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I was 15 and my neighbor asked me if I wanted to babysit her 10yo brat. Her brat Amy was a spoiled bitch. I didn’t want to babysit her but my mom made me. Her mom and my mom were friends. Plus the fact that no one else would put up with that kid. She lost so many babysitters because her kid is such a bitch.

I had her for four hours. After 20 minutes with her she got lippy with me because I asked her to do something. I grabbed her arm and got in her face and told her she was not going to talk to me that way. She got lippy again and claimed she did not have to listen to me. I picked her up and pulled down her pajama pants and exposed her ass. I just admired it. It was a beautiful, young, soft round ass. I spanked her hard. She hit me back. I was getting aroused from this actually. My last girlfriend and I did this except when I did it with my girlfriend it was playfully.

“You wanna be a bitch?”, I asked. I pulled her pajama pants totally off.

“Hey!”, she yelled, “I am going to tell! Give me my pants back!”

I told her to shut up. I grabbed and carried her to her room. Feeling her slit along the way to her kicking and fighting. “Don’t touch me there!!!!”, she yelled

“Calm down!”, I said. She called me an asshole and was threatening to call the police on me.

“Fine you fucking bitch! If I am going to jail I might as well have it all.”, I pulled down my pants and took my dick out. She gasped and stared at it. All that confidence she had was gone now. She was afraid. She was looking for a chance to bolt. I think she knew she had a good chance of being raped tonight.

“Ok! Ok! Come on! Stop now! I am sorry ok! This has to stop! I will tell! You better stop!”, she said

I told her to shut up. I went to open her legs but she locked them shut. I slapped her hard across the face and her legs became loose.

“This is how I treat bitches! Her baldy was right before me. I dove in between her legs and started licking. She moaned and tried to get free. Her legs locked around my head as I licked her.

“Noooo! Come on noooo! Mommy! Mommy!”, she cried. Scared to death.

“I ain’t your fucking mommy! If she was here, I would do the same to her for raising such a cunt!”, I said

She kept fighting. I told her I was going to slap her face harder if she don’t stop. She calmed down but started crying and begging for her “Mommy”.

I spread her lips and started dancing my tongue on her clitoris. After a little bit her cries turned to moans as she started to get into it. Her legs closed against my head, “ermmmmm”, they opened and closed again with the same moan. Finally she took a deep breath as her her legs clamped down this time on my head “oh ummmmm ohfffffff”, her body tried twisting and then all her muscles just tightened as her orgasm peaked. She laid back and took in one big gasp. But I did not stop. I kept going licking her. I shoved my thumb into her wet virgin cunt pounding it in and out as her body tightened again. “Naw nuh naw. Nawwww”, she said as she orgasmed a second time. I tried for three. She was fighting me now. Gasping. Trying to push my head away but I held her down with my free arm. “No uh”, gasp “no uh”, she said as she orgasmed a third time. She laid there out of breath. Not caring what I did to her anymore. She was done. I grabbed her pajama pants and underwear and threw it in her face.

“That is how I treat bitchy kids!”, I exclaimed, “You want to behave yourself and act civil you can come back out here. Otherwise I suggest you stay in here!”

She just laid there with her clothes on her face. She put her clothes back on and 10 minutes later she came back out.

She was far more timid now. She came up to me. “I am sorry.”, she said tears rolling down her face. I picked her up and held her.

“Behave yourself. Ok? I want to see you straighten out. I don’t want you giving people a hard time ok? Especially your mom.”, I said. She nodded.

We sat and watched a kids movie together her head on my chest. My hand sliding down her pants feeling that luscious ass of hers. Her hand moved to my crotch.

“Uh Noooo!”, I said in a sarcastic voice, “someone has been a bad girl tonight.”

She let out a funny pout. I tickled her. “See you can be fun!”, I said. I kissed her head.

I gave into her and took my dick back out. I let her play with it. She got between my legs and felt it up until it got hard. I tapped her head with it three times saying, “Bad! Bad! Bad!”

Then I asked her, “Do you want to suck my dick?”

“What put that in my mouth?”, she asked.

I nodded. She shook her head repulsed at the idea. I showed her a porn movie of people doing it. “If you don’t I will tell your mom you were being bad tonight!”, I said jokingly.

She laughed. “Fine I will tell her how you licked me down there and let me play with your thing.”

“Ok I will lick you again if you that for me.”, I said. I finally coaxed her into it.

One hand grabbed each side of my shaft. She looked at it and studied it. I was totally aroused when she stuck her tongue out and licked the head. “Ok not bad”, she must of thought. She buried the mushroom into her mouth.

“Good!”, I said.

She went down gagging as she took to much of it. Then she started moving her head up and down. I gave her pointers on what to do and what felt good. She was bobbing up and down, up and down. I felt myself about to nut and told her to suck hard. I held her head as my cock exploded into her mouth. She let out a muffled “uhhhh” with a mouthful of dick and cum. When I was done she pulled back and was about to spit. I held her jaw.

“Bad girls swallow!”, I said. She did reluctantly. Now she was pissed at me. Going back to her old self.

“Asshole! You did not tell me that was going to happen! What was that! I better not get sick!”, she said

I gave a quick explanation of what sperm was and did.

“I better not get pregnant!”, she exclaimed. I laughed my head off and explained that to her also.

I hugged her. “Leave me alone! I am mad at you now!”, she wiggled away.

I apologized to her.

She kicked me and ran towards her room.

“I am going to beat your ass like last time!”, I said.

“I hope so!”, she responded. I laughed as I chased her to her room. Funny how circumstances can change.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Please do part two where she becomes your slut

  • Reply Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

    You know he to treat girls, I love it.

    • Master daddy ID:1des9ieet737

      How young are you mom do you want me to treat you like that or your daughter

  • Reply Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

    What an amazing story it’s like I was there.. although you should of
    Been more rough with her.. should of fucked her and invited some of your friends to fuck her as well

    • [email protected] ID:alz0ihr9

      Hot story but you should have fucked her or will there be a part 2?

    • Maroa ID:1dlvhyqt6pi9

      Damnn this was so hot

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  • Reply Drachenlord ID:1g69b3e7209

    One if a kind bs, but nit bad written

    • The Medic ID:1e78r3dvnlt0

      Never said it was true. What I cannot write fiction on here? What terrible is your spelling and grammar. Moron.

    • Ken ID:1e78r3dvnlt0

      What is b.s. is your grammar.

    • Tom ID:1e78r3dvnlt0

      What is b.s. is your English. Lmao

    • The Medic ID:1eehbxosekgn

      All my fiction is true!! Lmao

    • Jenny ID:y8hyzb0d

      Well shithead, at least your nick is not Grammarlord. That would be a total lie, lmao.