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Being used to get older boys off…

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When I was 11-12 yrs old there was a 19 yo guy who seemed to really befriend me. After a while I saw why.

I was raised in a fairly nice middle class neighborhood and both my parents worked. But it was a safe neighborhood so there didn’t seem to be a problem with me staying home alone during the day when school was out. But they probably didn’t realize I was spending a lot of my time hanging around with a 19 yo. And certainly didn’t know he was showing me porn magazines and the occasional movie. And on one occasion had talked a girl who was about 15-16 yo to strip for us and let me play with her tits.

This had been going on a couple of months and I was invited to go on a camping trip with him and his dad. Him and I had gone into the campgrounds restroom to take a shower and it turned out to be one big room with several shower heads. But wanting to act big I went on and undressed and went in the shower with him. All the while making it a point not to look at his cock. But almost right away he started talking about the girl who’d stripped for us and things we’d seen in movies and commenting on how he bet I’d have loved it if that girl would have sucked my cock. I couldn’t help but to get rock hard, which I know now was what he wanted. Soon his conversation changed to how big my cock was and not just for my age. But was telling me I really had a nice cock.

Over the next couple of weeks he brought it up several times. Then asked if I’d like to go camping again. Both me and my parents thought it was with him and his dad. But it turned out to be him and another guy in his early 20’s. We’d barely set up camp when they suggested we take a shower. We’d barely gotten in the shower when they both started to compliment my cock and talk about how much girls were going to like that. And talking about sexual things they’d do getting me hard. It was making me feel good. And that night in the tent we were undressed just in our underwear on top of our sleeping bags and they took out some porn magazines. They weren’t like playboy, these had pictures of girls sucking & fucking guys and girl on girl. So soon I had a hard on.

They said it was bad not to get some relief after getting hard like that and said I really should jerk off. Then said they could probably give me some pointers. So I’m laying there with them on either side stroking my cock as they’re saying how much girls are going to love my big cock. Then start telling me I wasn’t jerking off right and they started taking turns jerking me off. I couldn’t see how they were doing anything differant. But will admit I liked the feel of someone else stroking my cock. They took turns and I could tell they were getting turned on. Finally they could tell I was going to cum and it shocked me when one of them leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking & stroking it taking my hot cum in their mouth.

Over the next couple of days each of them sucked my cock several times each. One of them even sucked me off in the shower while the other kept watch and jerked off. Soon they were taking naked pictures of me and pics of me jerking off. And a few of each other stroking my cock or sucking me off. Before long they had other guys their age and older joining us and watching me play with my cock or jerk off and taking pictures. I knew this wasn’t right but will admit I was enjoying the attention and the gifts I occasionally got. And a couple of times thhey had brought girls my age and had us pose together naked and us kissing, me sucking the girls little tits and finally them sucking my cock while they took pictures. I felt like a movie star.

It didn’t even feel real until one of the older guys who looked to be my parent’s age had came a few times taking pictures and then sucking my cock. A few tried to get me to suck their cock but I said no and they never tried to force me to do anything. But that one older guy had asked me several times. And when he sucked me off he’d lick & suck my balls and play with my ass and make coments how he’d like to fuck my ass of have me fuck him. And he’d undress and show me his cock. We’ll I’d made a new friend at school and one day had gone to his house. Eventually his father got home from work and when he walked in I realized it was one of the guys who’d watched me jerk off and he was the one who wanted to fuck my ass and wanted me to suck his cock. And who’d sucked me off several times.

I’d always thought of these guys as people I’d never see again who didn’t know me and I didn’t know. But now I was wondering who all these guys were and if they knew my parents etc. It was sad because I knew I’d miss the attention but I was through putting on a show for strangers.But fortunatly my sister turned out to be a bit of a purve and she started sucking me off and letting me fuck her. And before long was sharing me with her friends. It turned out she was bi, so I got to see girls hooking up and taking turns with me. I know now all of that is considered very bad and quite taboo by most. But damned if I don’t get turned on thinking back to those days.

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