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I took an opportunity

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I was young and had just discovered the pleasures of jerking off and porno on line. My cock wasn’t real big just about 5 1/2 inches but I was pretty proud of it. I knew it would get bigger with age and masturbation. I loved the new found feeling of cum squirting out of my cock and because I was so young and filled with testosterones my cock would stay hard after the first orgasm right into the second squirt.
My sister was quite a bit older then me and was always out on a date with someone, she was a very popular girl. I didn’t really pay much attention to her until one day I happened upon a site about incest and the joys of fucking family members. I watched in awe as boys and men fucked their aunts, mothers and sisters.
It got me thinking about my sister and I started watching her. To my surprise I saw that she was a pretty, sexy and attractive girl who started to give me boners. I would run into my room close the door and jerk off to thoughts of fucking my sisters hot little body. She has auburn hair, green eyes, 32b tits, a tight firm ass and is 5’3″ tall, yeah the more I looked at her the hotter she got and the harder my cock got. I so wanted to fuck her but I knew that would never happen only in my mind. I kept watching more and more porn about boys fucking their sisters and was jerking off nearly every hour until my cock and balls were to sore to touch.
Like I said my sis would go out on dates and party a lot. Sometimes she would come home late and totally wasted and I thought it was an opportunity for me to maybe get a feel or something. I tried a few times when she was wasted to help her to bed and cop a feel of her breasts but the time I actually cupped her breast in my hand she flipped out and punched me in the face. But, I had felt her tit, haha so it was mission accomplished in a way.
An opportunity came on night a couple weeks later when my mom and dad went away for a few days and my sister was given the chore of keeping an eye on me, which she was pissed about. So the Friday night she started to drink a little and then went out on the porch for a joint, I could smell it in the house, that sweet sticky odor. It gave me a freaking headache so I looked in the cabinet for a Tylenol but couldn’t find any. I went into my parents room and look in the on suite bathroom and started digging through there. I found the Tylenol and also a pill bottle of sleeping pills for my Mom. I never knew she took those things but when I saw them an evil plan popped into my head and I took a couple out of the bottle.
My sister was back watching tv and drinking some more and I waited. Eventually she had to take a leak and when she did I pulled the capsules of sleeping pills apart and dumped 2 into her drink mixing it in so she wouldn’t notice. When she came back in she tipped the drink up and swallowed what was left down her throat. Fucking beauty I thought and waited to see what would happen. It wasn’t long before she started to get droopy eyed and I could see her struggling to stay awake but it was a lost cause. Her eyes closed an she slumped down in her chair in a minute she was snoring softly and I took my chance
I walked over to her side and looked down at her sleeping form watching her breasts rise and fall as she breathed and feeling my cock harden inside my track pants. I looked down at my bulge and smiled, as I admired the little nipples poking at the cotton of her tee shirt. I looked at her closely then reached out and touch the nipple on her left breast. I gave it a poke, then a little pinch between my fingers, nothing happened she didnt wake up. I became more bold and took both her breasts in my hands and started to squeeze them and my cock got so hard I knew I was gonna cum soon. I watched her face again then pulled my cock out of my pants as I pulled her top up a bit exposing her bare belly. I started to stroke my cock as I slipped a hand up under her top and cupped her bare breast. That was it blasted a load of cum out of my cock squirting a huge glob right onto my sister’s belly and down her side.
Oh fuck I thought as I ran to the kitchen dripping cum and grabbed a towel from the rack and ran back to wipe the cum off of her. I wiped the cum from her side that was running down onto the chair. Then went to wipe off the cum on her belly but it looked so hot on there I had to take another look. Now I had been jerking off for like 3 months now and of course had tasted my cum and I liked it. I smiled and leaned over my sister and started to lick my cum off her belly. Oh fuck I thought I loved it and my young cock grew hard again in record time as I licked and tasted. Just before I finished and other evil thought came into my mind and I scooped the last of my cum onto 2 fingers and pushed them into my sisters slightly open mouth rubbing my cum off no her tongue. her mouth moved and I quickly pulled my hand away and stepped back in case she was waking up but all she did was swallow. Fuck yeah I thought.
I wasn’t sure what I should do now or how long the pills would last so I just wiped her belly off and pulled down her tee shirt, shut off the tv and went up to my room. I stripped off and grabbed my hard cock thinking about what had happened, how her tit had felt bare and how she had swallowed my cum when i had push some into her mouth. It wasn’t long before I was squirting another load into the towel.

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    Give her three capsules and gangbang her

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    Very nice. Second part coming? Love it!

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      More please,too badyou dont have a younger cousin