moms pussy with passion. I smile big and the I look at his nice ass and I see his nice hole and his balls. And just like Justin I stand up and get behind him and I start eating his ass out too.

“Oh dad, fuck yeah”

I slap his ass a few times and he goes back to eating his mom out. And after a bit I go and sit back down on the chair and I continue to watch him. He is enjoying eating his own moms pussy out and I start jacking off watching him. Then he says

“I’m going to fuck this pussy good”

“Yeah let me see you fuck your moms pussy up”

He repositions himself on top of her and I see him spit on his dick and he places his dick on top of her pussy and he begins to rub it back and forth and then he starts to put his dick in nice and slow

“Oh fuck yeah, this feels so good”

“Yeah you like that pussy son”

“Oh fuck yeah”

James then starts fucking his moms pussy nice and good. I sit there watching his dick go in and out of her pussy and it is making me so hard. And at this point I am proud and happy for James. He is finally getting his own moms pussy that he has been wanting. I watch him fuck her at a nice point and hearing his moans is making me even harder. Then James yell out

“Oh fuck dad I’m about to cum oh fuck”

“Yeah fucking cum deep in your moms pussy”

“Okay here I cum, of fuck dad, oh fuck yeah”

He pushes his dick all the way in her pussy and he cums deep. He slowly pulls his dick out and I see his cum start to drip out and when I look at Caroline’s pussy it is still filled with his cum.

“Fuck yeah James, nice job”

“Thank you”

“Alright now time for me to clean it up”

James then gets off the bed and we switch places. I get on the bed and get right to work. I start eating James’s cum out of Caroline’s nice pussy. Then James gets behind me and he starts locking my hole.

“Of fuck James, hell yeah”

“Fuck dad, your ass is so nice”

He continues to lick my ass and it feels so amazing. I finish licking the cum out and then I say

“Alright, come suck daddy’s dick”

I move and sit at the end of the bed and James gets on his knees and quickly starts sucking my dick.

“Fuck yeah, suck that dick”

“Mhmm” James moans

His mouth feels so good and then I grab his head itch hands and then push his head all the way down and make him choke on my dick. Hearing him gag is amazing I love the sounds of him gagging. And then after a bit I yell out

“Oh fuck James I am about to cum”

“Yeah dad cum in my mouth I want your cum”

He starts to sucking my dick faster and faster and I yell out

“Oh fuck here I cum, oh fuck oh fuck”

I then cum in James’s mouth, filling it with my nice cum. I look at James and he is smiling hard and then I see him swallow all of my cum.

“You swallowed all of my cum”

“Yes daddy I did, all of it”

“That’s my boy”

We both stand up and James gives me a hug

“Thank you dad’

“You are welcome James”

“Alright I am beat, I’m going to take a shower and go to bed”

“Alright, and remember not a word”

“Goodnight and I won’t say a word”

As James is leaving I slap his ass hard and he looks and smiles at me as he leaves to his room. I then look at Caroline and finish cleaning her up. I get pajamas on and give her a kiss and I say “I love you”. I then go to take a shower myself to get ready for bed. As I am in the shower I think about everything I let the boys do. Then I get out of the shower and get dressed and go to bed. I cuddle with Caroline and fall asleep with her.

Pt. 4 Soon

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Married people hopefully always sleep naked together.
    Some do not. I always wonder why.

  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Another very nice well written hot story. A delightful fantasy. Believable, which is also nice. Women always know when they have been fucked, but being married, she would just assume it was her husband. Keep writing your amazing stories. Always enjoyable to read them.

  • Reply Bob ID:1czd2sromge4

    Another great memory. But this time it’s your son fucking your hot sexy wife!!! Loved it. Any chance you get both boys together for a good circle suck and rimming session??
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply My dick 4 little girls ID:n2492rfzm

    I read that he had his pj and showered with them on, since they were wet he put dry one on.

    • Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

      A typo. It was her PJ’s.

  • Reply Little Ray ID:10zh3i16v9j

    I would like to eat her pussy too ! I love too eat well fucked full of cum pussy!

    • Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

      Eating your wifes cum filled pussy is one of lifes pleasures.