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Bloody kids next door 3

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A change in management of Karen’s assets.

So the boys came round the other night and simply had Karen get naked and suck and fuck until they both shot their loads. Being so young they recovered quickly and were ready for more. They asked me what they ought to do to my wife now. I did have a thought on that but made it look like I had to invent something just then.

I suggested they lie on the floor and have Karen ride them, and looked Karen in the eye and said “Hard!” She seemed to grasp the idea as Shaun lay down in just a t-shirt she stroked his cock a little and proceeded to mount him. Very soon she really rode him very hard and I could see on his
face the discomfort and maybe pain as Karen really worked at him. Eventually he managed to wriggle a bit and get more comfortable, i.e. his balls were not being crushed and the base of his cock to straining.

Unfortunately the hard ride also got Karen going and she came while riding a fourteen year old cock. The boys gave a small cheer as usual and soon after that Shaun let fly his cum. Paul had a better time as he seemed to have figured out what hurt his brother earlier and made sure he was fine.
Of course he put more cum in my wife and they both went home, saying they would be back soon.

Karen told them not to hurry and did they not realise that if they put the recording they had online they themselves would end up in care or borstal.
So maybe they should think about packing it all in. It was a mistake.

Today, while I was away, a lad slightly older than nest door’s little bastards knocked on the door. Karen sort of recognised and then he said he was Jason, cousin of the twins and he needed to talk to Karen about the recordings the boys had. With a sinking Karen let him in.
The boys had called Jason to explain about the situation and needed his help. He had come round to edit the recording for the boys.

In order to save themselves from retribution Jason was asked to remove the boys faces while still showing how Karen was taking cock, still not a recording we would want online. However, having removed everything from the boys phones and pc to his own laptop, in order to make the changes needed, he refused to give it back to them. They had a couple of pictures to shut them up but he was now in control.

The boys were still to have shagging rights he said, but he would be more responsible with the evidence and also fuck Karen himself. So naturally he sent for the boys and told Karen to go up to the bedroom and get naked. The only good thing is that at seventeen Jason is at least legal.

Jason was licking Karen out when the lads caught up and he showed them how to do it. The fucker even made Karen cum on his tongue. Karen swore at them several times as the twins learned cunnilingus at her expense. Shaun went second and he too brought his victim to orgasm. Jason then took Karen missionary style. He said it was a good thing she was getting extra cock as she was such a great fuck it was only right she opened her legs for as many cocks as possible. She says that began to turn her on coming from one so young.

Just before Jason came inside her, Karen came and there was a small cheer,
and twice more as the twins each brought her off on their young cocks. She won’t admit it to them, but my wife is starting to make the most of things and enjoying being forced to take all the extra fucking, even from such young cock. All three fucked her quim and mouth again before leaving her in a rare old state on our marriage bed. I got home late and as she brought me up to date I had to fuck her myself.

I have had a thought about moving to get away from all this, but of course that is easier said than done.

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  • Reply TeachHer ID:1hr6elykt09

    This is getting good. With her capitulation should come greater participation in her own degradation. She should be sold or lent to ugly boys who will treat her according to their pent up and porn-fueled lusts. She needs to show her boy masters that she is their property and submit to whatever they need. Hubby can enjoy the show.