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Cousins share a bed

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Talia and Andy have to share a bed but it goes a different way

Hi I’m Andy and this is how I sleep with my cousin it all started when I came round her house for a sleep over I knock on the door “hey aunt Sarah” she smiles at me “hey Andy come in” she gestures inside the house and I walk in “Talia (9) is upstairs” she says my younger cousin 5 was naked on the couch watching tv and seeing her little pussy got me hard I walk upstairs and knock in the door I hear some shuffling then “come in” I walk in and see talia laying under her blanket “hey your mom said we have to share a bed tonight” she goes a little red “did she rly say that” I look at her “yeah theirs no other beds in the house so I have to sleep here” she nods and I get in my boxers and lay on the bed “you don’t mind that I sleep naked do u?” I look at her confused “naked umm I don’t mind no” she pulls her shorts down and removes her top “I feel uncomfortable if I’m nude and your not can u get nude too?” “Ummm ig” I remove my boxers and lay down and we spoon and my dick gets really hard and it pokes her ass “Andy what’s that?” She says “uhh nothing” she starts moving a bit her ass rubbing on my dick and I groan a little she then looks under the blanket and asks “why’s your Willie so hard” I say “it goes like that when you see girls naked” she stares at it “what are u supposed to do with it?” “Your supposed to rub it” she stares at it more “can u show me how” “Alr” I say and I put my hand on my dick and I start rubbing it “can I try” she says “uhh ok” I put her hand on my dick and she starts rubbing it and I groan a little “yk mommy said this is supposed to go in my flower when I’m 18 but I want to have it in their now” “rly?” I say getting harder at the thought “If u want” part 2 out soon

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