After my divorce pt 1

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I was finally divorced after mariage that didn t work, I m thirty with 32dd tits and a very fit body from working out. I got the house in the settlement and I decided to go out one night to celebrate, so I put on my nice black dress,thigh highs and panties and went to a nice bar, after getting there I sat at the bar and was having a drink when a very nice and handsome guy came over and sat next to me and ordered a drink, soon we were chatting I liked him and we decided to go back to his place for a drink, after getting therehe made us a drink and sat on the sofa and chatted some.Soon we sat our drinks down and he started kissing me as I felt his hand caressing my thigh I smiled as he slid his hand up and played with my pussy it felt nice ,soon I was wet and he smiled as he stood up and then I got up and we went into the bedroom,he unzipped my dress and I undressed as he did to .After he was naked he slid up behind me and kissed my neck as he rubbed my pussy, I moaned a little and we whispered in my ear that he had a room mate that was going to join us shortly and I said ok, I hadn t had sex for awhile and I was ready for it. Soon I was on my knees sucking his 9″ dick when his room mate came in after I finished with him I looked over to his friend and I started sucking his dick both guys had full balls andi wanted there sperm inside of me ,soon I was on top of my first lover slowly riding him as I felt his friend behind me ,he slowly filled my ass with his dick and they both fucked me hard,it wasn tlong before they filled me with there hot sperm ,it felt wonderful and I wanted more,that night they fucked me good and I told them I wanted them to keep fucking me when ever they wanted.It was only the beginning of my awaking

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    After I got divorced from my wife I still had plenty of things at the house that she had no interest in and once in a while we didn’t even talk when I called her and stopped over I usually just went into the garage if no one was home I was planning on getting the rest of my car parts and shit that I had gathered not a big deal but when she came out into the garage to get some beers out of the refrigerator she wasn’t wearing any panties just a t shirt