Could barely walk after having sex with him

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True story of what happened to me when i was 16 at a house party. I wish i could have done him again.

I was at this house party with my brother Richie. My ex David was also there. We had previously broken up. Funny thing was this guy called “Biggie” was also there. And you can tell why everyone called him that. He was well ofcourse a big guy. Not fat but just solid and built.

Well, I was inside the house with my phone on the aux, there was a commotion going on outside. Apparently my brother and ex were having a scrap. So i was there alone by myself until Biggie appeared from one of the rooms. I don’t know why but he approached me from behind and hugged me. His solid muscly arms hugging me. I could feel his chest against me even though i was just wearing a singlet.

We decided to go upstairs where he fucked me. At first we were on the couch. I was on my back while he held my legs apart, he was leaning over too so he could suck my nipples and pash me. My ex found out i was upstairs and so he broke the door down which interrupted me getting my pussy fucked. I was wearing a mini skirt so no one really saw anything. My brother dragged him out of the room.

Once everyone had left, me and biggie blocked the doorway so no one could enter again. This time we were on the study table, i was sitting on the table my legs and arms wrapped around him while he drove his fat dick in and out of me. I couldn’t comprehend the feelings his dick was giving me. But again, it was ruined and interrupted. This time by my brother, he was looking for me. So i hid away under the table and waited for him to leave. Once more we blocked the door from being pushed and we jammed a knife near the hinges.

Finally, we went to the single bed that was in that room. We didn’t know whos room it belonged to or whos house it was lol so it was even more exciting. I told him to lay on the bed. This time it was my turn to do the work. I straddled him and i was squating down on his dick. It was so hot and hard i could move up and down on it without the fear of it slipping out, like my exs small dick lol. I started cumin on his dick and let my legs drop to my knees and my body lay on him. Just enjoying his dick inside me while i kept cumin.

I thought it was over but i forgot he hadnt cum yet. After a little break he picked me up, with his dick still inside me. He carried me to the other bed which was a double bed. He lay ontop of me with my legs on his shoulders and he lay into me one last time giving me everything. His cum bursting out of his dick as i could feel it drip down my pussy to my asshole. He stretched me out so much. We lay like that for a while just kissing and enjoying the moment.

The next day my legs were so sore! I could barely walk ffs. Lol There must have been a rumour going around the neighbourhood because everytime there was a party after that, no one was allowed in rooms. Apparently me and Biggie made that room stink of sex smell. lol

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