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Husband left

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When my husband wants a divorce I find sex in the worst place

My name I Tessa . Im 33 . For 33 id say i have a ok body . Im 5. 4 . Weight like 50kg . AA titts that are always perky . Slim body and legs . Always had a small ass . Pussy even after giving birth is tight .

Me and my husband got married at 18 . Don’t think either off us really wanted to but I was pregnant and about to give birth to his son do our parents thought it would be best . The first few years things seemed really great but as time went on he changed and the marriage suffered . He became abusive and I soon decided it was time for a divorce . I wasn’t smart along the way and had not noticed that everything had been put into his name . That left me and our 15 year old son Mark with nothing . He made sure we had nothing . Social people helped and got me and Mark a place to live for the start . It was crap and tiny . Had one bedroom with a double bed.

Tiny lounge and kitchen and a old style bathroom . Things were hard . He hated not having his own room and space . Sleeping in the same bed was awkward . He started lashing out but I just gave him time as all this was hard on him . I knew he was a 15 year old boy who really needed his space . He was finding sexuality . I had nearly walked in on him walking a couple of times . Then we had been here for around 3 weeks when it all started . Things changed .

It was starting to be summer and heating up so I started to wear one of my summer pj tops and pj shorts . This night we had got into bed and gone to sleep . Normally he faces one side and me the other . The sleep started as normal . But during the night I felt him tussle in bed then felt his hand come over me and cup my breast through my top . He had rolled over . I sneakily checked if he was asleep and he was . He had done this in his sleep . I didn’t want to wake him up as he gets on bad moods the next day so I left his hand there . I was embarrassed laying there with my sons hand cupping my titt .

A few hours had passed and he rolled back over . When we woke up he acully seemed in a good mood . Well over the next couple of weeks this continued to happen every couple of nights . I just let him do it . I thought he is doing it in his sleep and doesn’t know . I kind of thought wow I’m liking this . Then it went more . Soon his hand was going under my top . There was my son accully holding my titt . His fingers would wrap it tight .

First few mornings I’d wake up with red finger marks as he held it that tight . I was starting to think it was a comfort thing in his sleep . I still thought I knew he was not awake but asleep the whole time . This all continued for I’d say 6 weeks . Then I got my first big shock . This night it had been the same . But then I felt his hand move from my titt and thought he was rolling over but no it touched my thigh . Them moved and I felt his hand go and touch and rest on my ass . Omg my son has hid hand on my ass . Yes I should of woke him up but didn’t .

I think my sexual frustration took over and let this go . Few more nights of titt and ass happened . Then it changed again . His hand moved around and that’s when I felt it a finger had touched my pussy . I feel it move and start pushing and then it slide into my pussy . My head telling me you need to stop this but my body saying don’t you dare . His hand and finger staying put for a few hours . My pussy during this time getting wetter and wetter . I was so damn close to cumming . Another week and half passes of him going from holding my titt , gripping my titt and having a finger inside me .

I think being my age and having someone so young turned me on so I didn’t stop it . Now it got serious . This night I feel him rustling around in bed . Thought oh great he is having a shit night . But nope . I feel him roll over . His hand moves my bottoms down . I think oh my God no . I turn my head . His eyes are closed tight but can see movement .

Omg how is he doing this . I soon find out why he was moving around . He moves against me and I feel his cock rubbing against me . Fuck fuck I have to wake him . Again it’s like don’t you dare . So I didn’t . Him grinding against me . After awhile I do need to get out of bed as he cums . My pjs and ass covered in his cum . Great now I’ve got my son cumming on me .

How did I let it get this far . If I only knew what he was up to I would of earlier . Few nights later our lives really changed . I felt his cock go back to my ass . I really thought nothing of it . I no time I felt him move . He pushed me and some how I was on my tummy . I felt him roll on top of me and his hard cock at my asshole . ” Mark get off me , get off me now ” I yell at him . ” You can’t stop this .

You have let me do all that I have . You tell anyone I’ll say you forced me and you will go to jail ” . My brain thought who would believe a single mum with nothing over a 15 year old boy . He had me . I knew I had to just let him do what he wanted . ” Why mark ? Why are you doing this ? I sobbed . ” You need to pay fir making dad leave . Now I have nothing ” he says back in a mean voice .

That’s when I feel it . His hard cock pressing at my bud . Soon I feel his hard cock starting to pass my bud and go into my ass . I had only ever let my husband do anal once as it hurt to much . Now my soon is . I’m crying and say ” Please stop it . Your hurting me ” but his reply was ” Who cares now be good and take it ” . I jump and scream as I feel his cock go fully in . He starts fucking me slowly . I can feel his cock stretching my poor ass as he is fucking my ass .

As it starts to streach to accommodate his cock I grab the sheets as he is in so deep . I start grunting every time he pushes back in . Omg my ass is burning so bad . I just want him to finish . But no he starts to fuck me harder ramming his cock into my ass . I grunt louder with each thrust in . Tears rolling down my face . Soon I feel him push down on me and bury his cock in as deep as he can and I feel it his hot cum is shooting into my ass . I couldn’t believe how much he shot into me . Soon as he is finished he just pulls right out .

A pop sound comes from my sore ass as he pulls out . He collapses beside me and says ” oh that was so damn good . My first time doing anything and I can’t wait till my cock gets into my mummy’s pussy ” with a smile on is face . I roll over to not have to see him . I can’t believe it when next he shoves two fingers into my ass and says ” We will sleep like this ” . He of course had a great sleep . I couldn’t sleep at all . The whole next day moving hurt . My ass wouldn’t stop hurting so much . The next night I didn’t even really want to go to bed .

But he told me to get into bed . Sort of scared I just went to get into bed . ” might as well take all that off you won’t be needing it ” he says with a grin . I just give up and strip off . Then get into bed . It didn’t take long before he started . But omg I was shocked . He went under the sheet and I had no idea what was coming . I felt his tongue touch my clit . He started licking it .

As much as I didn’t want to I was loving this . My pussy getting wet . My clit swelling up and getting so sensitive . I think he knew he was getting the reaction be wanted from me and my body . He was now sucking on it . My breathing getting deeper and deeper as I could feel his tongue bringing me to orgasm . He kept licking and sucking till my hands pushed on his head and I had what would be my first orgasm of this night . Soon as my orgasm had finished I instinctively pushed his head down . His tongue found my hole right away . Omg did he start going to work .

His tongue darting in and out of my pussy . Tasting my juices that were now flowing . By this stage I knew he had gotten what he wanted I was loving this . Having someone please me sexually and I had even lost the thought that it was my own son . I was moaning now . Keeping my hands on his head making sure his tongue kept licking my pussy as deep as I could . Soon I could feel another orgasm building . My legs starting to shake . I could feel my pussy tightening up . I let my head roll back and wave after wave of pleasure took over as I started cumming .

I couldn’t even remember the last time I cummed so much . After I stopped cumming he moved back up and I was so surprised when he kissed me on the mouth . I was tasting my cum and juices and it was like I was turned on even more . I look down and omg for his age he really did have a decent size cock . A good 8 inch of cock which shocked me . He then grabbed me and made me get on all fours . Really not making me as at this point I was happy to . I felt him line his cock up with my pussy . He wasted no time and didn’t even bother with slow . Instantly he was pounding my pussy hard and fast .

The feeling of his rock hard cock ramming my pussy deep felt so amazing . I was moaning louder and louder . Soon I was pushing back onto him with his thrusts getting that cock deeper into me . My pussy pulsing . My clit throbbing . The more he fucked me I could feel the pressure building . My husband was one of those quick finishers so it had been so many years since I had this feeling and knew what was coming . I had not squirted in like 5 years but I knew this feeling and knew i was about to . My head saying your going to squirt from your son fucking you but I didn’t care . Him now pulling back slow and then ramming in hard did it .

My hands pulled on the sheets so fucking tight . My whole body was shaking like crazy . I let out a massive moan and started squirting . I went Limp and just let my body go . It felt amazing . Soon after one last huge push and he was cumming . We then spent the rest of the night spooning . Him off and on playing with my titts . I was hating my self but loving this now at the same time . We stayed in that house for another 2 years .

We did end up getting a bigger bed . Some nights it was just me sucking his cock . Didn’t take long till my throat had to get use to his cock . Often we would fuck two or three times a night . I even got use to and started to be ok with anal . Think after a few more times of him painfully fucking my ass it got stretched enough not to hurt me . He moved out with a gf at 19 . I’ll admit I missed it alot . He still comes over every second weekend and we spend the whole time in the bedroom . Let’s say the Sunday night when he leaves in fucking sore as hell .

You might all think I’m a shit mum but we got put into a situation and in the end made the best of a bad thing . Neither of us even now regret a single thing .

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    I think you’re an awesome mom. I fantasize abut my 31 yr old son doing this to me. And my 32 yr old daughter.
    I’d love to suck her cunt while he fucked her ass. AND have the dogs tongue deep inside my cunt.
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      What a lovely fantasy you have, would you like to actually make it happen though…

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    You should let him breed you

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    what a lucky lad more moms should be like you

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    Du bist eine so tolle Mutter Tessa und ich wünschte ich hätte so eine grile Mutter gehabt der ich ihre drei löcher ficken hätte können

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    I love that story I wish it was me

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    I have always wanted to fuck my step-mom. I should have just taken her.

    • Tessa ID:1dys36fdopxa

      At the start it felt so wrong but ended up being so good