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Convincing my racist father-in-law

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Went to meet my GF’s family. Turned out they were racist as shit. So I had to change their minds.

Hi I’m Jacob, 33 yr old black mother fucker. I’m 6’3″ with muscular body. I own a construction business downtown. During Summer my secretary hired a white intern. Her name was Ashley. She was 19 and hot as fuck. She was a plum lady with 36 Breast and a huge ass. She didn’t had abs but not fat, just the right amount. And she was pale, with her blue eyes and blonde hair, she was a beauty. And the best part was she was she seemed eager to know what a big black dick tasted like.

We hit it off right away. She started spending more time in my cabin than at her desk. Sucking my big black 10 inch dick under my table. Or bending over the table taking my cock in her pink tight pussy. these white boys didn’t fuck her right to make her pumpum go loose. But I’m gonna take charge of it. She was such a cock whore that she loved to suck on my dick all day. Things got so bad that I had to hire another intern to get her work done.

Within 4 weeks we got really close. She said she loved me and wanted to get married and have my black babies. I too thought, I was settled in business, right age, slutty wife, what else. Sure. So she asked to meet her parents this Saturday. The day came and she took me to her family home. During the ride, she started talking.
“Babe, just one thing. I….I haven’t told that I’m dating a black guy… you know” She said
“What do you mean you haven’t told them? What did you tell them about me.”
“Well I told them you are 33 and have a successful business. And they were happy with it.”
“Of course they will be happy, what about the skin color? ”
“Well, I thought that would be problem, specially in my household”
“What do you mean your household?”
“See, my parents are kind of low key racist. They do not like black people specially”
“What do you mean low key racist? Like they do not watch black actors movies kind?”
“No like never hire a black guy, kind of racist”
“Mother fucker, they are full blown racist”
“I thought that won’t be a problem”
“How did you think there will be no problem? Which part?”
“I thought when they will meet you, they too will like you and you will charm them like you charmed me”
“oh hell no… You should have told them Ashley… This meeting is a bad idea. I should go”
“No babe please… please… you can change their minds.”
“Ok let’s see how this goes”

I reached the front door and her mother opened the door. She (Helen) was 5’8″ lady, c cup breast, blonde hair, thick body,wearing a long teal colored sleeveless dress. As stood there in shock as she looked at me with on hand still on the door. Ashley, kissed her cheeks and whispered in her ears something. Then her mother got a little relaxed and smiled at me. She welcomed me inside. They were whispering as I entered the house and found my way to the couch.

Then her father(Cooper) came and saw me. He didn’t even hide and passed a comment.
“Well, didn’t knew we had an appointed to clean our gutters today”
“Daddy, don’t be rude. This is Jacob. He is also my boss. Did you know he owns a construction business” Ashley tried to impress her father with my accolades. But it didn’t had much effect. He didn’t even sit down.
“well, I have an online meeting to join. You guys go ahead.” He started walking away. “Ashley, make sure you come and meet me, once your guest has left”

I had a few word with her mother and left in like 15 mins. It was getting awkward in there.

later I found out that her father was very angry and he slapped her for dating me. Even her mother was against it. She told me all this in her studio apartment where we lay naked after a good fuck.
“So what now?” I asked
“You know they do not know like I do… I know you inside out…” She smiled and again went on to suck my dick as I lay on the bed looking at the ceiling.
“Yeah, maybe your mother also needs my dick inside her to know me better” I said with a smile jokingly.
“That’s a great idea” she sprung up.
“What? I was just joking”
“No no no.. you are right… I love you for who you are but also because how good you are in bed. If mom get to have your dick inside her once she too will feel the way I do.”
“I don’t know about that… She is your mom… My would be mother-in-law”
“Come on IF we get married.. and I don’t see any other way… You need to fuck my mommy’s pussy”

She went on to tell me the plan all the while sucking on my cock.

“I will ask her to come to my place tomorrow, and you hide in the bathroom. I will seduce her, get her naked and blindfold her. I will say I’m using a dildo, but you suck your dick in her pussy. I’m she is turned on, I’m sure she will not make you stop.” She said in excitement.
I just nodded and agreed to go along.

Next day it was Sunday and I was at Ashley’s place naked waiting for my mother-in-law to arrive while Ashley was on her knees making sure my dick was hard and tight for her mother’s pussy.

The Helen arrived. I hide in bathroom. I was able to hear them talk. There were having an argument.
“I cannot believe you brought that nigger to our house”
“mom…. don’t say that”
“You disrespected your me, your father and our ancestors.” She screamed. and continued
“i cannot believe my daughter is having sex with a Nigger”
“Mom he is a good guy… and yes, I’m having sex with him, and tell you what he fucks me good… really good.”
“Shut up don’t talk to your mother like that”
“Does that makes yo uncomfortable that I suck his big black juice cock on my knees, make it all wet and sloppy before I shove it up my wet pussy”
“Shut up Ashley or I will leave”
“Ok ok.. mom” Ashley laughed. There was a silence for a moment.
“Is it…. is it really big and people say?” Helen asked softly
“Ohhhh yeaaahhh! It’s like the length of my forearm. Huge and thick. The girth,….mmmm…feels so good when he penetrates my pink tight pussy” She told her mother.
“But.. how can you let a black man on top of you.. even if you are getting fucked good… I mean that must turn you off”
“Are you kidding… Here let me show you” Ashley said and I heard her open the table drawer. She pulled a huge dildo. It was black in color.
“See this dildo”
“Ashley, that is huge”
“Yeah yeah… Come lay back on your back on the bed”
“What? No”
“Trust me mom I know what I’m doing” She pushed her on the bed lifted her dress. Pulled her panties down.
“Ashley…” Helen screamed.
“Wait for it mom”
“I do not want a black dildo in my pussy”
“Ok wait” Ashley pulled her scraf out and warpped around Helen’s eyes.
“What are you doing?”
“just proving a point…. Don’t see, just feel mommy”

Then she started to run that black dildo around her mother pussy lips. Slow moans were audible. Then her inserted the dildo slowly inside her mommy.
“Aaahhh it’s huge… it’s cold”
“It is some time it will become hot”
Ashley pulled her mother close to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs in the air and spread apart.
“Hold it right there.. and let the dildo inside your pussy.. don’t remove it… let me get you a warm dildo”
Ashley quietly came and knocked at the door.
It was showtime.
I came out to a beautiful view. A 42 yr old thick white women on the bed with her pussy infornt of me with her legs spread apart in air for me.

Ashley quickly went down and gave a suck. Then held my dick and guided me to her mother’s pussy.
She removed the dildo.
“Ok momma,, I have this latest dildo, which feels like real and is also warm like real human dick. try this.” Then Ashely slowly pushed the tip of my dick inside her mother, pink vagina.
“Oh my, this feels so real.. Technology these days”
I slowly increased the speed. And started to push more of my dick inside my GF’s mother. She climbed and bed and dressed her mother and started to suck on those huge white tits. All natural, jiggling as I fucked her.
“mmm…. Ashley, this is the best sex toy ever….mmmm… Wait if you are pushing the dildo inside me… then how…”
She removed her eye cover and got a surprise.
She wanted to pull back, but I smiled and held her both legs on my shoulder and kept fucking her pussy.
“Mum mum mum… wait.. don’t panic.. It’ ok.. Just feel him… You too will love him once you know… create that bond” Ashley held her mom by her breast.
Helen didn’t protest much as he looked me in the eyes with anger as I was ploughing her. Soon she calmed down and she was having the best sex of her life. Ashley kissed her mother to softened the experience.
I took that as a signal and started to fuck Helen with all my might. I was slamming my pelvis against her ass so hard, it filled the house with Thap thap noise.
As soon as Ashley let go her mothers lips, Helen went into slut mode.
“Oh yeah.. Oh yeah.. give it momma”
Ashley knew her mother was now on her side. She quickly stood up and got undressed and started to suck on her momma’s tits.
Helen soon unleashed her slutty side and spring up she went on a doggy position and started to suck my suck and lick her pussy juices of my dick. Ashley joined her too.
I fucked there mouths taking turns then I rolled Helen on hr back and started to fuck her doggy style. i was pulling her hair back making her arch her back as I pounded her pussy. Ashley was kissing her mom as she moaned hard. It was turning me on. Then I started to fuck her harded. I was getting close. And with a strong hard thrust, I came inside that, 42 yr old, white, racist cunt of my would be mother-in-law.
When I removed my cock out, Ashley went down and sucked the cum out of her mothers destroyed pussy. Then they cum kissed and smiled as I sat on the couch. I knew she loved my dick and would want more of my meat.

And that’s exactly what happened. her mother started to visit my office during lunch time and I used to fuck both mother and daughter. Sometimes she used to some during weekends and we used have this fun fuck fest.
Couple of weeks passed and this was going on. But Helen was not able to convince Ashley’s dad for the marriage. So I thought of something. I got two dog leashes and tied them around both the naked ladies. I made them go on al fours and made them walk as I pulled their leashes like a master. I recorded this. Then made them suck my dick and splattered my cum all over their faces. I sent these videos to Mt Cooper. I’m sure he was horrified to see his loving wife and innocent daughter on all fours, as a sex slave to a nigger. I also added a text, would love to share it with your relatives.

Ashley received an immediate call, from Mr Cooper, confirming that he will be more than happy to have me as his son-in-law.

It was great news, that means now I have to introduce Ashley to my family. I requested Helen to come along she said sure.
My father was happy to see Ashley as his daughter-in-law. My brothers in the hood were not that happy.
“Nigger why do you need to marry a white bitch, why not black bitch from the hood.”
“I love her Byran”
“yeah but these white bitches don’t know what we niggers want… Will she satisfy you in bed?”
“Why don’t you see it for yourself” Helen came forward. “I have taught my daughter well. You can test me…. If I’m able to satisfy you that means she can satisfy your friend.”
I knew for sure now, Helen was addicted to black cock. My niggers started to round he up like sharks. Groping her ass and tits.
“Ok fine… You guys leave, I will get her back to your guys in couple of days. If is able to satisfy all of us, we will come to your marriage”

“Ok Byran, take care of her and make sure you use lube before you fuck her in the ass” I said with a smile

I left with Ashley. She called her dad and told that mom is going to stay with her for few days, as they are going to start shopping.

It took three days before Helen returned to Ashley’s home. She was all smiles. Before letting her go home we decided to fuck her once. When she got naked we saw a tattoo above her pussy line. It said. “Whore for black cocks”

We all laughed and started fucking. Helen kept visiting us and my hood whenever she got time, like 4-5 days a week. She loved to be shared around by black niggers.

We had our wedding after 8 months. It was a great wedding. And yes Helen was 7 months pregnant with a huge bump. We all knew she was carrying a black baby, but no one knew whose it was. But she seemed happy. Mr Cooper on the other hand seemed angry.
After the wedding, my black family and friends fucked all the white women of Ashley’s side. It was such a fun party were we were erasing racism.

Time passed and Helen had a black baby girl. Later found out she was mine. So she was Ashley’s Sister and her step-daughter. Eventually Ashley and I also had a baby boy. Black baby boy.

Now Helen lives with us and are raising my black family.

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