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I think the neighbors dog and I love each other

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At first the neighbors German Shepard put his nose under my skirt and right into my pussy, then a lick ..

I grew up going to the neighbors, I had no siblings, and next door was a house full of kids, my girl friend an age below me and a brother an age above me, they had siblings below and above them. I think each one had their own dog or cat.

It was the year I first started my period, I was at the neighbors sitting at the dinning table with my girlfriend. One of the dogs, a German Shepard put his nose right under my skirt, into my crotch. Before I know it, his tongue starts licking my pussy. Dang it felt good. I flushed and felt myself turning red in the face. My friend looked at me, asked if I was OK. I whispered to her what the dog was doing. She gets big smile, says let’s go to my room, and the dog follows.

She closed the door behind us. Tells me to watch this … as she got on the floor on her hands and knees. Her butt in the air, her skirt slid to her waist, she did not have her panties on. The dog started licking her butt and pussy. Then the dog mounted her, and started humping. He was not in any hole at all, she reached down between her legs and got her hand on his now very extended dick, she guided it to her pussy and it went in. He humped away. As I watched his dick came out, and in a few pumps it went into her butt. He humped away, and she could care less he had changed holes. His dick came out again, and she pushed him away and got up.

She told me to get down on floor like she had. I did, she saw I did not have panties on like her, she moved my skirt to my waist out of the way. She guided the dog over to me, he really seemed to like licking my pussy much more. She said cus I had my period, which she had just ended hers. She helped the dog mount me, and she moved his dick to my pussy. Now I had fingered myself, but that had been it, so when his dick pushed inside me it felt huge, but very good, a better as he pumped away. It went on for minutes and then it felt all warm inside me. She said the dog was cumming. I got a strange feeling that his dick was much bigger, and it had. I thought it was all over, but he stayed inside me. And not that I wanted it to stop anyway. She said he was done, but knotted, and it would be a minute or so before he would go unknotted.

So there I am, down on all fours, with a dog inside me. There is a quick tap at her bedroom door, and the door opened, I was in shock, it was her dad. He was saying my mom just called and wanted me home for dinner … he paused, gave out a big sigh, and excused himself, closing the door.

The dog did unknot, and popped out. I had dog cum running out my pussy, and when I stood up, it ran down my legs. She and I walked out of her room and toward the front door. Her dad and mom, in the kitchen said goodbye. Like always, but her dad added, he looked forward to seeing me again soon. Which is another story. I was out the door and headed home. I did look forward to going back as soon as possible, but did wonder about her dad.

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