Confessions of a dirty mind

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Some of the intrusive sexual fantasies that plague my mind when I see a cute teen girl.

I have been lurking here for a short time and recently started posting some stories. Which the writing does help get intrusive thoughts out of my system. I wouldn’t physically do anything as these are just the intrusive ideas that hit me from time to time during everyday life.

Sometimes when I see a pretty girl with a good looking ass in tight shorts so you get to see how perfectly perky it is I really want to just grab it. To feel how amazing it looks be it standing in line at stores or walking down the street with others around. If I could do it and have no repercussions I wouldn’t think twice. One hand would be planted on her ass the other snaking around to cup a breast. Slithering up whatever top she had on, sometimes i catch myself staring when she has a crop top. When they go out braless nips pressing against the fabric hinting at forbidden treasure the urge to strip the shirt off and tease those buds is a screaming voice in my head. Once those thoughts hit they tend to shift to whether she may be shaved or not… For a few moments things tend to spiral out of control then like the thoughts never happened I’m back to going about my day.

Maybe i will write out one of these fantasies…. Any who felt good to get that out there.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply 13 yr old virgin Delilah ID:28arga68r9

    That sounds so good

    • Knoxboy4u ID:1ck8jicpzxw9

      Play your cards right and maybe you can get someone to grope you. 😜

    • Old ID:1duhyo5sj3lj


  • Reply Bon ID:366snlyezrd

    im a teenage girl and I loving being gropped. I get so wet from it

    • Knoxboy4u ID:30rxjdjbqm

      So you wouldn’t mind if i saw you bending over to grab something and just got a handful of your ass?

    • Domdaddy ID:pa12nncfij

      Would you like daddy and his friends to grope you and abuse you slut.

    • hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

      i wish we had more girls like you

    • Old ID:1duhyo5sj3lj


  • Reply Knoxboy4u ID:1ck8i7vqqyxr

    Did not expect to have people actually want to talk with me beyond a comment lol. I have kik.

  • Reply John_redcorn ID:1e1s1xbycd2s

    I believe we are in the same area. Want to talk? I have a lot of these thought watching girls walk around UT;)

  • Reply Johnredcorn ID:1cn0k7iiqyvl

    If you’re in the Knoxville area I’d love to connect. I have these fantasies a lot walking around UT and seeing what’s there;)

    • [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

      If you don’t leave contact info how is he going to connect?

    • Janette Stein ID:1ejgg9yi3d6m

      Hey knoxboy drop me a line
      [email protected]