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How I lost my virginity to my best friend

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This is a story of how I lost my virginity and about how I got interested in tomboys. This story happened when I was 21 and my best friend was 19.

A little bit more of a synopsis before I start. At the time of the story I didn’t have too much luck with girls even though I tried hard.

at this time I was still in school for about one more year, during this last year I met a girl named Paige when she first walked into the classroom I pretty much had my eye on her and after class her and I started to talk and I found out that she lived a few blocks from me. So from that her and I became instant friends and we pretty much hung out everyday we are inseparable to a point.

Either I was at her house or she was at my house playing board games or watching TV or movies and as we hung out more she did notice that I had problems getting a girl, so she did give me some advice which did help later in life.

As we spent a lot of time together she did notice I was getting attracted to her and she didn’t mind it at all because she was quite attracted to me too, so one day as we hung out her and I gave into each other and she unhooked and pulled my jeans down, then she started to give me a handjob and when the process of her doing that I did the same to her and started rubbing her pussy since at that time she already had her pants down.

Which I noticed that she was already wet for me and I had her lick up her juices off my finger then she went back to focusing on the handjob she was giving me and that handjob turned into her sucking me off which felt like heaven she deep-throated, licked and slobbered the entire length of my dick not a single inch was dry, after she was finishing with my first BJ.

She got into a good position where I could get on top of her and her pussy as she slid me in felt perfect and she gripped me tight she made sure I was in good we knew I was she told me to be rough which at that time I didn’t know what I was doing so she taught me as I was pounding into her she told me exactly where to hit and once I figured it out then I pounded into her harder and made sure to get deep inside of her.

As I got better and better I got her to roll her eyes pretty much into the back of her head and she told me that I was doing such a good job because I kept hitting the right spots and I was doing such a good job that she didn’t want me to stop, she ended up calling me Daddy quite a bit and she wanted me to hold her down which made me find out that I’m pretty dominant.

Pagie ended up squirting on my dick at least three or four times which got her to moan a lot and I told her that I was getting closer to cumming and I asked her if she wanted me to pull out and to my surprise she didn’t really care if I pull out or not so I just kept pounding into her and once she noticed that she told me to cum inside of her, so as I got closer and closer, all she could do is moan and beg me to dump a load into her pussy and that’s exactly what I did I couldn’t hold back anymore so as it became too much I have thrusted as deep as I could inside of her and I gave her every bit of my load inside of her tight pussy.

Knowing Paige and I fucked for hours she got pretty dick drunk for me and she told me that she wouldn’t mind fucking me again and actually she loved what I did to her and she told me that she’ll be my personal cumdump.

Hopefully you all liked that story sorry if my grammar isn’t the best never has been my strong suit but that’s how I lost my virginity, how I found out I had an attraction to tomboys because she was one through and through and how I found out that I was very dominant during sex. If anyone was wondering if Paige got pregnant sadly she didn’t but she did end up having a son but as far as I’m aware is not mine because the times of virginity and her getting pregnant is too far apart. Also this was my first story on here so hopefully with time if I make more my stories can have better grammar LOL.

Also sorry if there was a lot of filler hopefully in later stories I can shorten it quite a bit to get to the good stuff cuz I do have other stories with Paige and other girls I fucked so if you enjoyed this story keep an eye out for my new ones when I make them once I find time.

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