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This happened many years ago on Christmas Eve. I told Rocky, my then boyfriend that I was going to bring him some food. I put on a Santa halter and a Santa thong. I grabbed my red pumps, my coat and the food. I drove to his place of business and parked my car and went in his office. Rocky was with one of his workers, Jamil. I walked in and Rocky said ok Carol what’s under the coat. I dropped my coat and said Merry Christmas. I looked at Jamil and he licked his lips. I’m five feet, nice legs and ass, blonde hair and huge 34dd tits. Rocky immediately tried to pull my top down. I slap his hand and the both of them say show is something Carol. I say I’ll dance for you and that’s it. Rocky puts on some music and I climb up on his desk and start to dance. Rocky and Jamil are yelling show us something. I ignore them and now the dancing is over. Rocky says boy you’ve got no Christmas spirit. I laugh and say why because I won’t get naked for the two of you. Jamil says Carol it’s Christmas just a peek. Now I feel bad so I pull my top down and Jamil says Carol you’ve got gorgeous tits. I squeeze them together and say thank you Jamil. Rocky says Carol how about letting Jamil touch them. I say no and pull my top back up. I look at Jamil and it looks like he just lost his best friend. I say ok but be gentle and I pull my top back down. Jamil grabs both of my tits and starts to lick and suck my nipples. OMG aim getting so wet so I say ok enough. I pull my top back up. Jamil says Merry Christmas and he leaves. Rocky lays me on the desk and he puts his ten inch cock inside me. Oh yes Rocky fuck me with your huge cock. Rocky says Carol I think Jamil wanted to fuck you. I laugh and say to Rocky fuck me Jamil. Rocky is fucking be hard and deep the way I like it. I grab Rocky’s face and say cum in me Jamil. Rocky shoots a big load of cum inside me. Rocky says Carol follow me to my house. We pull in his driveway, get out our cars and go inside. Rocky strips and so do I and we go in the shower. Rocky bends me over and wants to fuck me in the shower. I say let’s fuck on your bed. We dry off and Rocky lays on the bed and says Carol suck my cock. I start to suck his cock when I feel two hands on my ass spreading me open. I feel a cock enter me and when I turn around it’s Jamil. I tell him please stop I don’t want this. He’s holding my hips so I can’t pull away and his big black cock is fucking me hard and deep. I turn to him and say fuck my white pussy Jamil. He says Carol I plan to. Rocky gets up and leaves and leaves me alone with Jamil. He lets go of my hips because now all I want is his black cock inside me. He grabs my tits and he’s pulling on my nipples. I cum and now he has me on my back. He’s sucking my nipples now and he says are you enjoying my black cock. I answer I love your black cock and cum again. Jamil says Im going to cum where do you want it. I tell him deep in my white pussy as I feel him explode inside me. Jamil pulls his cock out of me and tells me to suck the rest of his cum out of his cock. I do it and keep sucking his cock. He says Carol suck my cock you white slut. I want to make him hard again so he fucks me again. Oh yes he’s hard and I climb on top of him riding his big black cock. Jamil is grabbing at my tits licking and sucking them. I cum again and Jamil gets on top of me and slams his black cock inside me. He’s deep, very deep so I wrap my legs around him and say yes Jamil fuck me give me another load of your black cum. Jamil cums inside me and says what if you get pregnant with my black baby. I ask him are you trying to get me pregnant. Jamil laughs and says no. I tell him cum in me every time and give me a black baby. He’s rock hard and he slams my pussy with his cock. We both cum and Jamil says I hope you’re pregnant. I laugh and say I hope so too. Both of us are all fucked out so we go to sleep. The next morning I wake up, put my robe on and go downstairs to make coffee. There’s a note on the table and it’s from Rocky. He says I left and I hope you and Jamil have some fun today. Jamil comes downstairs naked. He has a hard on and he asks where is Rocky. I show him the note, he unties my robe and pushes his cock inside me. OMG ahi’s cock feels so good inside me. He says Carol Im going to cum in you all day and I hope you get pregnant. I grab his face and say promise now fuck me. We fuck most of the day and my pussy is loaded with his cum. I tell Jamil Im getting ready to leave and if he needs a ride home. He says sure I’ll take the ride. We get to his house and he says Carol pull down the street. I do and it’s so dark. He jumps out my SUV pulls me sideways, moves my thong and says I want to fuck you on more time. Oh yes fuck me Jamil as his cock enters me. He has my legs up in the air and says when I cum this time you’ll be pregnant. OMG I cum all over his cock and he cums deep inside me. Jamil kisses me goodbye and says did you enjoy my cock. I told him I loved it and maybe we can do it again. He laughs and says go now and I hope I made you pregnant. Oh yes Hamil with your black baby. Im driving home, my pussy is sore and full of Jamil’s cum. Thanks Rocky for maybe getting me pregnant.

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    Many white women love black cock, I’m one of them. I love to look at all my white cum on his black cock. Love it.