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A surprise at the beach

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A short story about how I started to be an exibicionist

This is a story about a woman, much like myself. Let’s call her Rose.

Rose is a beautiful woman in her late thirties. Time made her confident and positive. She is still beautiful and her pride in her curves makes her even more fascinating.

Rose has been single since she was in her twenties. She just did not find the need to have someone always present, nor she wanted to be constantly needed.

She feels pround of her independence, but sometimes she likes to have some company. Being single always gave her the freedom of exploring every sexual fantasies, which take an important place in her life.

Because sometimes Rose really likes to explore her sexuality in an intense way, oftenly a new stranger partner is a good fit in her stories. Online dating apps always helps to find an adventurous guy, ready for some action.

This time, Rose was not searching for a horny guy ready to jump inside her. Over time, she learned to appreciate men who rather explore more that just the physical act of sex. Usually, older men were more appealling, since they were more available to listen and talk.

So one autumn early afternoon, Rose felt the urge to meet someone new. While having lunch, she turned on her laptop and logged in to one of her dating apps. So many guys wanting to chat, but Rob60 got to be picked by her. He had a profile picture, which was always a positive add. He seemed to be in his early sixties, with lots of grey hair and sweet brown eyes. She believed he could be just the guy she wanted for a nice chat and maybe more.

Rob seemed nice. Divorced and lonely, available and with an imagination as wild as hers. This immediatly made her curious and wanting to know more about Rob. He kept insisting on having naked pictures of her, which made her start to feel horny.

The chat did not go much diferently as the usual ones she had, until Rob invited her for a walk on the beach. It was a sunny outumn day but it was quite cold, and she did not want to spend her time on a windy beach.

Rose had sex a couple of times at the beach. She had good experiences on summer evenings with a friend she had. It was really exitting to have sex in public, despite always being a bit scared of getting caught. But Rob seemed not to be interested in penetrating her at the beach, and this intrigued her.

Rob wanted to meet her a little before sunrise at a local beach. He said he would assure that she would have a great time with him, but no sex would happen. She liked this dominant Rob, and she was exited to know more about this date.

Rob asked what kind of jackets and robes she had. He wanted her to wear a long warm jacket and a pair of flat boots. Nothing else, just the coat. Then he explained what would happen, and Rose felt really excited about it.

They would walk around the beach, and when she felt comfortable, she would open her coat and feel the wind touching all her body. He said she sould not hide her body if adults would pass nearby. She would behave naturally and allow them to see her body.

As Rob explained how their date would go, Rose was more and more curious about him and about what she was about to do. She had never exposed herself to strangers that way, but it was something she has tought about, many times.

Rob explained that he would like to keep directing her, telling her what to do and how to behave. Rose immediatly accepted and agreed to meet him that same day. They would park their cars near the beach, and walk from there together.

After the chat with Rob, Rose still had some hours for herself. She was horny and nervous about her date. She tried to imagine herself being watched by strangers, and it made her feel good. But what if she would run into a friend or what if someone would take pictures of her?

She decided to take a long shower, where she would decide if she would go, and if she would really just wear a long coat and go along with Rob’s crazy ideas.

After some consideration, Rose decided do get ready. She had long blonde hair and because of the wind that was usually felt near the sea, she decided to have it on a high ponytail. She rubbed her body with a vanilla scented oil, hopping that Rob would like it. While she rubbed her body with the oil, she looked at herself in the mirror, trying to imagine what other people would see at the beach. She was curvy, and had big breasts with big pointy nipples. She did not shave, as Rob said he enjoyed a natural hairy woman. As she rubbed the oil near her pussy, she had to make an effort not to touch herself, as she wanted to keep all the excitement she was feeling for longer.

It was time. Rose still had about an hour drive to the beach, and it was the moment she was nervously waitring for, to leave the house. She had her long coat and her boots and it was happening, she was on her way to this adventure.

As she closed the car door, she could feel her heart beating. She was nervous and ashamed of herself, but at the same time really horny and excited. On her way to the beach, she could not manage to stop thinking about Rob.

Finally she arrived and immediatly saw Bob’s grey car and parked right next to it. Rob got out of his car and met her. He looked like his app picture. He had nice grey hair, that looked carefully brushed to the side. He was wearing a blue puffy jacket and white large pants.

He smilled when he saw her, and asked if she was nervous, as her expression showed exactly that. He told her to relax, and kissed her on the cheek. She felt much better, and wanted to kiss him back, but he turned around and started to walk, holding her hand.

He wanted to know about her experiences at the beach, and seemed disappointed to know her adventours were at night, with no one watching her. He shared that he had several public experiences and that he enjoyed to be watched during intimate moments, but that not all women liked it, which was a shame.

The sun was almost down, and the beach was beautiful. The sea was calm, and only some fisherman and a fiew people could be seem. Rob stopped and slowly undid the buttons of her jacket. Once he was done, he stared at her body, and seemed glad to know she was wearing what he told her to.

She felt free and excited, and she would love Rob to touch her, but he didn’t. He grabbed her hand and kept walking. She felt the sun and the wind through her body, and it was so good. He kept looking at her, and told her not to close her coat.

Rob had a towel, and he decided they would sit down for a bit. Rose could see some people around, but they were quite far from them, so maybe they could not see her. She felt relaxed.

Rob helped her sit down, and arranged her coat, so that it would not coved her body. He asked her how she felt, and Rose told him she was great and starting to feel really arroused. He told her to close her eyes, as he gently touched her breasts. With her eyes shut, she felt Rob’s lips and tongue on her nipples, and one of his hands on her leg. She wanted him to touch her pussy, but he didn’t.

Rob asked if she would like to go near the water, alone. He wanted her to go for a walk by herself, and said she should not close her coat. She obeyed, got up walked alone, quite nervously. An old couple passed near her, and she quickly closed her coat, afraid of what they could think of her. She looked at Rob and even far away, she could see his disappointed expression.

As she came back, Rob seemed a diferent person. He was annoyed and almost mad at her. He told her he did not drive all the way to the beach to watch her hidding herself with her coat. Rose said she was sorry, and explained she got nervous, and asked Rob for another chance.

Rose was always in command when she was with other men, and this challenging attitude from Rob was exciting her, and she decided to accept Rob would be in charge, and she would do as he said.

As Rob accepted to give her one more chance, Rose went again for her walk alone. She decided she would not close her coat, even if she was nervous. She could see two man fishing near by, and felt them watching her. As she reached the water, she turned back and started to walk back to Rob. She could see Rob was happy with her.

She sat down next to him, and he told her he really enjoyed watching her, and that he would give her a reward. He gently opened her legs with his hands, and slowly louched her pussy with the tips of his fingers, and asked her if she liked it. She said she did, and asked for more as he stopped right away.

Rose felt all of her body almost vibrating of excitement. She wanted Rob to touch her, and wanted to touch him, but Rob showed he did not want that to happen, and kept acting calmly. He asked if she would like to take her coat off, since the sun was out and the darkness would protect her. Rose said yes, and Rob helped her.

Rose was fully naked, only wearing her boots, sitting in the towel with Rob. She felt her pussy so wet, urging to be touched. He seemed to enjoy to watch her excitement, and kept touching her briefly so that she would keep asking for more. He showed her he was also very much enjoying their date, by exposing his large hard penis only for a fiew moments.

Rob had one more request. He wanted Rose to go again for a walk, this time fully naked. Rose wanted to go, and was wishing that someone would see her. She felt like from that moment on, she would want to feel that rush of energy again, and she would for shure repeat that experience.

So Rose got up, and started to walk slowly but with confidence. After a fiew steps, she saw a man walking by, and he was looking straight at her. Even with no sunlight, she knew he could see her and knew she was naked. She decided to keep walking, knowing Rob would be glad. The man stopped as she passed right next to him. Rose kept walking slowly, to allow him to see every inch of her body. She turned back to return to Rob and the man was still there, just staring at her.

Rob was smilling when she arrived. He was proud of Rose, and told her she did good. Rose wanted more, she felt electrified from this experience, and wanted more of it. Rob asked her to sit down, and he seemed very aroused. This time, he kissed her on the mouth, and touched her pussy as she previoulsy asked for. He opened her legs and made her cum with his tongue. Rose screamed with pleasure, and at this point, she was no longer scared of passing by strangers. Rob told her to touch him and almost instantly he had a big orgasm.

After all the rush, Rose looked around, and saw the man who she ran into before sitting near, and he seemed to have enjoyed all the action. Two other men a little bit further were also looking at them. Rose felt ashamed to be naked in public. She immediatly closed her legs and quickly wrapped herself with her coat.

On their way to the cars, Rob said he wanted to see Rose again. Rose said yes, but she was not shure about it. She felt she went too far, and wished she had some underwear in her car. Rob unserstood she was ashamed and kept mocking the situation. He kissed Rose on her lips and said goodbye.

On her way home, Rose was confused. She just had an amazing experience. Rob made her feel so aroused, in a way she had never felt before. But she also felt ashamed of the way she exposed her body. How many people saw her mowning with pleasure while old Rob was licking her pussy?

Rose went home and tried not to think about this experience anymore. Bur she couldn’t. As she arrived home and took off her coat, she remembered all those man looking at her, and she wanted more.

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    Great story that I can relate to, in our younger years my wife did all sorts of things like this to expose herself to strangers and I loved watching it.

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    Really nice