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Honeymoon with my young “cousin”

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A summer night I finally made love to my cousin and I won’t go back

The story begins almost a lifetime ago when I first met Lexi, she’s my “cousin”, why the quotations you may ask she ain’t my cousin by blood, her mom and mine are best friends since they were girls but that’s beyond the point; a beautiful little girl waltzed into my house one day when I was 6 and she was 4 “hi my name is Lexi how are you” as she took a little playful reverence, little I knew I was meeting my future lover.

My name is Jake I’m 17 going on 18 and about to go to the same school almost everyone in my family has attended after attending the same ritzy k-12 me and Lexi are attending; I consider myself not bad looking and I’m also an athlete a standout player on our football team, my friends always tease me about 2 things, how the girls at our school drool over me and how hot Lexi is; on the former I couldn’t care less about
, don’t get me wrong I love females just not the type that go to my school they’re friends and just that; on the latter I can’t disagree internally, Lexi is quite a catch she’s 15 going on 16 a standout gymnast and swimmer with a body that has been really developing, round C-cups that bounced nicely as she
paraded, legs and an ass than any older woman would envy and would caught any man’s gaze a face as beautiful as you can imagine with gorgeous deep blue eyes and silky smooth chestnut hair, a goddess true and true; ever since she was 12 and I 14 I’ve been mad about her and have always enjoyed being with her, either when her mom dropped her off at home so she and my mom could go to the country club to get drunk and bitch about anything and I was left alone babysitting her I would sneak a touch here and a there and she’d play along as we cuddle and she’d always tell me “Jake can you please hug me as if I was your wife?” I’d play being annoyed but deep down I was loving it, but also she’s a standout in her classes and in our city’s jet set, her late dad died when she was 6 and left her a hefty trust fund, properties and a business that she will have access when she graduates college and also enough so her mom,Donna wouldn’t have to worry about anything; my friends would joke around me about her telling me “hey Jake when will you bang Lexi” and make betts about it ever since we where in 9th grade and she in 7th and I had to feign being mad at them “shut your mouth before I do it for ya, she’s my cousin” but deep down I kept a pair of her panties I stole during a sleepover in a ziploc bag underneath a loose tile under my bed and I’d jerk it off while sniffing them taking in all her smell of honey, innocence and beauty, then feeling immense guilt.

That last summer of me being in town before college didn’t promised that much I decided to forego a trip to Cabo with some of my friends and decided to stay home as I had to prepare myself for college. Days went by and then in the middle of summer as I’d played video games in my room my dad came along with some news that at first annoyed me but I didn’t knew it would be the best I’d ever had “Jake, bud pack up we’ll be spending a couple weeks at our lake house” I asked my dad “who’s we?” “Oh just me, your mom, Donna, her boyfriend Tony, Lexi and you” I knew I’d be in paradise, my parents would get drunk out with Donna and any guy she was dating and I’d be left all alone with Lexi who loved wearing one piece swimsuits and bikinis all day long, we even have a private wing for the both of us as the house was 2 adjacent lakeside brick houses made into one by my grandpa with a boathouse and a pier and a big front garden, but every year I’ve never been able to get down with Lexi for any number of reasons but I had to think about something this time.

We arrived and for the first week all we did was the standard summer camp stuff while at nights Lexi and I would spend the night at the terrace’s swing watching the stars and she’d be wearing her nighties and I’d would stroke her soft gorgeous milky thighs when she didn’t notice, or I thought she didn’t as she’d get closer in the cuddle.

But at the first Saturday night I knew I had to act; Lexi and I were as always in our swing just talking and watching the stars, I had lit up a citronella candle to keep the mosquitos away and at a moment Lexi ambushed me with a question that would change everything “Jake, do you love me?” At first I gave her the usual answer “Of course princess I love you with all my heart” but she didn’t hesitate “ I mean do you love me as your dad loves your mom?” “What do you mean Lexi?” “I’ve seen the way you look at me Jake and I’m not mad I actually do love you” and she gave me a kiss in the lips I had to pull away to catch my breath “did you liked it? Jake it’s my first kiss I’ve been saving up myself for you, all of myself” as she stood up the thin silk fabric of her pink nightie pressed up to reveal the shape of the perfect nipples that topped her breasts and it barely covered the uppermost part of her sexy thighs. As she stepped, I could see her tight panties gripping her perfect ass. I took it all in but I had to commit to my plan and not take her right there so I played mad and sternly told her “Lexi you’re like a cousin to me I love you in that way and I can’t do nothing else, I’m honored to have been your first kiss but baby you can get me in so much trouble, please go to bed we’ll talk in the morning” as tears formed in her eyes she took her robe and shut the doors to the balcony that led from her bedroom.

With the first part of my plan complete I had to see if the coast was clear so as quietly as I could I snuck into the adult’s s wing, my parents happily sound asleep in the master bedroom, Donna and Tony drank out in theirs so I closed their doors and went back to my bedroom the expectation killing me my dick (ain’t a monster but it does it’s job greatly according to several girls at my school) stiff as an oak.

Waited a little while and decided to act, and it paid off as I snuck into Lexi’s bedroom through the door in the hallway I felt the cool breeze of the ac running and there in a big soft bed was Lexi, sleeping in her side her legs looking as marvelous as ever under the moonlight her face a rare expression of sadness as she could’ve been crying, as I closed the door behind me with as much care as possible I thought “I’m in the abode of a goddess and I’ll worship her, I’m in paradise” as I left the condoms I snuck in in her cupboard

After I peeled my shirt off I started kissing caressing and biting softly her gorgeous thighs and buttocks and touching her pussy over her panties, she shifted in position and I had a chance to get to smell her pussy and it smelled like what heaven could smell like or even better while I looked up to the roof as if I was looking for an answer and as I kissed her neck she stirred and woke up “Jake? What are you doing?” Her voice a mix of confusion and seductive sultriness I didn’t said a thing I just grabbed her out her bed took her in front her mirror and hugged her tightly from behind and began stripping her while telling her “look at the mirror Lexi see yourself, you’re a goddess” as her panties dropped and her nightie went above her head and I held her arms above her head “does that mean you actually love me?” She asked almost moaning “yes my dear and I’ll show it to you” “You won’t tell anyone else about what we’re doing tonight it’s between us for now” she nodded as I began kissing her while pinning her to the wall as she wrapped her perfect arms around my neck and my tongue darted into hers melting away any doubt, I kissed her cheeks down her neck her chest and I finally got face to face with her perfect breasts I looked up and she looked back and said “they’re for you” she grabbed my head as after I kissed the skin in the middle, I sucked and kissed her nipples and breasts then lifted her up to her big bed as I put a towel over the sheets and told her to her ese “you’re all mine goddess, all mine” “I’m yours she answered” but as soon as she could she stood and dropped my boxer briefs to the ground and then did something totally spontaneous
for her out of pure instinct she leaned down and put my penis into her mouth about an inch or so I didn’t pulled back , she sucked it in deeper and then animal passion just took over. She sucked it in and out, from the head to the base, over and over while stroking it, I pulled back a little and asked her “Lexi where did you learned this?” “one night I stumbled upon my mom and Tony and watched her doing this then I googled it” “that’s awesome baby girl let me return you the favor” as I pinned her into the bed spread eagle and moving my hands from her face down her body and as I kissed and licked every inch of her perfect body and skin I took another moment to savor the sight of her pussy he had the best I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t help but notice how plush and puffy her pussy lips were, far more pronounced than any other older girl now I saw why she had cameltoes while she wore her swimsuits and leotards I also noticed her pink clitoris was really peeking out from its hood at the top of those lips. I reached down and put my hand completely over her
entire pussy, squeezing the lips together lightly. then took both hands, placing them one on each side of
the slit, spreading her lips while rubbing the insides
with my thumbs not believing how moist and
smooth her insides were and then began licking her up and out I felt her put her hands on the back of my head and pull me towards her pussy lips and cradle my head pressing me forward as I opened my mouth to cover her musky mound.My mouth was now covering her pussy and my tongue was resting on her wet slit. I placed my hands on her breasts Her breathing was coming faster now. I let my tongue move along those lips and clit and I felt her take a quick breath. More of her nectar slid onto my tongue. It tasted so damn good I wanted to suck her dry of every drop. I explored her deeper. My tongue dipped into her slit and I ran it up slowly to her budding clit. Her hips pushed up off the bed and forced my tongue to lick her clit. She was breathing really hard now and her juices were literally flowing into my mouth. I made my tongue hard and pointy and pressed it down into her wet pussy. Her hips flew up at my face and my tongue slid in all the way. I started to tongue fuck that pussy like there was no tomorrow. I tongued and sucked for a while as she came into my eager mouth.

As I pulled back I could see her face with a look of pure bliss and her breathing subsiding I kissed her and told her “Are you ready for the best part baby girl?” “Is there more and better? Yes I’m yours to do as you want”as she spread her legs I grabbed a condom and put it on my dick, I wouldn’t risk getting pregnant for now, and slowly thrusted into her meeting nothing bur the tightness of her pussy wall. As the head of my cock slipped in, it felt as though her pussy was sucking my dick in. I moved the head in and out a couple of times before pushing harder into her pussy. I only managed to sink in another inch of my cock before the tightness of her pussy prevented me from going further down

I looked into Lexi’s eyes expecting to see discomfort in her face but she looked fine. Completely lost in ecstasy as my dick filled her pussy with pleasures she knew existed but couldn’t comprehend until she experienced them. I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy, and again slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. I managed to get another inch into her tight cunt. Then, slowly but swiftly I jammed all my 6 inches into her young tight 16-year-old pussy. She moaned loudly when I did this. Although her face showed some discomfort I suppose the pleasure was overflowing for her. As for myself as I said before I’m in paradise.

I fucked her for a little while until she pulled away for a little and put herself doggy style “ I saw this in the internet, could you please do my pussy like this for a while? “ I obliged happily as I stood up and grabbed her by only her boobs and trusted as much as I could for as long as I could into her tight pussy savoring the sight of Lexi the innocent princess turned into Aphrodite the goddess of love and I repeated to her ear “you’re my goddess” “I am your goddess” she responded as she screamed her lungs out all the time as before me not worried if we would get caught as I’ve long suspected my dad and mom wanting this to happen so Lexi wouldn’t fall prey to Tony whom they’ve never liked.

I then pulled her up and asked her “do you know how to ride ?” She said yes as I laid back and she took me in once more and began bucking up and down slowly then faster kissing her and sucking her breasts every now and then then as I felt the signs of her first major orgasm coming up I grabbed her pinned her down and thrusted in while French kissing her. Her gorgeous body went limp and screamed “OH GOD YES YESSSS YES YES YES YES YES” as she began shaking and coming down I shot many jets of pent up cum into the condom and took my dick out as it began softening up then I took of the condom out tied it tightly and flushed it in into Lexi’s toilet (we had each our own private bathrooms in our bedrooms”) and had enough ammo to finish all over Lexi’s breasts which she naughtily took with her fingers and swallowed instinctively. She looked me sultry and in love as she mustered “ I love you Jake I’ve always done and I’ll always do, husband” “I love you too wife as I’ve always do and will always do as well” everything coming full circle I told her to take a cold shower and I’d do as well then I’d cuddle her all night long in our newly christened bedroom. She agreed and carried on.

When I came back she was wearing a green silky nightie as revealing as the previous pink one and black lacy panties and I changed into fresh pijamas she put into my hand her previous panties in a ziploc bag and said “so you remember your wife before she reaches you in college” and kissed me as she pulled me into her bed cuddling me as I took in the smell of honey lavender and roses that her hair and skin has and drifted happily into sleep my face buried between her breasts.

The next morning we came down to the main kitchen Donna and Tony nursing hungover as always my dad boasting an unsuspecting grin his face as my mom also did but no one said a word about what they could’ve heard my grandpa did really invested in the houses insulation. Lexi sat next to me at breakfast and afterwards when we where finally all alone once more in our bedroom I told her “now the rest of our honeymoon will be even better wife” as she smiled her perfect white teeth ear to ear as I stripped her naked and lift her up and put my erected condomed dick into her.

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