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I lied about my age

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Me and friends went to a party and lied about our age. I was 12 and was getting anal fucked by a 21 year old.

When I was 12 i went to a party. I went with my friends and we told everyone we were 16 but really we weren’t lol I met a guy there and he was 21. We talked and hung out and he called me all sorts of things to get me to give him my number lol. I gave it to him and told him to message me.

He did but at the time i had a boyfriend and being loyal to him i left that guy i met, on seen for a few months until me and my bf finally broke up. I had sex at least 3 times so i knew what it felt like having a dick in my pussy but it all changed once i was with the 21 year old. He still thought i was 16 lol.

I messaged him back and asked him if hed want to take me out to lunch and he said yes. I got him to pick me up from school at lunch time and we ended up going to burger king lol. I asked him if we could go back to his house after we were done eating and off we went. He kept looking down at my legs in the car and from the bulge in his pants i could see he was excited too.

We got into his house and immediately we started hooking up. He lifted me up and put me up against the wall, my legs and arms around him as he was moving his waist up against mine. Pushing us up against the wall. We paused for a moment and he took his clothes off, standing there naked and his dick standing up for me too. It was veiny, i could see one big vein popping from it. I could tell his dick would be so hot.

I left my uniform, roman sandles, skirt and blouse on because i didnt want to have to get dressed again. He grabbed this bottle which looked like oil or lube and he squirted it all over his dick. It looked so hot glistening in the light. My body was getting very hot and tingly just looking at it. He told me to turn around and get on my knees. I did as he asked and he rubbed his dick up and down my bum crack. It felt weird abd funny but it was making me really wet.

I felt him push his dick into my ass but he could only get the tip of his head in. It was quite sore even with all the lube he had put on it. He fingered me and jerked himself. I looked down, and could see his dick in his hand and his balls rubbing against my now soaking pussy. His two fingers moving around my ass, stretching it just enough. He tried again, this time more of it went it. I could feel him getting deeper. I let out a huge moan and knew it turned him on more. He took his dick out and put it in again, this time i could feel the head and the long bit inside my tight ass. Every part of my body was tightening up. I couldn’t handle it but i wanted him to keep going.

He pushed in more, and i could feel that vein on his dick that i mentioned earlier. Oh gosh it felt so good. My knees started to hurt and so he got me to bend over on the couch. As i walked there, i could feel my ass tighten back up but then spread apart so easily when he shoved his dick back in. Omg i couldnt believe it, i started cumin from being fucked in the ass. my whole body shaking as he kept pummeling my ass and making me moan. After a few more pumps he let out a big moan too and i felt his dick shoot into my ass. He told me it felt like my ass was miking him lol. My body was feeling very exhausted at that point even though i did nothing but take his dick.

I asked him to carry me to his bed so i could have a nap before going back to school. When i was at school my friends were asking me what the white stains were on my skirt. I didn’t know what it was, i told them it was from burger king lol. He came in my ass so much that when i went to do a shit my ass felt blocked like i was constipated. I couldn’t shit for a day and i was told I was walking funny but i never told anyone why lol. Me and the 21 year old dated for a few weeks until we broke up.

It was some of the best sex I’ve had.

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